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  1. FWD better than others?

    This car is the prove that FWD is quicklier and safer than RWD and maybe 4WD. Ok, FWD doesn't have the acceleration of the others but it can be controled easier in difficult conditions.
  2. no it doesn't because in the old wrc days fwd was the staple, or was it rwd, and afterwards awd came in with the introduction of the audi quattro s2 whcih awd afterwards became the staple. fwd is more forgiving in snow and stuff, but not on the track. rwd is better on the track and accleartion purposes. in addition fwd is more cmpact and slightly more efficient. but tha'ts about all.
  3. FWD is only good for rally racing, its better because they can continue to apply power while the back wheels are locked around turns. it sucks for all other forms of racing<!-- Signature -->
  4. i have to agree. allthough awd has alot of advantages on it's own.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Peugeot 206 wrc is not the only FWD that has dominated its RWD and AWD rivals. Alfa Romeo GTA dominates all of the teams in ETCC (European Touring Car Championship). Honda civic Type-R leads the prestigious Production BTCC (British Touring Car Championship).

    Some of their rivals are:
    BMW 320i E46
    Volvo S60
    Honda Accord

  6. FF drive kills rwd on loose conditions rwd can only compete (it we see to similar cars with the one ff end other rwd)on hard conditions like asphalt! MR and 4wd is much better! It really simple maths! <!-- Signature -->
  7. is EVERYONE here on drugs????

    the 206wrc is FOUR wheel drive, i thought that would be blatantly obvious even to a monkey
  8. FWD is only easier and better in very selective conditions. If you learn how to drive an MR setup, you can out-handle and out-accelerate a front wheel drive. Of course how often do you find yourself racing in the snow? And don't even compare FWD to 4WD, it does have a few advantages, but for every advantage there's ten disadvantages.<!-- Signature -->
  9. We are monkeys!! Ha, ha. How is it obvious, ch1c4n3, that 206 WRX is AWD? Tell us and give us a little of your superiority!!
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  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ch1c4n3</i>
    <b>is EVERYONE here on drugs????

    the 206wrc is FOUR wheel drive, i thought that would be blatantly obvious even to a monkey</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    I'm on drugs and I know that all tha WRC cars use 4WD. Y'all don't watch tha WRC much, do ya ?
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    WRC rules limited power on all the competitors cars to 300bhp, so they must use AWD to take as much power to the road as they can... that shows that AWD is the most power efficient configuration, if you wanna have fun get a go kart, if you wanna get serious entertainment get AWD car.

    this might be interesting for you: <!-- Signature -->
  13. Yes, 206 WRC is AWD!! Sorry, I thought that it was FWD :(
  14. ther have been fwd racing rars that are very good as some other guy in this forum posted. in ETCC, BTCC, and super touring, honda is a dominating force.

    check out the italian tuner for civics, accords, and other touring cars (one thing these cars have had their chassis reinforced tooken apart, and have had all unneccessary weight stripped. suspension has been revamped and reconfigured with many parts refabricated, engines often rev past 13,000 with 2 litre engines producing in excess of 300hp). JAS engineering. italian tuner. japanese cars. great and expensvie products. to buy one of these suckers you gotta dish out like 80 grand cuz its a race car.
  15. FWD is not good for rally, it is harder to put into a slide... that would be why ALL WRC cars are AWD theres no other way to do it.

    on other notes. there is no HP limit in WRC just limits on displacement (2000cc i believe) and turbo size (34mm). Also AWD is not the most power efficient config, its the least. thats part of the challange to the teams to get as much of the HP from the engine to the wheels as possible. they are AWD for the handling.
  16. ok modern wrc cars have a 300bhp limit on power which is why the engines rev lower nd produce more torque this also aids reliability.
    The wrc cars nowdays all have awd/4wd this is the least efficient system of delivering power to wheels but when driving all four wheels you cant get any better for grip. thats why awd is uded , what do you want when driving on loose gravel you sont want fwd or rwd where wheels just spin (especially bad in fwd) you need to put the power down, in rallying 4wd will never be beaten in rallying.
  17. You MORONS, (well, you're not so bad Exalta..), first of all, AWD, RWD, and FWD are all in different classes when it comes to rallying.

    Second of all while there will always be an eternal debate as to whether FWD or RWD rally cars are better, there is no argument that AWD is far better than both.

    Third of all (Exalta this is for you) FWD does make a great Autocross and Rally platform, sure there are advantages AS WELL AS disadvantages to FWD vs. RWD, but don't knock it, as FWD actually does make for a really good racing platform.

    I don't want to get into this debate (I don't have the time) so just accept it and drop it.
  18. Oh yeah, and ALL the WRC spec cars in the top class are AWD.

    Also, anyone who says that RWD is better than FWD (or visa-versa) knows very little about driving, both have distinct advantages and disadvantages, I haven't seen any clear performance difference between the two overall, times are fairly even, however, for lower levels of rally racing, entering in the FWD class is a better idea (if you can drive FWD well) because a lot of people don't know how to drive a FWD car for optimum performance, and thus it's easier to win in the FWD class, but in higher levels, there's no real difference.
  19. are you #$%#ing dislexic! you stupid moron, it says it right there on the lnk you gave, all wheel drive, my god you should go bury yourself in your shame, 206 front wheel drive, yah and I'm a #$%#ing ballerina,

    as for my opinion dor front wheel drive vs. rear wheel, in rally if you know how to keep control, then rear wheel is very do-able, although front is much easier to control in very dificult conditions, you can't apply any of the skills of rally racing with a front wheel drive car, (you could jerk off the hand brake to get a similar effect) but all wheel drive is a must for rallying these days.
  20. There is a limit on HP, its 300 HP. Least that i been told. I dont know if it means that turbo size and displacement, but id never seen WRC-car more poverfull than 300 hp. If theres no limit, id think someone of manufactors would do it?

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