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  1. gentel men, meet the most important corvette ever

    i have been preaching about this car forever. and it is my fav
    this is the most important corvette to me and many other vettefiles

    this isn't important because of power
    nor speed nor rarety

    it is the sneekiest most underhanded trick in favor of the public gm has ever made and we all thank them for it.
    now if only the viper was around back then<!-- Signature -->
  2. Would you beleive that my uncle Rick has one of these. Let me tell you, you do not mess with this car. I doubt many of you comprehend the magnitude of this car. The pure raw power is only housed by an ultra flimsy fiberglass shell. I have only been in it once, and only seen it out in the open thrice. Anyone who has been in an old musclecar would just freak at the boot this thing has. Anyone who has not been in a real car, would be scared shitless. I love it!
  3. I`m a Vette fan and this one looks GOOOOD !! One drive of this car must be amazing. The feeling of power, V8 power must be great !!

  4. I am never knew he, but I am saw he now and adorated
    Vette L88 with the Vette 50th Anniversary are the most important for me now.
    If you have pics of Vette 50th Anniversary send for me, OK!
  5. wow... what in the shit is this guy talking about?
  6. my dad owns a 2000 vette loaded with all options. and i would probably trade my dad's for this one if i could. this is a sweet car. im still a senior in high school. the first day of my senior year in autos there was a black one just like this sittin in the parking lot right outside of our auto's shop, and it was all shinny and in mint condition. but it was only there for 2 days then it was gone. if i could i would have bought the car of of the owner but like i said im only a senior in high school. if i had the car i would be afraid of some idiot crashing into me in this beautiful car. i want this car
  7. this is indeed one of the greatest corvettes ever in june of 2000 i had a hide in a friend of mines fathers 69' L88 427 and the ride was great and 3 days later he let me dive the beast let me tell you it was the most fun i've ever had and i only got it to 70mph before he said to slow it down abit that is one of the best days of my life and ill be lucky ot own one some day
  8. Classic look, muscular lines, an engine from hell. This beast must be a blast to drive, I assume somewhat like my friends '97 Viper coupe. I wouldn't mind testing my nerves in this car too.<!-- Signature -->
  9. lol test this shit? haha don't wanna get kill by this shit, it got no fukin air bag except a fat ship like driver wheel
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from E46 M3</i>
    <b>lol test this shit? haha don't wanna get kill by this shit, it got no fukin air bag except a fat ship like driver wheel</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    LOL. Thanks for illustrating a point. Some people (like you) need safety and go for uber safe cars like Mercedes and your M3. Still others need the challenge and sense of danger American muscle cars provide. I've driven a Viper and an M5 and though the M5 is an awsome car, it doesn't give you the adrenaline rush or the viceral thrill the Viper does. The same would apply to this car I believe.<!-- Signature -->
  11. Actually, i must disagree with you as to the importance ofthis car. It is a complete badass, but it's not quite as incredible as the '69 ZL1. That car, of which only a handful were built (and only two still exist), was the most prodigious car ever produced by chevy, or any car maker for that matter. It's 427 was the most powerful engine ever put in an American production car. If only they had it on this site. Oh well, i suggest y'all look it up somewhere.
  12. wicked ride with an attitude

    this musclecar is awesome
    even more than the 67' stingray,
    but not the 69' ZL1 this car is the best
    arent the new T-Birds freakin ugly<!-- Signature -->
  13. My dad had a '67 L88 of which only 20 were produced, as basically a race car and also were discouraged from being bought with a $943 price tag.
    It had a 427 and 430hp and was as underrated as the '68.
    He bought it in the late 60's, or early 70's (i was born in '84, so i don't know all the exact years), but somtime during the 70's, he was going 65mph around a curve where we live and slid sideways into a tree. He and my grandfather both told the cop that he was doing 35mph. He found out, but too late, that he could have sued the town because there was excessive sand on the road.
    I asked an automobile auctioneer what it would be worth in good condition today, and i'm not sure if it would be quite this much, but he said $150k-$200k.<!-- Signature -->

    I am going to buy one of these!!! I'm a 'Vette collector and I've finally found one for sale, will I tell you all? NO! Anyway, I'm going to get this car in like August, and I'm getting the 82 Colectors Edition Corvette next July for my birthday! Aren't you envious, and this is he good part, the original owner is ignorant as to the true worth of this car!<!-- Signature -->
  15. buying this vette is something unexpected but the investment made in this car is a good one because its resale value will increase over the long run.
  16. How do you have 2 karma when you can't even make threds yet?
  17. several things - wow amazing hp - esp considering how long ago it was. also the comp ratio is incredibly high, also the octane rating - would that be readily available fuel - because octane increses with technology - and this was 30 years ago - or did the leaded fuel mean it was already very high octane - if u follow what i mean? i just find it hard to beleive this car could actually get any of the pwoer and torque down through what would be a terribly flimsy chassis by todays standards.
  18. I seriously don't get why this is the most important one? I think the C-6 (especially the Z06 or Z07 whatever they call it) is the most important one since they went to that monster plant (6.7l i belive) and they changed the front lights AND ALL THIS FOR UNDER 50KKKKKKK. That took some balls. Ohh, and it actually can hit a corner over around 1g.

    This is still a nice piece though, I always admired the sting rays, and the '82 was my favorite but the power was bad on those.
  19. ( A P L A U S E )
  20. so what does it cost ? really like this car too.
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    i think he usd a translaor or somethin to translate his spanish or whatever language into english.
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    I'm not sure of this, but I think that the main reason that Chevrolet wanted to hide this car was because of emissions testing. The emissions laws were just starting to get more tight about how much exhaust a car could emit. This Corvette probably did not score that well on the emissions test. So they wanted to make it as much of a low-volume seller as possible so the government didn't bust General Motors sky-high for selling a car that did not meet emissions tests for the day.
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    A 1969 L-88 sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction for $170,000. So if you're going to purchase this car, you must be LOADED! The 1969 L-88 is my favourite car of all times, and always has been. As for it being the most important Corvette, I don't know you could possibly say that any one Vette ever is more important than the 1953....
  24. to be honest with i hate corvettes with a passion i'm more of a mopar guy but this corvette is just amazing
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    Brazil = Portuguese

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