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  1. Guys, this is not THE most important Vette ever...In fact, it is far from it. Although the L88 Vettes were some of the rarest, and now are the most valuable models, the L88s really werent important enough to actually change the direction that the Vette was going. The origional V8 Vettes were probably some of the most important...Finially pushing the old Blue-Flame I-6 out of production. Or, some would say that the Fuelie-Vettes with the 283ci 283HP Fuel-Injected V8s were some of the first modern Vettes...

    IMO, there have been two huge milestones far more important that this L88. The simple intoduction of the C3 Stingray Vette, from 1968 to 1982, proved that the Vette was here to stay, and in the golden years of that model (1968-1973) it was able to really establish itself in the market.

    But...The 1991 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, I believe, Is the most important Vette of all time. After all the hype, dating back to almost 1988, the ZR1 had arrived and made a huge impression on the market. For less than $80,000 you could get a Vette that could kick the crap out of any Testarossa, 308, Mondial t, Countach, etc...It truly was a world-class performer. The LT5 alone was a huge milestong, being the ONLY OHC engine to ever be placed in a Corvette, and lead to the evolution of the then primative Northstar V8.

    It is really just a matter of ones opinion. My favorite Vette continues to be the '67 427 Convertable, with the 4-speed muncie, in teal with white accents...Realy, though, wassent it beautiful in any form?

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    gentel men, meet the most important corvette ever

    Nice car.
  3. I really dont like american cars, in a country without many corners, american cars are generally not upto the standards of their european counterparts.

    however, i love the vette, and honourable exception, and this version is simply awesome.
  4. Id have to say this is the biggest american icon, but only 170mph, yea that is very fast, but this car is soo damn powerfull! too sad though that its chassis and engine weigh a lot. its nice, though it does add a lot of adrenaline since you got no protection, i aint asking for a condom, but a nice roll cage, full harness seatbelts would be nice for me, air bags are concrete pillows! i dun truest them
  5. First, 90 to 95 octane, leaded gas was common in the late 60.
    Second, At 3,400 lbs and with a solid frame (not uni-body) this vette was not flimsy.
  6. The '91 ZR1 certainly can be considered one of the most important corvettes, but for me I do not think it is something that can be awarded to a single car. Many corvettes have set landmarks, including the fuelies, sting rays, the ZR1, my fav the Z06, and now the C6, which is already setting landmarks even though it isn't released. Motor Trend loved it, as did Corvette Quarterly, 2 first drives of it I have read. I'm sure many corvettes in the future will also set benchmarks. The thing is, it is the Corvette itself, as a dynasty, that has set the biggest mark in the automotive industry. It continues to provide unmatched excellence for a sports car at its price. So let us just honor the corvette itself as the suburb sports car that it is.
  7. This is an awsome car, and anyone who likes this should check out the 1969 ZL1. I know it was mentioned earlier in the post, but I've some more info on it. Only two were built in '69, and they were made up of the exact same engine parts and specifications of the L88, aside from one major difference; The engine block was aluminum. This car was reported to run 0-60 in less that 4.5 seconds on street tires. The apeal was an incredibly powerful big block that was comprable in weight to the small-block 350. This, was the ultimate racing Corvette, and I would say even more important than the L88 in every respect.
  8. I couldnt agree anymore. The Corvette is really the cornerstone of the performance market... Usually setting the standards for Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Dodge, etc... Becuse, who whould pay $250,000 for a car that cant out do a $53,000 Z06?
  9. This is one of the meanest american muscle cars of all time! Love it! Imagin how chevrolet would be today without this!!!
  10. funny, everybody's dad seems to have one of these.
  11. Wow This is such a beutiful car i love it and the power WoW
  12. WEll the c6 to me looks very...viperlike. It no longer looks like a vette.

    My Favorite for styling is the 74-76 StingRay. Still had the original shape but first year without chrome. I saw one on ebay (which i am attaching pics) that had an aftermarket hood with a 60's Sting Ray scoop on it. DARNED sharp looking. They 74 was the last year of the big blocks, although it was pretty weakly powered at that point. I want to restomod one like the attached pics.

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