Re: Get a Vette thats just as fast and pay 1/4 the price!

Discussion in '1994 Ferrari F512 M' started by smakdown001, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Get a Vette thats just as fast and pay 1/4 the price!
  2. but the vette is 25 miles slower<!-- Signature -->
  3. first of all not only the Z06 can stand up to this car. It will crush a standard vette in many ways so dont get me started
  4. What an stupid and nonsense post,I suggest you to go to your Local Ferrari showroom to test drive one before you say anything about this Ferrari.
    Nothing beats the overall driving exprience and the sound make by
    the V12 engine of the Ferrari.
  5. the vette will be worth $21,000 i a few years and even lower after that. This things value will sky rocket and it looks better than a vette in my opinion.
  6. Z06 is General Motors
    F512 is FERRARI

    i think the difference is given in the name<!-- Signature -->
  7. respect and love all cars for what the are and whAT THEY CAN DO
  8. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from vettefan77</i>
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    Ferraris last 10 times longer and only go up in value after they become vintage cars. Corvettes do not. Corvettes are inexpensive sports cars made on an assembly line in vast numbers. Ferraris are not. Beat that!
  9. 90% of all Corvettes ever created are still driven. Ferrari's don't last longer unless you pour your money into them. Wanna compare tuneups to a ZO6 vs. any Ferrari?
  10. ferraris are vintage, classic cars. vettes are are not. tehy are a bottom of the line sports car. you can compare a zo6 this piece of art and sure maybe its faster but its not a ferrari. you get what you pay for. stop dissing this car please your a childish fool that doesnt know jack shit about cars. if your gonna invest $90,000 (canadian) - $300,000 for a sports car, and you go for the cheap vette cuz its "faster" and cheaper go ahead, youre buying american trash that wont last 10 years. the reason you dont see older ferraris on roads is cuz: owner would only drive in amazing waether.
    how many ppl have ferraris? how often would that driver drive that car? now for vettes theyre so damn mainstream its like even if i saw a stingray in perfect conditoin i wouldnt really care. now if it was like a 348 its special. you rally get what you pay for. now go and your inbred garbage on rubber you dont deserve to breathe ferrari...<!-- Signature -->
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from vettefan77</i>
    <b> </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Another retard to start these kind of forums. Another thing please stop comparing iron to gold.
  12. You really can spot the non-drivers and the retards on these forums, they're the ones think that straight line speed is all that matters, take this and a Corvette round any race-track in the world and watch the Corvette lose 10-15 seconds a lap to a proper car, hell a £20,000 Lotus Elise 1.8 would whoop a Corvette round a track. Damn American cars with engines the size of France and less output than a garden mower.
  13. I love Vettes, but numbers don't lie. This is faster than the Vette, maybe not 0-60, but definately top speed. Plus, you get the bragging rights for owning a Ferrari.<!-- Signature -->
  14. Thats impresive you counted to find how many corvettes are still driven (i assume all around the world). Each Ferrari that passes through the Maranello gates has been inspected by the top mechanics in the world (you can't go to school to get as good as half these guys) and then they are randomly tested on an exclusive track (fiorano) for their flawlessness. By the time 1 Ferrari has left its stable, 3-4 zo6's have left the insignificant gates in Detroit only to be dissapointed over and over again that the stalian has a higher level of prestige and quality.
  15. Know,i wanna ask a question,why would compare this to a corvette?
  16. Muahahahahahahahahahaha,Yeah Imports Rule!
  17. Of the 131,912 Ferrari cars made since 1947 (as of 1/22/03), more than 126,000 are still around and running. Corvette cannot hold any ground to that.
  18. Hell no they(corvettes) can't!
  19. You are now officially retarded. The Ferrari is better than a Chevy in every way imaginable: speed, horsepower, handling... You name it, the Ferrari does it. Plus, the Ferrari name is worth more than the Corvette name -- remember, retard, if you buy a car for lots of money, you can sell it for lots of money too (void certain circumstances)!
  20. I had to laugh when I read this post. First of all the person who posted this couldn't test drive a F512M or any Ferrari for that matter. If one did drive a Corvette Z06 on to a Ferrari Dealership's lot they wouldn't even send the janitor of the place over to greet you. That is too funny... This is perhaps the best Ferrari out there. While the 355, 360, 550, 512 pricetag drops the 512M seems to hold its own compared with resale.
  21. A Ferrari is a Ferrari & a Vette is a Vette. Why is everyone forgetting that Testarossa's ruled the road from '85 to mid '90s? And whoo's heard of a Vette???
  22. theres always something thats cheaper and has the edge in performance. why not by a Caterham R500 instead and trounce them both on a road course. since when did 'fast' only equate to straight line speed.
  23. But Ferrari has a certain pinache, and a quality SO MUCH GREATER than any American car! You can't even compare a Ferrari to a Corvette, you would embarrass Chevrolet!
  24. ok vets can be realy tricked quick and cheap but the bottom line is in your prefference, you can put 100k-200k usd$ in anything and have it beat something that something ellse does, top speed,faster 0-60, shorter braking from 100' etc.if your gonna just blurt something with no spec. or generlize a car on another's entire line well you are a moron, in fact you have no doubt in my mind never realy driven on any pro level and even once took any type of exoctic even around a block, probably have never heard one on from the inside even!! the late Dale Earnhardt had a custom pair of C5R's he raced in lemans with his son and had a few decent runs, remember he is not realy that type of driver not to start something,has difficult has nascar may be i dont think it can realy ever compare to a lap in an lm900 proto doin 230ish down a back stright and braking down to 120-140 through a chicayne the only thing near it in nascar is a street comp thats still not realy comparable but back to the point those factory race cars with every tech advantage there is come from chevy or whom ever arnt like the street versions at all wich is usualy where ferrari differs, there cars almost from conception have been almost soley focused on getting around the track the quickest,and their street version's well, they have been basicly THE boy toy .. And they are in fact street leagal racers. almost everytime some moron is comparing a vette to a ferrari on here there talking about a 2005 to an 1985, lol, and sure with a lot of modern advantages the new 450-500horse vetts could beat up the 20+ year old stallion, in a straight line! and sure you could have a 100k to 150k vette mod done to super soop your vette throw in nos and F-1 kit and race ready springs and tottaly shame the old boy but can the 1mil$ C5R handle an ENZO, well if the chevy could have shumacker racing dario in an enzo you would know for sure but probably the Enzo!!and if you have little clue as to what im talking about dont know all of theese models all of the above mentioned names and have never driven or been driven in at least one of theese cars in street prep kill your self now and stop posting cockka you know nothing about at all

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