Re: Get a Vette thats just as fast and pay 1/4 the price!

Discussion in '1994 Ferrari F512 M' started by smakdown001, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. ok vets can be realy tricked quick and cheap but the bottom line is in your prefference, you can put 100k-200k usd$ in anything and have it beat something that something ellse does, top speed,faster 0-60, shorter braking from 100' etc.if your gonna just blurt something with no spec. or generlize a car on another's entire line well you are a moron, in fact you have no doubt in my mind never realy driven on any pro level and even once took any type of exoctic even around a block, probably have never heard one on from the inside even!! the late Dale Earnhardt had a custom pair of C5R's he raced in lemans with his son and had a few decent runs, remember he is not realy that type of driver not to start something,has difficult has nascar may be i dont think it can realy ever compare to a lap in an lm900 proto doin 230ish down a back stright and braking down to 120-140 through a chicayne the only thing near it in nascar is a street comp thats still not realy comparable but back to the point those factory race cars with every tech advantage there is come from chevy or whom ever arnt like the street versions at all wich is usualy where ferrari differs, there cars almost from conception have been almost soley focused on getting around the track the quickest,and their street version's well, they have been basicly THE boy toy .. And they are in fact street leagal racers. almost everytime some moron is comparing a vette to a ferrari on here there talking about a 2005 to an 1985, lol, and sure with a lot of modern advantages the new 450-500horse vetts could beat up the 20+ year old stallion, in a straight line! and sure you could have a 100k to 150k vette mod done to super soop your vette throw in nos and F-1 kit and race ready springs and tottaly shame the old boy but can the 1mil$ C5R handle an ENZO, well if the chevy could have shumacker racing dario in an enzo you would know for sure but probably the Enzo!!and if you have little clue as to what im talking about dont know all of theese models all of the above mentioned names and have never driven or been driven in at least one of theese cars in street prep kill your self now and stop posting cockka you know nothing about at all
  2. Its foolish to begin with saying that a Corvette can beat this car. Maybe a Z06 C5 or a C6 Z06 but then that would a bunch of bullshit. A ZR1 was a very fast car at the time but it couldn't even beat a Viper GTS so what makes you think that it would beat this?. The vette would get handled by this.

    The only way you could possibly beat this thing in a Vette and thats if you twin turbo it or supercharge it. But otherwise the ferrari is still a far better car.
  3. Without doubt get the Ferrari 512M !! An appreciating classic !!

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