Re: god created shit, the japs made it move

Discussion in '2001 Lexus SC430' started by drive, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. god created shit, the japs made it move

    This is the most stupid car on the road. It is ATTEMPTING to compete with European rivals such as the slk, clk, z3 and the boxter.

    Full credit to Lexus your moving ahead. But so are the Europeans and they already had a head start
  2. That's pretty ignorant. <!-- Signature -->
  3. I honestly expected a better car .. I say it is not even close to what we were expecting..from it<!-- Signature -->
  4. World War 2 has been over for over 50 years. You no longer need to use racial terms such as "Japs" when refering to Japanese people. All that does is make you look like a stupid bigot.
  5. japanese cars are good, reliable, and cheap to soup up. this car however, is a bad example of this.
  6. He's post wasn't very polite, but I don't think he meant "japs" in an offensive way, but more to kinda write a shorter word adn save characters. I live in australia and i don't get offended if i'm called an Aussie. But then I don't know enough about Japanese culture to know exactly how offensive this is. I do try to respect all cultures.
  7. i agree with germanguy666. i'm a proud owner of a '94 sc300 which is great but the 430 looks bad (back end is very bloated.) At least Toyota/Lexus doesn't screw up and make ulgy cars like GM (Aztek).
  8. Every Lexus is just a Toyota with extra cup holders anyway.
    and most of them r ugly.
  9. styling matters not, what concerns is the price tag has shot this car in the middle of some very tough competition.
  10. Has anyone here besides me driven one of these...Ok thats what I thought. This car is not simple "Jap Crap" as some of you may think...Not only are they freakin quick...but they are damn sexy and oh do they sound good. A little heavy and where Im from they are a Dime a Dozen; But for a luxury sports car, the SC430 is pretty bitchen.
  11. i have to disagree with you about it being quick. i raced one and killed it. for a 2 seater sports coupe its pathetically slow!
  12. that's cause it's insanely heavy, but it still is quick.

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