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  1. This is not the car from Gone in 60 Seconds!!! The car was actually a Diablo SE30, not an SE30 Jota. There is a difference.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Fast and the Furious? The plot sucked and so did the acting. Gone in 60 Seconds had a plot, good acting, and much better vehicles. The only thing I regret is that they didn't have an M12 or an XJ220 in it...I didn't see one in the Fast & Furious...was there?
  3. FIRSTLY: If you want to see a good movie with a good plot and good acting, you'll go see Face Off.
    SECONDLY: If you wanna see cars parked in garage or being parked or driven very slowly and carefully, you'll go to a car Expo.
    THIRDLY: If you wanna see cars being !REALLY! being driv
    en like cars are supposed to be driven go see the fast and the furious.
    (yes I do admit that the acting and the plot were horrible, but I didn't go there to see the good acting! the same way I don't watch porno's for their plot.)
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Forest City Tsunami</i>
    <b>Fast and the Furious? The plot sucked and so did the acting. Gone in 60 Seconds had a plot, good acting, and much better vehicles. The only thing I regret is that they didn't have an M12 or an XJ220 in it...I didn't see one in the Fast & Furious...was there?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    r u saying they didnt have a xj220 in 'gone in 60secs', cos they did, it was a silver one, that was one of the best parts.

    angelina jolie pulls up to the warehouse and gets out and just walks off.<!-- Signature -->
  5. yea the movie rocks and i must say that there was a xj220
  6. Gone in Sixty Seconds

    This is the Lamborghini Diablo that they had in Gone In Sixty Seconds<!-- Signature -->
  7. i love that movie, love that scene, Angelina Jolie!!!!!!!!!, especially with all the beautiful cars!!!!!!!!!!
  8. HELL YEAH Angelina Jolie is Da Hottest ***** In Da World #$%#a.I jackoff to her all the time.
  9. that was a little to much info there.......<!-- Signature -->

  10. wow buddy, thats goin a lil bit far there, but anywayz, Gone in 60 seconds s my favorite movie of all time. All the cars in that movie are sweet ass man!!!
  11. um joe we didnt want to hear that but this car rocks(and so does angelina jolie).This sucker has to be one of the best<!-- Signature -->
  12. It's my favorite car from the movie.
  13. i must have watched it about a hundred times it rocks, that mustang is sweet, i'd rather have one of them than the jota!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  14. you sure it was the SE30 JOTA?!?!

    i always thought it was just a regular VT or SV but i didnt pay much attention to the car, i was too busy starin at angelina jolie..DAMMIT SHES HOT
  15. It looks similar. Could have been the Jota or something made to look like it (I'm this thing is a rarety). The one in the movie was silver wasn't it? I like the dark purple.<!-- Signature -->
  16. man dont care bout Jolie when this car is around.
    this haz got to be one of the best Lamborghini out there.<!-- Signature -->
  17. it was just a regular se30. not a jota<!-- Signature -->
  18. Gone in sixty seconds sucks Dick I mean the cars there didn't even do anything. I think that the idiots who made that #$%#ing movie scamped on costs and couln't afford to really drive the damn cars.

  19. Modified cars suck ass.
  20. ok while youre driving your unmodified car do me a flavor, kill yaself.
  21. Women masturbate to her...
  22. the movie made me love Angelina Jolie. Blonde dreads...SO hot. By the way, the SE30 Diablo in the near sex scene was that crazy limited edition purple (can't remember the name, but I remember that the anniversary edition was that color, and it was REALLY expensive). There was an XJ220 (someone already pointed that out, though).

    "Pull the car over. No, pull it over now. Turn...turn it off. Don't touch nothin'. (beat) You can't negotiate turns, you can't obey traffic signs, you can't parallel park...honey, you can't drive! I can't swim, I KNOW I can't swim. So you know what I do? I stay my black ass out tha pool!"

    "Look Randall, three years ago you made a real smart move, gettin' out of a life that was goin to get you killed, or put behind bars, or maybe even both. Then I hear that you're back in town, just as coincidence, and I have to wonder. And not puttin you away when I had the chance has been like this big, F#@k up the a$$ of this otherwise very illustrious career that i have had."
    "Well, without defeat, one can never know true victory."
    "Alright dammit, you listen to me and you listen good. If I catch you out of line once, if you don't use an indicator, if you jaywalk, if you use an aerosol can in a manner other than directed, I mean I don't care, I will put you away for good."

    "Am I an asshole? Do I look like an asshole?"
  23. does anyone have 0-quarter mile on this car??
  24. ya there is a xj220 tha guy is like shown from the side for about 5 seconds and angelina jolie says i love that car

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