Re: Great Mechanics, but man is it ugly!

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by quichedem, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Awesome! i think i'll start saving up for one but i would like to own the Spirit R and the Type R Bathurst R.
  2. this is in the new xmen movie...sweetest scene ever
  3. at first it was ugly but its grownin on me a bit.

    But ive been in one and it is a nice car especially for the price.
  4. I personally like the outter looker of the car, but when you get down to the stuff that matters this car really is up to a "Supercar" status. Not unless you are willing to put thousands of dollars into supin her up.
  5. but still a good bang for the buck
  6. I have to admit that this car has a very ergonomic design and looks very good in Red and especially with the red/black interior leather to match it, but I personally would still prefer a Yellow or Silver Spirit Type R, because it looks more menacing and has the HPs to back it up too.
  7. Ugly? Its one of the nicest Japs ever!

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