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Discussion in '2001 Ford Focus RS WRC' started by EliteWolverine, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. well impreza and wrx are at this very moment loosing to a ford rs wrc in the wrc championship of australia and not to mention its roots of cosworth who made the escort rs200 wrc rally car which by the way was the most winningiest rally car of the 90's not the impreza or wrx but a ford a american car a true car

    and impreza and wrx are gonna get it but wooped once ford realeses its ford focus rs in europe for the fact that its 2wd can out corner ur wrx awd and impreza and since its boasting 250hp compared to the pathetic 220hp awd wrx it can out run it from 0-60 also so beware imports ford is on its way and has been and is marching on ur face as we speek right now

    in fact puegot is the only thing in front of ford and thats german not import piecies of sht
  2. Hey EliteWolverine. I won't even begin to pretend that I understand your obsession with American cars. Also, it will be difficult for me to forgive your ignorance of Peugeot, a French manufacturer. I hope that after spending some time around these rally car boards you will realize how capable European and Japanese(and Korean) manufacturers are. European: Skoda Octavia, Citroen Xsara, Peugeot 206, Ford Focus. Japan/Korea: Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza, Hyundai Accent. All of these are superb that have no American equivalent.
  3. read the other review everything and thats what i call a focus its on a really great car.
  4. suck a fat one....the 206 is the best and enough nonsense about the bloodline cuz ford is gay!! domestics suck!!<!-- Signature -->
  5. Ok enough is enough...i have to ask cause excuse my naivness but how the hell can a car company be gay? I can only remember a 10 yr old saying that after they heard that word for the first time. I guess then your a ten yr old, hmmm past ur bed time? i think so rack off!!<!-- Signature -->
  6. EliteWolverine, the Escort is not the winningest car in WRC history. Depending on whether you split cars into their individual models or count all models as one car (i.e. do you count the Lancer Evo 2, Evo 3, Evo 4, etc., as one car or seperate cars) then the most winningest car in WRC history is either the original Audi Quattro (single model) or the Lancia Delta (all models).

    Furthermore, the Escort was really only a car to be reckoned with in the 1970's. After that the Escort went downhill rapidly. In the early '90's it was largely considered a joke. Why do you think Ford dumped it for the Focus? <IMG SRC="">
  7. need to get the your facts straight. The Focus RS WRC is a great car and all, with a good driver too! But it had plenty of reliability problems in 2001 (American and reliability don't mix when compared to imports) Colin McCrae at many points of the last year kept on talking about how the car keeps on breaking down, causing him to lose any chance at a winning. Well, I kinda expected that since he DID move from Subaru to Ford. How could a guy who won three championships in a Subaru, then move to Ford and don't win the championship at all? Must be the car, right? Cause its not the skill thats holding him back, its the car! Who here saw that WRC music video where the driver was fed up with the car and kicked it a few times? That scene just explained what kind of season Ford just had.

    At let me remind you that not much of this car actually represents the real Focus. So WRX owners can brag how there car is rally inspred while Focus owners can't!
  8. well i like my cars fast sleek sexy hard damn great good looking etc etc just like i like my women, any how american cars do all that for me and well out perform jap

    not saying i dont respect some of them i just think and know american cars are best after all it was becuz of ford all other manufactuers came to be.

    and i know those are very potent car but the focus is beating them right now mitsibushi is having lots of probs with the lancer VI and the puegot is good but has some probs as well, not saying the focus was perfect for it had some bad things happen here and there but becuz of driver error

    and well when my american car is beating up on them i have bragging rights to that position now if ur cars were beating it then u would have bragging rights....but u only have braggin rights to the puegot as of right now for thats the only thing ahead of ford last time a checked.
  9. EliteWolverine, Everybody has somthing to bring to the conversation but yours is silence.

    The RS200 was designed by Lola and built in a Reliant factory. A factory that normally makes three wheeled cars. The RS200 came to late to the Group B rally era to win anything. Group B was dominated By Lancia, Audi and Peugeot all European.
  10. rs200? where the fu k did i say anything about the rs200

    my silence was interupted by the passing ur gas

    rs200, wat the fu k, ok i never said the rs200 or anything about that car but ok

    OH i see the rs200, no no no the escort rs rally car sorry about the 200 part, the escort rs wrc rally car was not entered to late in fact it was the most winningest car in rally history for its class
  11. Great rally car!

    all i can really say about this car,

    it makes a perfect rally car...
    I like its looks, and
    its power.
  12. hey, its got the same bloodline as the cosworth, a car that the lancer and the WRX feared in the rallies. not a bad job by ford.
  13. This car has some pretty good performance. You people need to stay away from the japanese pieces of junk. I don't understand why you people think there so good, do to the fact there trash.

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