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  1. The only problem is that COMMODORE/MONARO are on BMW M5 category (luxury AND sport). You can include Monte Carlo and Sebring on the same category BUT they're good to fight BMW 5x series but NOT M5.

    Mustang is on muscle car category (heavy, cheap AND NO luxury).

    As Corvette/Viper are on Sport car Category (LIGHT weight, Aluminium, Carbonfiber, Fiberglass structures and NO luxury)

    All cars have ~400 hp but their BODIES are far different from each other.

    It's stupid to include all them on the same bag and say they're on the same class...

  2. I would take the Cobra out of these two but I dont think that this is a fair comparation.
  3. "If anything this GTO is modded up, cuz it's really a Holden Monaro with add-ons such as an LS1 !"

    Errrr the Monaro has a LS1 in it we call it a gen 3 but it is a LS1 its a 5.7 lt chev engine. Get your hand off it the GTO will make 255kw that was stated in a Aussie newspaper. The GTO will be fast i dunno about Cobra 12's fast but its pretty fast around a track, but apparantly Holden have to soften the suspension for the soft amarican roads which will dull the driving experiense and turning capabilties.
  4. the mustang will kill the GTO in a race fase it....we all know why just cuz it is supercharged!!put a supercharger on the GTO and it will win but if the GTO is factory it will lose(sorry GTO fans)!!
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    who the fuk cares about the mustang, fuk that this GTO is so fukin raw and if i had one id soup it up.
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    who the fuk cares about the mustang, fuk that this GTO is so fukin raw and if i had one id soup it up.
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    who the fuk cares about the mustang, fuk that this GTO is so fukin raw and if i had one id soup it up.
  8. I hate to say it but the Cobra would burn the shit out of the GTO. Gto runs 0-60 in just under5.9 seconds.
  9. for the gut who post so much you sure did start a stupid topic, or you just dont have all the info on teh two cars.

    1. the gto will weigh as much or more than the mustang(3600-4000lb)that is what the people at gm said to motortrend
    2. on top of that teh car has 50 less hp and 30 less torque over what is calimed, and we wont even get into the whole mustang being underrated in power because then the # would be more like 85 and 65 in favor of teh stang

    but since you have 5300 post, well let it slip this one time, every body has their days.

    but now you know what the story is so you wont get embarrased face to face with you freinds.

    in any case i do think the gto is a great car even if it does look like a grand prix. the power is good and finaly pontiac has a rwd vehicle. this is what gm need, more handsome solid performers.

    i dont think this car is the greatest but i would certainly buy one if i had chance. good power good torque and we all know how easy it is to trick up a 5.7 liter v-8 even if it wasnt fast enough for you you could easily have it pushing 400hp with only a 1000$ or less.

    this is what the impala ss should be, the gto should be more powerful and a little cheaper.
  10. I think it would be about dead even if not the GTO pulling it out. The GTO will dyno out at around 330 at the wheels in hp and the cobra dynos out at 350 to 360 at the wheels. The GTO is more aerodynamic and wheighs less than a camaro ss by 200+ pounds or more so says a GM rep at lightest f-body made). Every 100lbs in the 1/4 mile = roughly 1 tenth. So it has .25 tenths in a 1/4 mile over the camaro ss and about .3 in weigh advantage over the SS. That shows the GTO will be a mid 12 sec car stock easy. A f-body will run a low 13 stock, well most run that and i ran that in my 2000 Trans Am stock. I think it would be about dead even. But with some mods the GTO would kill the Cobra. But mod for mod the cobra would kill the gto.
  11. Dont make me laugh the GTO isnt a mid 12 car high 13's but the GTO will handle better than the mustang alot by the sounds of it.
  12. The Monaro/GTO isnt a M5 competitor, the HSV GTS version is but not this, the Monaro is an affordable high performance car. They are both in that luxury sport class but in different price ranges
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    look every one this car is beast and it is about 1660kg in
    weight we make them here in australia it will do 13 to 14 sec
    in 1/4mile. and weight/power 6.38kg/kw and about 6.0 in 0-60
    we have 300kw gts does 13.0 sec in 1/4mile

    go to

  14. Good God. This entire topic is crap. No offense to recommending the GTO vs the 03 Cobra, but after reading about it...there's no chance for the GTO. On stock rubber that the cobra comes on, 12.2 in the 1/4mile (Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords). On slicks, 11.9 in the 1/4mile (MM and FF). There you have it. It not only kicks the crap outta the GTO and the Camaro, but the ZO6 and the maybe the Viper, too. And the real funny thing that I can buy the Cobra for $47,500 here in Manitoba, in Canada. That's half the price of a Viper or a ZO6 here. So, I think I've made my point.
  15. This whole thing is out of hand, and i'm really ****ing sick of arguing with cheavy, GM fans (and the GTO, Trans-Am) fans also. For once in your lives give credit to a car that's not yours. Admit to the fact that currently the mustangs are winning on the track and on sales. You act so ignorent thinking that you can't take a 4.6 and make it about 600hp N/A that's some retarted shit. How's this, a 01 cobra with out a blower had 320 hp a 05 gt concept has 400 useing the same 4.6 litter engine with out a blower. Um well to further prove my point, take a 4.6 increase the compression on it, bore it stroke it, and I could easily have some good 600 hp N/A. Probebly something you don't bother thinking about. The compression on mustangs are relativly low while the ones on the ls1 are higher. Next why complain about the fact that Ford added a blower? So what? You Know you wouldn't give a damn if it was done by GM. Next the 03 cobra has a very good track time, why would you compare a gto to it, and say the gto would win. Especially when you don't really know much about the GTO besides it useing an ls1, which I think I would put this GTO in the same leage as a 02 WS6 or 02 SS maybe slightly better. Still the 03 Cobra would take it. Complain all you want but Ford is beating out GM right now and that's just how it is.
  16. first off,let me start off by saying that i am not a Ford fan.2nd of all,this new GTO looks more like a crappy Grand Am than it does the Goat of the 60's.
    NOW,for you guys that hate Ford, theres no way a stock GTO will be able to beat a stock 2003 SVT (SUPERCHARGED) can argue HP numbers all you want,either way the Stang is LIGHTER,LOWER,and more guys are trying to compare a car that runs 0-60 in 6 secs to one that can run a full second matter how much you hate the SVT Cobra/Stang,the reality is it will tear the mouth out of the GTO.
  17. Hey at least your honest, I like the GTO to some degree though I just don't see why people try to make this car sound better then it is by trashing another car
  18. I'm not bias toward any particular car. I just like power and resale value. True, the cobra boast more power than what is expected of the gto, but so does the viper over the vette. Cobras come with superchargers. Nothing can be done to further the engines performance. Where's the fun in that? I take pride in enhancing my vehicles. I have a front wheel drive, v-6 2002 monte carlo ss that will smoke any mustang you name. How you might ask? Chevy leaves room for CUSTOMERS to improve their own engines. That's what I like about gm. I do plan on purchasing the new gto, spend an extra $4,000 on it and smoke any viper you name. What can you do to an already blown out cobra? I love mustangs. I just wish I could do more to them. The reason I wouldn't buy one is because of the resale value. True, the cobra costs less than the z-06, but you spend $38,000 on any ford, and as soon as you drive it off the lot, it's worth $25,000. I'm thinking about buying the 2003 another five years when it's actually worth what you pay for it. NEWS FLASH!!!!!
    Don't forget about dodge!!!! There is a 4,000 lb. wagon that'll make almost any sports car cry back to the factory. It's called the magnum. 430 hp v8, 0-60 in 4.7 sec. That's not even on the all wheel drive version. I'm quite sure that'll be more like 0-60 in 4 flat. (6 passanger viper!!!!!)
    Who keeps quoting Caroll Shelby? You sound ignorant. What he means is, horsepower means nothing. If you have more torque than your competition in a comporable car, you win. Prime example, vette vs. viper. 405 hp vs. 500, and only 1/10th of a second advantage goes to the dodge.

    I don't want to be oppinionated. I will be purchasing the gto, and doing a couple of things to it, without the help of nitrous. WHO EVER READS THIS AND OWNS A 2003 COBRA, SEE ME IN THE BAY AREA AND LETS DO PINK SLIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  19. I have a friend with a cobra. He did all that shit to it. About $8,000 dollars worth of it I might add, and he's turning out slower numbers than stock. Consult an engineer before you talk. I love Cobras, but try to sell it and see how much it's worth. They don't last very long either. By the way, Ford does sell more mustangs than any gm vehicle, that's because they will finance any highschooler with a job at Micky Deez, and a license. GM is for the mature with stable finances. By the way, Corolla sells more cars than anyone, does that make it better than a Cobra?
  20. Id Take This ANY DAY Over The Cobra. Its Really Not THat Fair To Compare The Two Vehicles Because Of The Advantage That The Stang Has By Some 40 Plus HP. However, My Guess Is That This Vehicle Will Easily Outperform The Stang In Handeling Capabilities And Normal Every Day Driving. The GTO Is Gonna Be A Sweet Car No Matter What You Compare It To, Including The Stang/Viper/Vette. Cadilac Is Putting Out That CTS-V Pretty Soon, So Maybe The Ol GOAT Will Get The 400+HP V-8 And We Will Have The Judge On Our Hands.
  21. Okay just because the 03 cobra has a blower on it does not mean it's modded up the ***. There are still many things that can be done. Yes the GTO has more horses stock then the cobra would if it had no blower by about um 20. Comparing to a 01 cobra which had no blower and that's really the only difrence the 01 and the 03 besides the suspension and the tranny as far as I know but the engine did 320 same 4.6 that they used in the 03 cobra. OK. So besides that your argument is weak. K you say that the magnum did 4.7 0-60 that's impresive but if it pulled that with a different drive train like rear wheel drive it wouldn't do better at all in all wheel drive, because your tranny would be robbing you of more horsepower your car would probebly weigh a little more not that it would make a huge difference. Plus what's up with the bull that it's not worth buying a Ford? It's not worth it's price? WHY THE **** NOT? Personally I'd pay it, and in 5 years your vette wouldn't keep anywhere near it's original value either. One more thing when was a 03 viper raced against a zo6 with 405 hp? I don't recall this at all, and i'm sure you are aware of the fact that a viper has 500hp only as of 03, plus .1 second is winning by a few car lenghs in a 1/4 mile test

  22. I feel like I should say some more words. The first thing I would like to point out is since there is a blower on the Cobra, does not mean its done in terms of horsepower. Go internally and make some more ponies, or maybe raise the boost on the supercharger. Well, isn't that a great idea considering it's form the factory with a RELIABLE boost level. You morons have much to learn up modifing cars. Although I don't see the point in doing that to the Cobra. This version is already modified to deliever factory performance at a cheap price. It's also a collectable, a car that shouldn't be mucked with. Another point. Ford does not just hand out a lease to any kid who wants a car. Maybe GM should lower insane prices for such crappy cars. I like the ZO6 and the SS...but come on, charging almost 50's here in Canada for one, and only 26g's for a GT Mustang, which I have bought. So cut all this Ford dissing crap and look at the facts and figures. The true pony car is still around, and still kicking butt. You want something to put mods into? By a GT then load it up with the goodies. Any car could smoke a Viper or ZO6 with heavy mods and tuning, but when is it enough? The bottom line is that the Cobra looks nice, and is affordable. Enough said.
  23. I like the GTO better than the Mustang, and I am not say that just because I am in favor of Pontiac over Ford, I am saying it because it's the truth. I just like the looks a little bit better and the power it has. I know the Mustang has more power than the GTO does but I really don't care. I like the GTO better!
  24. Even though i hate to admit it, YES THE COBRA WILL WIN. I love GM vehicles but the $hitty cobra will take out the GTO. If you want to compare Chevy to Ford, compare the Vette Z06 to the SVT Cobra, they are both made in each's company not by Lingerfelter or Saleen or anyone else but Chevy n Ford. I really hate ppl sayin that the 03 cobra is better than 35th annyversary. COME ON PPL IT CAME OUT IN 03 NOT IN 02!! How bout comparing the GTO with the Mustang GT??? n the VETTE WITH THE COBRA??? we all gotta realize that the class of the GTO n COBRA is not the same. I HATE MUSTANGS but i really hate MUSTANG PPL who want to compare a COBRA which is the best ford makes with the Camaro SS or WS6, it is comparable but why not compare it with the vette? it is the BEST chevy makes. THAS WUT I THOUGHT!

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