Re: hahaha, a stock Jaguar XJR Luxury Sedan Can Beat the shit ou

Discussion in '1994 Ford Saleen Mustang S-351' started by 11secdawg, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. hahaha, a stock Jaguar XJR Luxury Sedan Can Beat the shit outta

    I have a 2000 Jaguar XJR modified by Arden in Germany, it'll do 0-60 in 4.5 sec and has 455hp (this is a heavy luxury sedan) but even the stock XJR with the same amount of HP (370) will beat the living shit out of this american piece of crap. 0-60 in just over 5 sec, i'm sorry but American cars just plain out suck.
  2. ok buddy, listen up! your car probably cost $80000. dont #$%#in talk shit when you dont know shit. the average car has 150-200 bhp so 370 is pretty #$%#in good. besides- if you wanna say all american cars suck, take a look at the dodge hennessey viper 800tt. 830 hp of all american BADASS! so shut the #$%# up<!-- Signature -->
  3. oh and this car actually runs a low to mid 13 1/4 mile
  4. Don't worry. Sooner all jaguars will be with Ford engines...<!-- Signature -->
  5. I just got one little shit to say I`m #$%#ing tierd of that #$%#ing 800tt viper is that all american`s have the viper don`t let me talk about the mustang cuz this car sucks no shit man I don`t have nothing against this car but the facts r this one`s
    mustang`s r v8 civic v4 and mustang gets blown I have run so many mustang what the first thing they say that v4 is not match for my v8,
    in that time a men only smile, after the 1/4 where is the v8 4 sec after, he passes saying not it was my cluth it got stuck at 94 miles that`s way you beat me, I just smile back and say one little FACT
    WINNIG IS WINNiG THat`s a big mather #$%#ing FACT, about the 800tt
    it has a good TOPspeed but this does not matter in a race
    LAP TIMES.That is what it matters this 800tt turning is the biggest shit ever the Supra Tom`s CAstrol and the DEnso will smocke this viper so bad i don`t have nothing agaisntthe viper but thats the fact and you have to deel with it.

  6. ummm ok mr fast and the furious must a dummy...the Viper isn't meant to turn but a Saleen is it's nopt meant to go fast bring your little jap cars against a Cobra R or a Z06 then see who's winning.....and does it really matter cause european cars are the absolute best
  7. Man take a look at this car baseline, Supra and then tell me if it isn`t better than this Saleen.Guess who is the driver hahahahaha.

    Why drink and drive,when you can smoke and fly.
  8. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Noel001</i>
    <b> I just smile back and say one little FACT
    WINNIG IS WINNiG THat`s a big mather #$%#ing FACT, .

    WHY DRINK AND DRIVE, WHEN YOU CAN SMOKE AND FLY</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Just Cause u said that, I disrespect you all the way
    I Dont Belive You own a car
    And i Belive that everyword u say is a lie
    Just Cause u said that Fast and Furious Bull Crap
    WEll, not really Bull, But You shouldnt of said that
    Cause now you sound like a 5 year old who First heared
    about streat races When u went to see that movie
    Good Job Child!<!-- Signature -->
  9. Poor bought jaguar and is fu
  10. mustang`s r v8 civic v4

    Uh, theres no such thing as a v4, Its called a inline 4. That just tells me that i shouldnt believe a word you say and you dont know crap about cars!
  11. no jag will touch this. a jaguar is more heavier.
  12. torque is more important than horsepower.
  13. i know that but this stang #$%#s the jag easily. so nothin more to argue about no?
  14. You're tired of hearing about the viper? Please tell me which forums talk about the viper cuz im sick and tired of reading about Z06's. Second its I4, not V4 dumbass, second, that little vin diesel phrase, thats just some bullshit u imports use when u beat a V8. And please stop talking about supras, i understand japanese cars suck and all, but come on, try really hard to find another car even though i know its hard, and dont say skyline, cuz they are shit over here.
  15. who cars, Jaguar is owned by Ford.
  16. Re:

    What the hell is a V4? You mean an inline 4?

    ANybody see 24 Hours du Lemans in '94? Three S-351's were in it, 2 finished the race. No Jags finished the race. Enough said.
  17. your english is all #$%#ed up.....I cant understand a word you mumbled so save it.

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