Re: Hahahahaha MY GC would tune this ugly monster.

Discussion in '1938 Cadillac Series 90 V16' started by Mahdi, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Hahahahaha MY GC would tune this ugly monster.

    LOL this is hilarious. My 95 GC would eat this monster. But I couldn't blame the thing, my veh is also dynoed at 519 HP. And to all the #%$s who lie about what kind of vehicles they have, I dont see the point, why would you? Who are you impressing, some fat hick #%$gots on their computers who think they know shit about cars but really they are just there to kill time till they can blow off another load. Anyways my GC has a 5" lift, 35's, that's about it for exterior. The 5" is a body lift btw. I also put in an intercooler, Flow master exhaust, super g force chip, a big ass turbo, swapped my 5.2L with a written off 98's 5.9L. I put some headers on it and that's about it so far. I'm only running 12's though. But I'm pretty proud of the bad boy considering I just turned 16 years old a little while back and it would all of your sweeeeeet mustangs. Oh no wait rustangs suck, gutless piece of shit. And to the #%$s who get v6 mustangs, why would you even do that, if your gonna get a mustang atleast get a v8 so you dont look as stupid, but the #%$s who get automatic v6's need some #$%#ing help. You dont look cool and you certainly cant go fast. So I'm thinking get a life #%$s.
  2. Yes your truck would probably beat this, but wait! Think of all the upgrades you put on it...You moron. I can tell you just turned 16 because you just posted a retarded message. You listed your truck that you have invested K's worth of money in, against this stock Ford. OK, let me invest as much as you did in your truck, in one of these. Then we can see who will win. Your running 12's? I'll be running 10's while you cry about hwo it's not fair when it is.<!-- Signature -->
  3. HA....
    he got banned, how do you do something sooooo bad to get banned.<!-- Signature -->
  4. dude hes all like dont try to impress people yet he goes on to make his truck look like its the shizznit, when like Maverick said, its maxed out at 516 or whatever, well this truck is starting out almost that high, and dude you can shove your gc up your stupid banned ass, what a loser
  5. No way! any ford lightning could beat the shit out of your lemon! get a life and learn some shit! I'm only 11 years old and do you even know what CONCEPT means?
  6. lol,

    I love tools...

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