Re: heard they suck for off roading

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  1. I'd rather have a Porsche.

  2. heard they suck for off roading

    i hear that although they are rough and tough, they're too dang big to do any wicked off roading. anyone got any info so i can set this jacka$$ straight?
  3. yo man this one guy i knew went on a hummer safari and said it was wicked. The hummer went through water up to halfway up the doors and went at 45 degree angles and stuff. Plus i dont think weight matters that much when the wheelbase is that big.<!-- Signature -->
  4. I dont know, its one of the few cars on the market thats capable of going up slopes steeper than 45' all because its got a raised sump & gear box house. The car is an all-terrain wonder... and i'd love to drive it threw New York City... imagine, no more taxi problems... <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  5. Yea too bad the Hummer is like the ultimate for off-roading... what kind of question is that? I mean it has HUGE ground clearance, a LOT of torque, HUGE tires stock, specially places differentials so they dont break when rockclimbing, wide to keep a low center of gravity, wheel inflation/deflation control from the inside to control surface aread of your tires, and a snorkel for the radiator to let it "breathe" when driving underwater, you can drive it through a stream that would flood up to the drivers neck... whoever asked that was an idiot
  6. Have you been buried in a cave for the past 20 years.The HUMMER is unstopable off-road.It goes through 4 feet of water,climbs trees and eats jeeps for breakfast.
  7. i don't no where u commin from, these trucks are very powerful and they can plow through anything
  8. what the hell are you talking about...i drove one of these bad boys when i lived in can do some serious stuff man...i flew off sand dunes....went up really steep climbs...not a problem for it...i had a jeep following me and a land crusier...they couldn't get up some of the stuff i went up...they had to find a lower angle and hit is one crazy truck
  9. Everyone who posted a reply here has some real sense. The idiot who said "Heard they suck for off-roading" should be drug into the street and shot. I especially agree with replies 3 and onwards. The Hummer is THE BEST off-road vehicle IN THE WORLD (besides a tank). A completely box-stock Hummer could kick the ass of any other wildly modified Landcruiser, Jeep (and so on) and especially, any of the pieces of garbage that GM makes. Anyone who can't grasp the fact that Hummers are amazing off-road vehicles probably grew up on the dark side of the moon. Good Lord.

    Al<!-- Signature -->
  10. How many differentials does the Hummer have? I know the Mercedes G500 has three individually locking differentials. To me, the G500 is the ultimate off-road vehicle. It's got most of the same off-road capabilities as the Hummer (yes it does; read the Dec. issue of Motor Trend), yet it offers some sweet luxury. I don't know a whole lot about Hummers though. A friend of mine has one. It's the most intimidating thing I've seen on the streets (except when that freak stole that tank from a San Diego military base and drove it around running over people's cars, houses, and motor homes). The Hummer is not very comfortable or roomy inside, but the CTIS (central tire inflation system) is sweet and the fact that it can drive underwater with just its snorkle sticking above the surface is pretty awesome. Both things that Mercedes doesn't offer on the Galendewagon.<!-- Signature -->
  11. Well to answer your question, your buddy is right. Since i have a highly modified 4x4, have seen hummers off-road, and have a decent amount of knowledge on the subject, i'll try to fix this. The Hummer is good and not good.
    first off the Hummer ain't all it's hyped up to be. Yeah 37's stock is great, CTIS is ingenious, good ground clearance is nice, but there are so many cons to this setup.
    The engine is too torquey ( good for towing and things like that ) but it just doesn't go. It doesn't have the hp, torque isn't everything offroad. It is incredibly slow, The long wheelbase is good for center of gravity and inclines, but not good in rocks, and generally most obstacles off-road. It can get high centered quite easily and often, which i've seen. The same with the width. The IFS is good for ground clearance, and control over bumps and mogels. But it does not offer the articulation (flex) or strength that a solid axle does. Articulation is almost everything in "off-roading". You can't put anything bigger than 37's, which is small next to 44's.
    I don't know about the actual differentials in it, but i doubt they are locked. They might be limited slips or something like that. With open differentials in the mud, sand, whatever... you can end up with only two wheels spinning, even though you're in 4wd. If you have your differentials locked it doesn't let your differential differentiate (lack of better term). It transfers power equally to all 4 wheels. This also is extremely important in serious off-roading.
    I could go on criticizing the Hummer, but I'll just say for $100,000 you are paying for the name and look, not the performance. You could easily build something for under $30,000 that would laugh at places the Hummer barely made through. Don't get me wrong, the Hummer is one very capable off-road vehicle, but it can't seriously mud whomp, it can't rockcrawl at all, and it can't do moderately slippery inclines (due to it's differentials). It is one giant compromise that can do a little bit of everything except rockcrawl (due to it's wheelbase and width).
    If you think about why the hummer was started it makes perfect sense. Torquey to tow a lot of heavy equipment, and low so it would be hard to flip, big to hold a lot of equipment, and other things. For what it was built for it was great, but not for serious off-roading, and neither are your mercedes, although i would love to take a unimog offroad.
  12. Aren't hummers the grandchilends from jeeps???<!-- Signature -->
  13. this question is ridiculous
    if they suck at off-roading, why would the army use it?
    why do you want more hp? you wanna race it?
    there's gotta be a reason for not having more hp
    this is a marvel of engineering and there shouldn't be any questioning about it's performance<!-- Signature -->
  14. The biggest and best off road car for sure
  15. dude, unless you have been living under a rock since the hummer was created, you would probably know that the reason they are used by the army and for expeditions across africa and such is that they are the perfect off-road truck, and even if you were under a rock, take a look at the specs! i mean, there's nothing that could possibly make it bad, its as pwerful as a semi, wider than a bus, and durable as a tank! go back to your rock.
  16. yes they are incredible vehicles, built to last forever, everytime you take one off-road the last thing you would expect to happend would to break a part, which doesn't happen. my remark about name not performance isn't really correct. this truck will last forever.
    but yall just don't understand. the "Wicked off-roading" the question asks does not refer to what the army would do with them. The IFS, the IRS, the differentials, and the engine were not made with "wicked offroading" in mind. y'all just don't understand how much of a difference locked differentials make compared to a viscous coupling differential system (which the hummer has). Keep in mind this is not army off-roading i'm talking about, but the "wicked off-roading" which includes rockcrawling and mudslingin.
  17. marines don't seem to complain.

  18. how could they suck?, they were built for off roading!, the only reason people drive these on-road is they are driving to a place to go off-roading>(or they use them for luxury because theyre so large and spacious)
  19. Hey, Hummer! BAH!!! ever hear of the lamborghini LM002? It would
    kill the Hummer. 450 horses at 369 ft/lbs! wooo, Hummer, watch out...<!-- Signature -->
  20. They're too big for a lot of trail driving, but other than that I see no problem with mine.
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from HummerGuy</i>
    <b>They're too big for a lot of trail driving, but other than that I see no problem with mine.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Are you saying you own a LM002, of a Hummer H1???<!-- Signature -->
  22. I'm gonna have to agree with pjoebobj here in that in the extreem offroad areas, such as the rocky mountains where I live they are just to big and they get hung up on obsticles to easily where a jeep, bronco, or scout could easily pass through. but as far as stock vehichles or the desert goes they are unbeatable but wheres a the manual when you want it.
  23. If any one wants to complain about how it doen't have much HP there right but, this vehhical isn't made to go fast, its made to invade Iraq, plus GM offers a speacial Academy to the people who buy these, they teach how to drive it soyou'll never get stuck! all in all i want one!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  24. Hey genius, just to let ya know, THE HUMMER IS MADE BY GM YOU **** so saying that it will beat any "garbage" that gm makes is a ridicilous claim.
  25. ur granda tell ur ass they suck, they da bomb dawg<!-- Signature -->

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