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Discussion in '2001 Honda NSX-R Concept' started by dog4life691, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Domestics are like cheap whores. Look at who drives them. Need I say more?<!-- Signature -->
  2. Where is your goat IROC Z?<!-- Signature -->
  3. I think were all missin the point here. Correct me if i'm wrong but did i see someone say they smoked a McLaren with there Trans-Am. Uhh yea ok i almost believe that. Cmon if ur gunna lie out ur ass come up with something a lil better than that. That was prolly the most retarded statement i've ever heard in my life. My guess is that guy actually doesnt own a car and has to drive around his Girlfriends Geo Metro. Just my guess tho.
  4. speaking of rice burners, etc. i was thinking about getting a license plate that says RCERCKT or something like that. people can call me a rice burner all day, but ill just smile and be proud.
  5. well, if you have the money to make your car do ridiculously long burnouts, its okay with me. i have this video of a red 5th gen civic doing a burnout that must be like 40 yards long. pretty damn cool. i dont see what is so bad about FWD burnouts. i think they are exciting. i dunno. whatever.
  6. no replacement for displacement huh...whoever said that was way off.

    look at any Ferrari or Lamborghini, yes these dream cars are no where within the same class as a camaro or NSX, but look at the size of the engines.

    Ferrari 360 Modena - 0-60 4.5, 400 BHP, 275.5 torque, V-8, 218 ci...ur camaro's and mustangs use much larger engines and come no where near that performance. it takes a chevy 454 in a very lightweight car to get that kinda speed

    no replacement for displacement, get a life.

    it's all about tuning my friends.
  7. Tuning eh? Tuning is also a part of potential, when someone gets a four cylinder, front wheel drive import (street legal i might add) in to 3 and 4 seconds to 60...gimme a call. And...of course a Ferrari is that strong. The thing costs over $200,000! If you get a crappy car for 18, have a project. Get a bad ass for $200,000 and you have...a killer car which weighs in less than half the weight of my C3 here. But a 6.0 liter engine making 335 hp and a shit load of import-gutting-take-your-ferrari-to-the-shop torque....and it is very tunable. And with AWD, enough mods to get a z06 a run...i'd say tuning is very crucial...but how much are YOU willing to spend?<!-- Signature -->
  8. damn domestics! your cars may put out more power and all, but u have to admit it our imports got style and performance. them big ass touring wings, them plasma lights, and PS2's in the passengers seat.
    thats some some high tech $#!T!
  9. IROC Z is right about the pittyful japs the world record for speed is held by a corvette and the nearest jap a sad 41 place. Jap cars are only good for taking up roadspace and breaking minimum speed limits they should stick with crotch rockets
  10. quiet torn, you're being a dumbass again...stop that...<!-- Signature -->
  11. hey torn, if youre a dumbass, then i am a dumbass, and we can all be dumbasses together. i agree with you on most everything you say. i guess when someone has nothing to say, they will call you names.
  12. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from japssuck</i>
    <b>IROC Z is right about the pittyful japs the world record for speed is held by a corvette and the nearest jap a sad 41 place. Jap cars are only good for taking up roadspace and breaking minimum speed limits they should stick with crotch rockets</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Take up roadspace eh? The last time I looked, most domestics were larger than ricers. Maybe you should get out and drive more. Then again don't, you crap up more air with your domestic and hey, at least we're breaking speed limits. Crotch rocket eh? Sounds like you wish you had that kind of power between your legs at all.<!-- Signature -->
  13. Alright... first off, no one can deny that the NSX-R is/will be a great car.
    #1 Weight ratio definately matters. Why do you think drag cars are stripped?
    #2 Sure, you mean dislike honda, but you can't say all japanese cars suck, or they are slow. You are living in a one sided world. What about, R-34 Skyline, STi WRX, Impreza P1, Lancer Evo VI/VII, Silvia Spec R, Altezza, NSX-R, Supra, RX-7?(there are plenty more)
    #3 Straight line speed means NOTHING if you can't handle it. I don't deny that the ZO6 is a good car, in fact I see it owning a lot of the cars on the track when I go out and run my car on road courses.

    To say one is better than the other is pure ignorance, it's all preference. If you like domestics, kudos to you. I am sure you have your reasons, just make educated comments. When you make ignorant ones, it only shows you are what you drive.
  14. I can't believe I didn't catch this before, what moron thinks American muscle cars are made of fiberglass??? It's a totally steel body with a fiberglass cover, which is a smart idea.

    BTW - weight has almost nothing to do with top speed...a 1000 pound difference and you only lose 4 MPH.

    In another thread he explained how he wasn't serious about beating any Mc. GTR.

    I don't see the big deal about domestic handling, I like to use the controlled drifts around corners, no one tries to pass :).

    Since Americans made cars in the first place how about anyone who has a problem with the way we do things shut up and ride a bike, we'll keep our "crappy" cars.
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    A Mc Laren F1 would smoke any car in a race with the exception o

    Hey Trans Am man your car could not even get slightly close to hearing the dust the facts are the Mc Laren is a Lemans car with a top speed of 222.5Mph-240 Mph now a trans am has a top speed of 130 or so even with twin turbo 200 mph tops like I said it could not touch a Mc. Laren you would need a telescope to see me flipping you off

    GO here for a comparison of the Mc larens Vs. the NSX-R
  16. i dont see why the domestic lovers are convinced that their cars are the best sure they can go insanely fast in a straight line and sure they can look good (anyone seen a vette or viper as of late?) but can they do all that and handle, brake, and squeeze into ONE parking space while maintaining fuel mileage in the mpg range and not gpm range? no i didnt think so but again tuned domestics and tuned imports have different functions and much can be learned from both so i wont deny that domestics are sometimes good and imports arent without fault<!-- Signature -->
  17. He could not of raced a GTR because there not road legal... The closest to tthem is the LM. Muscle cars suck so much power yet nothing of it is used.. The McLaren F1 and LM, GT and GTR are so quick because every BHP is used. Yet in a American Muscle car lots of it is wasted.<!-- Signature -->
  18. First of all I am American car guy all the way. ANyone who says Power to Weight ratio doesn't matter must be an idiot. Anyone should know that...and to the import people that don't know anything about displacement...big displacement engines are not all about horsepower, it is all about torque. You will never get the same amount of torque from small 2 liter engine as you could get from a 5.7 liter. My friend raced a 1997 Supra TT with his stock 1998 Camaro Z28...needless to say my friend blew the doors off the Supra. Even though the Supra is rated at 320hp and the Camaro is only rated at 305hp...
  19. HP means absolutly nothing, it is just a measurement of torque. The thing that calculates acceleration is Torque X RPM's / 5252. The bigger that number (give way to weight & other factors) is faster.

    I hope I said that right.
  20. Well, the reason the Skyline can go to only 118mph is becuz there's a computer chip that set the car to that max speed, I mean there's no way that GTR would go that slow, even a civic is faster. And for the quarter mile( is it the same as 400m?), it's all depends on what rpm do u drop the clutch, I heard that it's best when drop it at 4000-5000rpm. And you can acquire that time( 12.57secs) in quarter mile. <!-- Signature -->
  21. all you guys are are stupid. These posts are the most retarted thing that I have ever heard of in my life. All it is, is a bunch of ignorant basterds, bitching back and four about something that is totally opinion. You should appriciate all cars for what they are. And find out as much as posible about all makes and modles of cars. For one stop comparing vettes and shit to civic. They are two totally different thing. The vette is a high performence sports car that is modeled after a vehicle intended for racing. A civic is a inexpensive, economic, fun, reliable, sedan, that smart, creative, and KNOWLEDGABLE people have modified so they can be used for performence.
    Two please stop making bullshit comments about cars that you know nothing about. If you are gonna say somethin about a car make sure that you put in some creditable evidence so you dont sound like a #$%#ing idoit.
    Me personally i tend to go ricer. I am kind of a sucker for teched out stuff, and ricers definantly use a lot of that. But i also love most domestics. How can you not love the raw power packed under a vette or Poniac?
  22. All I know is that a 1/4 mile is 440 yards, and that the times I posted were from the average driver starting at the same RPM.
  23. #$%#ing american muscle cars....fxcking useless

    shut ur #$%#ing shit mouth viper gay,u know #$%#ing nothing about any sexy japanese cars,u mother shit face.....if u like viper,then go and #$%# ur blood shit viper,u only knew american muscle cars,but they are piece of shit,so u and ur #$%#ing viper should be the one who down in the #$%#ing shit toilets,u gays don't know what cars are about,u gays only know big valume of engine can create more powerful cars,that's all,muscle cars #$%#ing sux,just like you gays have no #$%#ing ideas about the cars,don't #$%#ing around!!!
  24. I have come to the conclusion that you are a 14- year old who forms all his opinions from Gran Turismo and his buddies. I'm tired of all this crap about how huge engines are gay. I can make one cheaper than a smaller one and have better performance by FAR. If you don't have something constructive to say then shut up because your making yourself look like a jackass.
  25. a camero can go from 0-60 in 2.6 secs.?
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