Re: Holy S#!T...It's an Audi R8!!!!

Discussion in '2002 Cadillac LMP-02' started by Joego, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. That hurt.
  2. Wow...lots of anger and sensitivity in this forum. I have seen both cars up close and personally at the DC Grand Prix. The Caddy is not a R8 ripoff, the LMP900 cars have always had similar layout cars (minus the Panoz). The Caddy uses a lot more downforce than the R8 (newer and more sophisticated), this explains why the Caddy isn't as fast as the R8 in terms of top speed. Downforce = grip = drag. In action, the Caddy is as fast as the R8 in the short roadcourse sections, as soon as the course opens up, goodbye Caddy. In this particular race, the Panoz won (good fight to the finish) Audi took 2nd and 3rd, (One factory, one privateer), and Caddy took 4th. The Audi's reliability and top speed is it's main weapon against the other 900 class cars. Caddy has pulled the plug after this year, but it's a shame really (more competition means better races IMHO). It was only Caddies third year of true motorsport, Audi has been participating for decades (not counting the pre-war Auto Union cars)in touring car racing, rallying, etc. Given the engineering resources of GM (which is not "shite" WRXSTI, you may be surprised to learn that GM owns a big piece of your beloved Subaru. And one look at the Vette in the ALMS and the LM is a testament to what they can do), and a couple more years of development, I think the Caddies would have been successful.
  3. Dude, I can see your reflection in your avatar picture. Where'd you see the 911 Turbo?
  4. ummm Turbos aren't that rare. i've seen three
  5. who is faster? this car or the audi r8 or the mazda 787b?
  6. Did I say they're rare?
  7. looks closer to an R8 than a GT-ONE
  8. Re:

    It may look like the R8 but it didn't copy it. The LMP's class includes the EXP and the R8- and as you can see, the cars of this class have very similar body shapes, used for the tracks these cars run in- Just like in Formula 1.

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