Re: Honda are not good cars. Stangs are better

Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by chevy freak, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. you forgot suzuki thats with GM
  2. oh yea, sorry. but without Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler would be gone last year. <!-- Signature -->
  3. jap cars use GM and ford engines cause there there weedeater moters suck
  4. Styling? It really depends on personal taste. <!-- Signature -->
  5. even ford is better than honda. but in my opinion a mustang really sucks. I hate ford, but I dont like honda either, but I do say the a ford is still better than honda
  6. it might pull a 19 second run.
  7. Mr Smiley Face guy I kinda dissagree with you. The Rx-7, 300zx, and Supra left the US market way before their rivals camaro, firebird and mustang. The deal is this. Remember the ol Z 240?? Had a checy engine in it, dont remember which model. Most of the small cars in the US are made by japanese car makers. To me this car thing is like engineering. There are different branches for different things. American typically don't specialize in making small cars...come on who wants a car like the 3 cyl turbo mugen beat?? with a whopping 63 hp. I understand that people can make some unintelligent remarks but , I think americans make excellent big cars, or cars with big engines that have lots of potential without turbo or noz, which is(noz) is pointless for the streets, I guess you have to give props do where its do. Come on be truthful, ever ridden in a caddilac or lincoln...very comf,....huhuh....not the same for the japanese counterparts. Personally, I really think Japanese car companies could n't care less about V8, but they put them in cars such as the lexus SC400 so they will sell. The same goes for the US, they don't care too much about 4 bangers, they know their specialty. Cars are cars. I can admire the 300 zx, but not a civic as a sports car...its like they are trying too hard. And about your big rig joke: I laughed pretty hard...but torque is king dude. ;)

    lates<!-- Signature -->
  8. hondas suck<!-- Signature -->
  9. Hey,

    Did you all read that my post was a JOKE???


    Because im sick of reading posts like it.
    You all need to get a life, and spend time on forums about cars you like.

    Im sick of reading my 10000000hp car can beat a pos Civic...
    Its comparing Apples and Oranges.

    Im sick of the domestic fans coming out here and wasting their time, and mine writing crap posts.

    I can respect anyone who can make their car faster, I care less if its a freakin Kia, Honda, Ford or Ferrari...

    And for Samanosuke, you really, truly need to get a life. <!-- Signature -->
  10. hondas r good and you get a life<!-- Signature -->
  11. Honda are not good cars. Stangs are better

    You honduh boys think your fast. But big wings cant make you faster car. You can never beat my fast stang baby.
    You see. Civic are not good cars. They have a 1.6 and stangs have a 5.0. so they are better.
    if you want to race me, i will win. cause my stang has a bored v8 inline supercharged with nos. And you will not no what hit you when my cars gos faster than your slow honduh.
    If you want to no how to make real fast car. stang is the fastest.
    Talk about reel cars.
    You cant make japan cars faster than amerrican cars fast. they are faster.
    I no, cause I went to school and they showwed me how to make fast cars at this raceing school that I went to last year you got to no how to bore an engine the right way and not put stikers on your civics.

    Talk about real tecnical stuff and everything to make my stang go faster and the honduh will loose. everytime.
    I live in Kent Ohio and will race anyone of you import guys. I will beat you everytime. mabye on rout 261?<!-- Signature -->
  12. That is the most uneducated comment I have ever heard. American made sports cars, especially fords and chevys, are pieces of s**t. They fall apart after 5 years, and stangs are the worst. They are slow, junky, and have horrible traction. rear-wheel-drive with all the weight in the front; they hydroplane and skid like no other car on the road. if you say they don't you're lying. every mustang owner knows they dont drive for bones in wet weather. so your car is blown and has nos...woohoo i'll be laughing in 2 years when my S2000 is still blazing the streets and you've replaced your piston heads three times already because your nos ate that sh**ty engine up like a xmas ham.
  13. Just leave him alone, I think he is just a grade 8 student. He doesn't realize that Civic is a sedan, a FWD car, costs CAD$20000 less.<!-- Signature -->
  14. omg LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH... ahh people can be funny sometimes
  15. honda's lawn mowers are faster than there cars how they do that. as for a v4 or v6 pussy cars they sound like pure shit. as for power dose NHRA ring a bell i don't see any rice burners putting out 8000hp
    3.69 secs in the 1/4. just face it honda's are never going to be a sports car
  16. All of you are dumb. Hondas and American cars are cool, but a new Lambo. can kill both of your [email protected]#$ !!!!!!
  17. sorry pal but the bull died 1n the 80's it's all mclaren and ferrari now
  18. Mustangs suck. a stock 5.0 is almost as slow as a civic with only about 220-230hp. firebirds and camaros are real ass kickers for the price.<!-- Signature -->
  19. No stinking civic ever beat my Stang 5.0, come on this is a civic not a sports car !!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, this was a big joke. Im sick of reading posts made by people that sound like what I wrote on top. So I finally started writing like them. I see more domestic people coming to the Import forums and posting their B.S., I hardly see Import fans wasting their time going on the Domestic forums and starting sh!t. I used to get mad, now I thinks its funny.
    ODIN, when you said V4 and V6 pussy cars, do you mean the I4?
    And the V6 comment, would that be implying that the Supra TT is a pussy car as well?
    Nice picture btw StreetRodGuru!!
    Its interesting to see the comments that come up..
    I see so many people posting sooo much crap that it makes me laugh. Too many domestic's saying my 1000000hp car can beat your RiceBurner your car has no Torque... blah blah blah blah..
    Just having fun.
    And yes, I would buy a Civic Type-R in a second. They may not be faster than a Mustang, Camaro SS, FireBird, Supra TT, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari.. but they are fun as hell to drive.<!-- Signature -->
  21. why would anyone compare a honda civic to a mustang?
  22. rice burners are all little sqeaky cars that we all love to step on
  23. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Odin</i>
    <b> rice burners are all little sqeaky cars that we all love to step on</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Time to trim the mullet.........<!-- Signature -->
  24. A civic is a coupe, hatchback, or sedan, it's not made for racing. Not even a mustang is a sports car. People must define the term "sports car." <!-- Signature -->
  25. don't forget all your Fu(king rice burners are all selling out to ford and GM cause japs can't build cars

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