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  1. What year is your Civic?

    I don't think I've EVER seen one without a tachometer, Honda quality is at the top of its game for an econo passenger car, look at the seats in the EF Chassis Si - they're only made of foam and cloth, and yet they're so good that people buy the seats from junk yards to use as a racing seat when operating on a budget. Hell, I've even seen a Toyota off-road racing truck with 1989 Si seats in it.

    Yes, Civics are just economy cars, however they're economy cars with just a little more balls than most economy cars, and the handling is a bit above par as well, on top of that, they are economy cars that have amazing performance potential when modified right.

    I dunno what Civic whutz-iz-nutz was thinking of, but the least power I've seen from a Civic was 93 hp, and that was from a 1987 Cx, the slowest Civic model (I know before then most Civics had less power), and yet, that's one more hp than the Celica GT of the same time (there's Toyota's superiority for ya....<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>), out of the 1987-1991 Civic Si, its 1.6 litre engine put out 108-130hp, pretty impressive, considering. Since 1992, its 1.6 litre engine pumped out 125-160hp, also much more than your quoted 80hp.
  2. LOL, over the summer, I had a guy driving a Ford F150 (I think it was an F150) floor it after I passed him going 150 on a straight stretch just before a VERY twisty stretch of road (the highway between Field, and Lake louise), he floored it because he felt he had something to prove after a little stock 1.6 "rice burner" passed him going so fast, and (not much of a surprise since he had considerably more power, more torque, and a heavier vehicle) he matched my speed fairly quickly (170). He then accelerated a bit more to catch up to me and he started riding my ass. I remained at the same speed because I knew a tight turn that leads onto a bridge was coming up, and I didn't want to risk him becoming more of a jackass.

    Just before the turn, I tapped my brake, and slowed to 160 (a bit faster than I would have preferred, as the posted speed for the corner was 70km/h, but if I slowed down any more, the guy would have hit my rear end). I then positioned myself and transferred the weight to get enough turn-in to take the best line, and jackass behind me followed. I had little difficulty keeping my line and going through the turn, exiting onto the bridge. Jackass behind me, on the other hand realized he was going much too fast for his vehicle, as he slammed on his brakes for a brief moment (evident by the telltale screeching), but I guess he decided to try it at that speed anyway, lo and behold, he started to slide and went wide, he then proceeded to slam his passengers side into the guard rail on the outside of the corner, causing him to turn in and lose control he then slid sideways into the other guard rail, which when the driver's side of his front bumper hit, he was subsequently straightened out (on the wrong side of the road, fortunately there was nobody else coming), he then sat there for a few moments. I was stopped up ahead, to make sure he didn't go off the bridge (fortunately he didn't, as it was a 200m drop, and there's no way he would have survived). As he started driving across the bridge, I got out of my car, he stopped, got out and started screaming at me (I didn't understand why at the time, but I later figured out that he probably was blaming it on me because he's a jackass) about how what I did was so dangerous, and how I'm lucky to be alive. I simply looked at him and said "hey, you're the one who lost control, I had no problem whatsoever, even with you forcing me through the turn so fast, so look at yourself if you want somebody to blame".

    He then proceeded to tell me that "rice burners" have no right to be on mountain roads, and that he was "going to run me off the road if I held him up again", I frowned at him and said "hold YOU up? YOU lost control when you accelerated to match my speed, if YOU had been going any faster, YOU'D be pancaked at the bottom of the ravine right now. But if you still feel the same, good luck catching up" I then proceeded to get in my car, and I left him trembling with rage, in a big cloud of smoke.

    Why do truck drivers feel they are so invincible, and always in the right?

    Top heavy, downright heavy, front-end weighted, trucks with high torque have no business going fast on twisty roads, even if they are more powerful than small cars with I-4 engines, they still do not have the balance of power to handling, they are still not meant to be driven quickly, and definitely not fast on twisty roads.

    Moral of the story - Small cars with I-4 engines may not be fast in accelleration, but they are still (when designed well) quick enough to drive fast, and quicker than the average car. They can be made to accelerate damn fast (12.5 in the 1/4 for a 150hp 132lbft 1989 Civic Dx? don't try to tell me that's not fast). Where the advantage lies, is that they have a good balance between power, and handling capability, THAT's why they are good for driving fast on mountain roads.

    Oh, and your ford ranger takes MUCH longer than 7 seconds to get to 60km/h, and much longer than 16 seconds in the 1/4, so don't think for a moment that it could keep up to a 1987+ Civic Si.

    High revving engines are the ideal for racing jackass, and don't you forget it.
  3. WTF is with you and exesivly long posts?
  4. sorry, I get extremely descriptive sometimes, and in this case I got on about a story of an experience I had this summer, so, being me, it's naturally going to be long.
  5. Yes, but being an economy car that offers sports car acceleration and handling withough the sports car price tag and insurance rates, it's definitely a good choice for the young person who's getting started in the world and wants a little more get-up-and-go in their ride than the average car offers.

    Besides, they have excellent potential when modified right, unfortunately too many kids today invest their money in "all-show-no-go" than actual performance mods, which is why you see so many modified Civics that just can't hack it doing stupid things on the streets and highways.

    Anyway: YOU R GAY
  6. Quote from needfaspeedsi
    lol you guys can take your domestic cars and shove them up your asses. Lol, those "gay teens" are the ones who burn you at the stoplight every time. I got a Civic Si, 160 HP stock, 290 with my vortech supercharger and tenko r exhaust. Wanna race....i thought not, cause i would take your ass to school. The only people who are "gay" are the ones who knock other cars just because they dont have one. And btw, toyota is not a performance oriented car company ie they copied off of hondas VTEC technology (so did everyother car company) and also ripped off the double wishbone suspension technology. The Integra Type R is the best front wheel drive vehicle, only rivaled by the S2000, "coincidentally" also a honda. Get your facts straight guys.

    PS. I hope i meet you at a stoplight one day 94 formula, because i would love to see the look on your face when you get beaten by a "gay" honda.

    Honda's are good for what they were origanaly designed for, a sporty car for a person on a budget. however i think that people who "tune" honda's are waisting there time, thay talk about VTEC like it's the greatest thing, it was designed to keep some power and meet emission's, now that's good for honda as a company but for the person trying to make power its dumb, it increases the lift and duration of the cam, only at high rpm's, but you could even more power over the entire rpm range by using a non-VTEC cam with a higher lift and duration in the first place.
  7. It's ppl like you that ruin the import drives image. You saw 2f2f WAY too many times. oh and heres a quote from that movie. "Your engine isn't as big as your mouth." You need to bring your little car on over her. How would you like to get beat by a 4 door pontiac, you know them as grocery getters.

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