Re: Honduh are not good, my stang is faster

Discussion in '2001 Honda Integra Type R' started by 70SuperBee, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. LOL, I haven't been around these forums for a while for a while (hell, I haven't even looked at them for about 2-3 months), but yep, you can definitely expect me here giving this guy hell.

    I firmly believe that it's one of those unending battles that will go back and forth forever, just so long as stupidity never takes over the world<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>.
  2. Firstly KYLE, it's a honda, not a honduh, and an integra not a civic, not that it matters anyway. this is because not only has a honda type r got amazing handeling, 'one of the best drivers cars around' to be more specific', it is front wheel drive and damn fast seeing as it is NATURALLY ASPIRATED, none of this supercharger, NOS bla bla bla business, it comes standard that quick (0-60: 6.2, not bad ey). So, just imagine if it had all those extras how fast it would be, sorry: 'kick yow ass'.
    i do like american classics, as well as jap cars, you know, like a '68 Mustang GT500KR, but credit where credit is due, and it ain't due here, coz this '88 stang is absolutely disgracefully revolting!!! So, Kyle, next time think before you open yow mouth and shit just flies out.
  3. You are so FOS, your car does not have that much power. No kid like you would even have the first clue how to modify a car properly. The ONLY Honda's that have a V4 are motor Bikes, and therefore any Honda with a V4 would blow your stang away on any track, even if your stang did have that much power.

    You sound like the typical domestic rycer to me.
  4. Yet an Rx-7 has no TRC and will probably have mechanical problems before the GTR

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