Re: how does it compare to indy, f1, nascar?

Discussion in '2002 Audi R8' started by 944turb0, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. At Le Mans , the 1993 905LM is faster than the 1993 FW F1.

    So it depends on the track.
  2. This is a gay comparison. First of all, the F1 would hit 60 in 2 seconds, and leave all the rest behind. The Indy/CART would come not long after. The LMP/GTP would come after the open-wheelers, and last would come the Nascar. Survivability isn't an issue here because it isn't factored into the original question. You didn't ask which car was the toughest, you asked which would win a race on a simple road course. In a perfect scenario, considering you only asked which cars were the fastest, none of the cars would crash, and the cars would finish in the above order.<!-- Signature -->
  3. how does it compare to indy, f1, nascar?

    what if we put these cars in on a fairly simple road course and they battled it out. I think the f1/indy are fastest but once they are hit they are ruined for the race. nascar are big clunky and slower but they can survive a wall bump at least. the protype cars like this r8 somewhat combine both elements and could survive abuse as well, i think protos can smoke the rest.<!-- Signature -->

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