Re: How much hp does this car really have?

Discussion in '1968 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray L88 Coupe' started by IMPREZA 1, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. How much hp does this car really have?

    I know it's rated at 435hp but I have heard it really has closer to 600hp can anyone conferm this?<!-- Signature -->
  2. it says 600 right there
  3. This was one bad car!!!
  4. This engine isn't rated at 435hp. The engine that is rated at 435hp is the 3 deuse L79 427ci V8. The L88 has a single holey 850 carb. This engine is rated at 430hp, but it's probably between 500 and 550hp. I don't know where this site gets its figures but there are a few that don't seem exactly accurate.
  5. An estimate of 560 GHP is made on my Corvette poster. I would presume that if a car has 560 GHP, that what is honestly getting to the pavement would be in the ballpark of 500-510 HP. If you take 10% HP off 560 due to friction loss (56 HP in this case) you will get 504, which fits in the 500-510 range.<!-- Signature -->
  6. About 550 if you put one on the dyno. It was [email protected] RPM but once you got it up there.... Holy american muscle.<!-- Signature -->
  7. This is the unsung hero of the Corvette world. I didn't even know it existed until a few years ago. An all aluminum engine in a Vette in 68'!! Unbelievable!!
  8. the engine has aluminium heads but the rest was made of cast iron. the engine was underestimated at 435 hp but real hp was nearby 575hp
  9. Dude, if this was all aluminum engine, and had bad ass tires, drivetrain aluminum, and carbon fiber bodywork...................... holy freakin cow. One can only imagine.
  10. read my answer in the previous thread thks.
  11. The ZL1 was the one with an all aluminum 427, not the L88. It only had aluminum heads
  12. exactly ch'velle and to be more precise only two zl1 vettes were built and 69 camaro zl1 were built
  13. yea this is a very rare was GM rated at 430 actually to discourage some people from buying it. it may not sound right but the only reason this engine was produced and sold to the public was to qualify it for racing. iv heard the engine makes anywhere from 550-600 so at least 480 is getting to the ground...this one only had aluminum heads, not even the whole engine...that was the infamous ZL1!
  14. for info only two zl1 vettes were built
  15. are you ws6 transam? answer me please
  16. I am reading here that the 68 'Vette 427 has as an option, the RPO L36 with hydraulic valve lifters, 10:25.1 compression and a single Holley 4 barrel carb and only 390HP @ 5400RPM...that is the L36 option, so I am guessing with the 427 it might have had at least 435HP stock...

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