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  1. HS21-GTS vs. Saleen S7

    hopefully this car will make it to le mans. if it does, its gonna give some good competition to Saleen! but this car has my vote over the saleen, truthfully Im not too impressed with saleen's S7.
  2. How do you know this? have u got any specs coz im sure the S7 is a V10. I dont think this form will make it to le manns as it is only a V8.
  3. i think the saleen is a v-8 but it dosnt really matter cause the c5-r is the best in my opinion and it was awsome when dale erndhart (i dont know if i spelled his name right) and his son placed first and second in the la mans race a while back
  4. the saleen in a v8, it could be close, if this can match an S7 its a nice ride.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Yeah screw the S7...I guess, anyway its american<!-- Signature -->
  6. This thing looks like an extremely modified McLaren F1!<!-- Signature -->
  7. First of all the Saleen S7 is a v8 and bhp wise its a little behind form this car the S7 tops at about 549 bhp where as this car tops at about 600bhp now looks wise yes they have some simmilarites however this car is much better looking. This car would kick the S7's @$$
  8. S7 by far!<!-- Signature -->
  9. ya the S7 is a pushrod v8 2 valves per cylinder if I remember right, which might help it out with more low end torque, but who races with their tach below 4k???? as for the C5R I think it could win because of the amount of money in their race program. maybe that should be the new question. HS21GTS vs. C5R ? That looks to be a closer battle to me
  10. First of all the s7 is a V8 for sure and the C5-R allready beat it in Le Mans by far and if this car gets in it would just humiliate the S7.
  11. This car is beautiful, very nice! I saw the S7 at an auto show recently and it is stunning as well, but a bit of a ruffian. This one has more class in design (and it does look like a heavily modified McLaren). As for the power, when Saleen first announced they were coming out with the S7, I was astonished that they would attempt to sell off 550hp big bore V8s for $375,000 a piece; I thought surely they were nuts (though a breakneck-pace economy can make nuts of many businessmen).
    Since then, I've seen that they have yet to sell a single road cars, but are selling race cars at a decent enough pace to keep the project afloat. It seems to me that they never intended to market it seriously as a true road car. Their focus is elsewhere. Their road car aspirations are merely a marketing gimmick.
  12. I agree with Alex on the Marketing Issues of the S7 certain they could turn the S7 into a viable road car but not at the asking price, if it were in the 150,000 range it could compete with the ferrari 355 spyder and Henessey Viper TT ect... As for the HS21-GTS.... Porsche, Dodoge, Chevy, and every one else on the Lemans circuit need to look out, I think it will do well in the years to come.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from TailGate</i>
    <b>How do you know this? have u got any specs coz im sure the S7 is a V10. I dont think this form will make it to le manns as it is only a V8.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    The saleen S7R is a V8. It has a 427/600bhp engine just like this car I think this car can make it into Le Mans! =) <!-- Signature -->
  14. I hope this makes it to the LeMans. I'm not sure if it would beat the Saleen.<!-- Signature -->
  15. The Suiza has my vote, they are both similar looking, but the Suiza justs pleases me better.<!-- Signature -->
  16. The Saleen S7 is by far better than HS21-GTS. This car is just a concept.
  17. To make a choice I need to know the HS21-GTS weight.<!-- Signature -->
  18. Saleen s7 will win!

    I love Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!<IMG SRC="">
  19. all i can say about the hs21 is that its an awesome car, really hope it becomes a production car. but would it smoke the s7? NEVVVVVVVVVVVVVER. <!-- Signature -->

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