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Discussion in '1999 Blitz Skyline GT-R R348' started by spine, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. yeh sh!t sorry my bad, i did mean tube frame i always get those two mixed up. anyway that torana can't do shit except run 400m in straight line for about 8secs. Cars were designed to turn aswell.
  2. If it's a tube frame then it is no longer a Torana. But really, who cares about drag racing? its nothing compared to circuit battle
  3. your right there pornstar.
  4. Well if Toranas cant turn properly then can you explain to me why the Torana Gtr XU1 (which is a 6 cylinder) absolutely destroy 351 falcons and 350 monaros in the V8 supercars back in the 70's. It had no where near as much power as the V8's but on the corners it killed them.
  5. HVS.....WAT?
    who is this "idiot"..mate let me say! u r still a car virgin?
  6. #$%# HVS GTS holden...piss of shit

  7. mate...i hate to break it to you but we have advanced since the 70's...what was good then was crap now
  8. no #$%#head, i meant that drag torana. Yeh toranas had good handaling for their time, but there shit compared to todays standards. Now remeber think before you post wanker.
  9. hey dik heads the reason why the skylines were not allowed to race in bathust bcause they were so heavily moded, not to mention the turbos they put on + if i had a gts monaro done uip like the skyline with twin turbos and lots of work to the manifold and inside like pistons and crankshafts and all it would apsoluty shit on the japinisee peice of crap(skyline)
  10. Hey dik head the skyline conformed fully to the group A regulations of the time, and in fact had weight penalties added to it. Its not nissans fault the basic package is so much better than any holden or ford.

    A GTS monaro might come close to the GTR in a straight line, but throw in 1 corner and the GTR will be into the distance in a heartbeat
  11. Lord. The Skyline's handle good. This thing has 790 something pnd. ft. of tourqe! Go home!
  12. I just hope that Holden brings a 300kw version of the AWD Monaro...

    Imagine that...
  13. U retard, i wasn't comparing a Torana to a car of todays standards. You said they can't turn a corner and all i said was that for their time they were a good handling car.
  14. Man why don't u go shove a Gtr up your ass. Wot, your trying to say that a Gtr would munch any car out there?? Give me a break. Just wait till the AWD version of the HSV GTS comes out next year.

  15. my grandma walks faster than a damn holden...skylines are the bomb <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>...
    respect to all you nissan lovers...i salute you
  16. Mate, i hate to break it to you, but the GTR will lay waste to the AWD GTS. think about it: the AWD weighs 1800 kg and produces 270 KW. The GTR weighs 1550KG and puts out about 250kw. There is no way the GTS will come close to a high 12 quarter, more like high 13's.
  17. it bothers me when people say shit like "japs only know how to put on turbos" and "americans only know how to make big displacement"
    not really
    each have just found a way to make power
    japaneese make it cost effective and such but they lack a bit in torque but they usually make up for it with the low weight
    it all just depends on how you want to make your power and what you are gunna use it for
    i myself and big on high displacement NA classic muscle cars(in case you couldn't guess from my name and the pic)
    but just because some people like low displacement and turbos doesn't make that way bad
    just something else
    this is pretty nice
    not my style but i have respect for it
    and yes it would stomp a HSV GTS
  18. finally an opinion that makes sense...

    the main reason the americans use big cube engines is that fuel is cheap so they can enjoy the torque of a big cube engine, while the fuel bill isn't such a worry
  19. The car you are referring to is just a prototype. the GTS awd will have a 6.7 V8. 360kw and AWD. I don't no of any STOCK skyline that has 250kw and run's high 12's. The Gts thats already out now runs low 13's so i can't see why the new one(when it comes out) would be slower.
  20. Where did you get that from? Read any magazine it's got 270KW.

    And besides, isn't mid 13's closer to the mark for the GTS?

    you and i both know wheels drivers are slow as all hell, but they got 12.8 out of a GTR N1 on a 32 degree day, and 214KW at all four wheels.

    High Performance imports got 13 flat out of a stock R34 V Spec. There is no way that a 1550KG car can do 13 flat with 206KW. think about it.
  21. I know that a skyline is always gonner be better in a straight line because the holdens are so hard to get off the line. The AWD HSV will have traction galore and it will carry higher corner speeds and it will also help the car get off the line.

    The MOTOR magazine has 270kw but im preety sure that before that goes into production they might make some changes. The one i am referring to is when the VE comes out(2005).
  22. If you are referring towards that than yes it stands a chance,but lacks as good of handling. Though I could be wrong, the Holdens are dominating the Skylines in Le Mans as of late.
  23. Agreeing w/ me or saying that yes I am wrong? What does that comment refer to?
  24. lol a couple of weeks ago the r34 skyline twin turbo entered the bathurst 24hour race >It raced against the Hrt 427 at mount pamarama the car did so shit it didn't even finish the race and its lap times where about half a minute behind the hrt 427 so think before you talk dumbass!!!

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