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Discussion in '1999 Blitz Skyline GT-R R348' started by spine, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Lol, I wasn't talking about the 24 hour race, excuse me I was talkingabout Trans Am.
  2. where did you read that? in motor it said the production Coupe four will have a 270KW.

    The slowest GTR is the R33, which does 13 flat. The fastest is the N1 spec R34, which does 12 flat.

    There is no way a car which weighs 1550 kg could do that time with less than 250kw.

    And isnt the GTS closer to mid 13's?

  3. I read before that the R34 has a slower 1/4 stock than the R32, is that true?
  4. That can't be right. The R32 was mad in the early 90's.
  5. all the V - spec models (32, 33, 34) all run about 12.8 - 13.2.

    The N1's are half a second or so faster. They are all pretty much lineball
  6. I would just like to appologise on behalf of australia for people who think a 300kW v8 is fast. A gts gets killed by stock GT-Rs Evos and STIs this car would beat the HRT427 with ease, as for a GTS coupe.... Maybe if you took the tyres off the skyline and had it going around on the rims the GTS might have a hope (key word MIGHT)
  7. GTS isn't a slow car, but it can't beat a sky. Thats for sure. HSV GTS 0-60 in 5.3 for those who are still wondering and or care.
  8. No shit this car would beat the 427, it has 200 more kw's and is AWD. Thats such a fair comparison.
  9. Tell me about it. That just id SO fair. Compare something else.
  10. more like 5.8...the factory claims 5.2 or something but no one has been able to get close to it
  11. Nah it is 5.2, Motor has hit it nearly every time theyv'e tested it.
  12. yeah your right, sorry.

    If it had a bit more grip it could possibly dip under 5 secs.
  13. Yeh theyr'e so hard to get off the line. Hopefully when the AWD comes out the problem will be fixed.
  14. Except for the extra weight and power reduction.
  15. yea...yea...yeah..Take a Hyke.
  16. From wat i have read the 2001 GTS-R beat the Mitsu Evolution 2003 by a very minimal margain. and has a far higher top speed.
  17. I can't believe what I'm reading.
    I'm a v8 fan. I love large engines. That said. the r348 would put the gts to shame.
    Engage brain then type.
    According to, its got 633.9kw, 960nm, and does a 0-100 in 3flat.
    if this is true, I have no doubts in the world its a faster car.

    I wouldn't buy one though.
    I would much rather have the rumble, and feel, and the response of a nice V8. But thats me. some people like rotaries.

    nothing makes me more cranky then seeing people backing up thier favourite manufacturer with BULLSHIT. I'm not a japanese car fan. I've driven a few skylines (r32 and r33 t), and they are fast. once again, I wouldn't buy one. I won't be happy till I have a supercharged v8
  18. This is a MODIFIED RACING version of the R34. You can't buy this car. The stock R34 has no where near the power of this thing. The R34 has a factory claim of 210kw but a magazine put one on a dyno and it put out 260kw.
  19. yer the only reason they are hard to get off of the line is because of the IRS - does wonders for its handling but because both axles are independant, wheel hop gets generated and the back bounces quite roughly.

    However I wonder how the skyline would do against the GTS if it was 2WD, then we would probably have a semi decent comparison...or if the GTS didnt have IRS....

    The HSV Coupe 4 only has 270kW and is AWD but it hasn't been tested - however it should be faster than the GTS Sedan but again it has IRS - im not sure if youd get wheel hop even though it has a 4WD system on it...

    Skylines aren't my type of car, but they sure as hell are virtually unbeatable...

    However the 427 monaro would give a skyline (or the blitz one) a run for its money in my opinion...both cars are beasts...
  20. see this is what i hate about HSV fans, they pull out one good car and they think they got fast cars... im a v8 fan, but in all honesty this thing would put to shame every single HSV ever built. im a ford fan, but theres hardly any ford that could take on this thing either, maybe the GT90 and if that... every1 now knows if u want power u induct the motor, thats why this thing will always blow HSV's outof the water. maybe in another 10 years ford might catch up with the japs because of their current interest with turbos. i.e XR6 turbo.. and posbily crate something to challenge this skyline
  21. Ok first off i want to clear one thing up the HRT 427 wasn't run at full power. They had the redline set at 5500rpm and max power came some were after that. Also they had a 300kg weight penalty. Although I know it wouldn't beat the GTR 348 it deserves more credit than some are giving it. Secondly the new Holden V8's that are coming out are going to be 6ltrs or 6.2 and range in power from 300kw for the base V8's and up to about 380-390kw for the GTS and the AWD GTS is up around there 2. Anyways at the moment the Skyline GTRs can beat all of the HSV range. Ok all you people are saying that the GTR was the original giant killer around the 1990's when it was actually a Sierra Cosworth. Look all the GTRs have been able to compete and beat the HSV's of the last Decade. But the tosser who said I know your type. You drive around in a VL and drink VB your a tosser for the fact the engine out of the VL is an RB30DE/T
  22. the HRT 427 WAS running at full power, it was just rev limited. The max power and torque was made UNDER 5500. I doubt a long stroke V8 will have all of its power above 5500 rpm.

    secondly, where do you get your HSV information from? I aint heard anything about a 300kW base engine, or an AWD GTS, nor a 390kW GTS.
    You do realise that cars will need to have basically all race type shokers, springs, etc because HANDLING is more important than a car's power output. Think about it, why would you have 390kW in a car which handles like shit? car manufacturers won't do that. Simple.

    HSV isn't focused on beating a skyline, either. What you have to realise is that HSVs are performance sedans, not sports cars like a skyline is. So theoretically they are in 2 different categories. However I do believe that the HSV Coupe 4 and the GTS would probably be the only car to match the skyline IF they didn't have IRS. Reason? Simple. IRS creates wheel hop, which leads to poorer traction for accelleration.
  23. i hate 2 break it 2 ya... but ur a fu(kin retard 4 sayin that.. an HSV Coupe GTS is a pontiac gto.. it kills just picturing a gto next 2 this.. this could beat it in the 1/4 mile in 3rd gear!
  24. ok folks lets get this clear this is not a production car anyone car do up a car as good as this IF they have the money. i have read up on on holdens that have twice the horsepower of this car and dont #$%# on about the torque cause that has been beaten by doneup holdens too. shit all im hearin in this form is that HSV's suck even though the r32 and r33 skylines didnt match it they are only just catching up now with the r34 and that HSV GTO dude was right this car should be goin faster and better it is not piss poor but could do better.

    HSV i just want one
  25. Man, Ur Gonna have Get The Aus R31/VL engine right, its an rb30e sometimes rb30et, where the #$%# did u here that they were double overhead cam??

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