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  1. The skyline would deff win the race
  2. umm didnt the vl's come out in an rb25 not 30 well thats what i thought
  3. nope, the VL 6's were RB30s.
  4. uh......probably not. not sure what you guys drive, but i'm pretty sure that 800+ hp is a lot of horsepower. HSV's are nice, but this is a monster. even RWD, an HSV GTS couldn't keep up.
  5. Monaro's, Holden commonwhores, Corsa or any of that generic cheap shit designed on bar napkins. They all suck!

    R34s handle well by the way. They have brembo brakes in them as well. It can #$%#ing drill the cv8 or whatever on a straight and it can outdrift and corner any Holden/Opel.

    I hate COMMONWHORES (commodore)
  6. *sarcastic tone..->yea a hsv could beat this around a track.. right.hahaha..
    this is a 2.6L that produces 700+kw
    ur hsv's 5.7 onli produce a s***ty 300kw..
  7. You're an idiot. this car is race modified. HSVs blocks are only slightly tuned. The LS1 in general can have a shitload of power.
    displacement doesn't really determine how much power the engine can have, either.
  8. Huh wtf...? Skyline lose to a HSV GTS. what r u on bout? 800 bhp in the skyline can even kick a HSV GTS ass.. HSV GTS = 300kw and this Skyline is alot more..and 3 seconds.

    Dude tell me a Holden that can reach above 340 and go 3 seconds and ill see.

    Im a Nissan Skyline GTR V-spec lover :D
  9. Holden engines are designed to have "Pulling Power" they have alot of guts. and for a 5.7L Buick engine to produce 300KW is pretty piss poor. It would be hard for this R348 to compete at Bathurst against the Holden concept 427. that car has been proven to be one of the fastest SUPERCARS in the world. I know about all you Australians thinking that anything with a V8 equals power. Thats bullshit, ive seen BMW make a stock 2.0L 4Cyl Produce more than 1000 Horsepower, and believe me, it would have had the upper hand on nearly any car that would have gone against it in a 400 meter(1/4 Mile) Drag.
    Being an australian myself i was born in Germany and have grown up with German Parents and my father is a mechanic. I used to love the big 5.7L V8's and until my father took me to germany to the BMW factory in Berlin I was blown away.

    If It's Got Tit's Or Wheels, Its Expensive.
  10. That's funny, considering all of it is horse poo. Horse poo.
  11. Skylines are crap!!!!!!!1
  12. So are you buddy..with piss poor comments like that...
  13. skylines r gay
  14. No sir they really are crap! Dont you just love the Purr of a big Block V8?
  15. You idiot. Why compare a race car to a production car.

    Typical Skyline driver. Doesn't know shit.
  16. Well if it's rev limited obviously it's not running at full power. It would have had 30 - 50kw more had it not been limited.

    By the end of the year the base Hsv(CLubsport) will have 300kw.

    HSV's combine performance, luxury, looks and practicality all in one for a good price. To find a better car that's in the same class would cost you more than double the price.
  17. last time i checked the monaro that raced at bathurst 24 hours was not a stock car...hmmm...last time i checked they made a car out of reach just to beat their rivals...last time i checked a normal a porsche stripped down only lapped half a second slower at bathurst...and yes i agree this blitz skyline would lose because you compare a drag car to a race car...last time i check idiots like you who open their mouths get for the 4wd commodore dude it weighs 1700+ already man add 4wd and that goes up even more more...also the r34 is similar to the r32 just more refined...power is not much different...driveline basically refined that is all...take any holden tuning company such as hsv or corsica and make em take on mine's or nismo...heh done and losers who think you kneel down to a a monster car...i dont see any nick names...but what do we have GODZILLA...


    to all you maggots who say yieah just go do up your car pfft...stock eats you lazy v8s any day...i see extra 2 cylinders and around 3 extra litres or your car that should make up for it but it doesn't why is that coz it is crap
  18. Re:

    Lets be honest holdens and fords suck there is no denying it, and most unmodified turbo japper will smash those shitty so called "300kW" shit heaps. Oh yeah that skyline is badass.
  19. Re: Dumb

    You guys are dumB with a capital B

    first off it depends on alot of things

    first thing gts weighs to much 1800kg
    do you think heavy cars can be a track car? 0-100 and breaking ? f1 cars are power and weight holdens are just power 300kw cannot support 1800kg nicely and the lightest gts i've seen is around 1690kg

    the lightest r34 is 1200 and heaps of power more then any gts
    plus the skyline is also recommended as the worlds best car in money for performace oh did i mention the breaking specs look at it and see whih can beat who on a track

    and yes the gts is damn slow and sad shouldnt even be compared
    the only real value aussie car is the xr6turbo nothing more

    hope you reply soon

    you want track you care about weight you want quarter mile then more power then weght

    but seriously holdens hahahahahaahah
  20. Re:

    I once raced a 300kw gts with my pulsar Gtir. All I had was a 3inch exhaust. Besides that the car was stock! This is before 240kw at the wheels. Anyway we took off at the lights and I was infront of him 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear! Thats it GAME OVER! nailed him. We raced again and again I nailed him. Not by much : 1st gear about 3 cars, 2nd about 2 cars and 3rd still about 2 cars. So He backed off. I paid $15000 dollars for the car.300kw of shit if you ask me. I have owned a vp 5 litre ex chaser before. Good car. EXCEPT unreliable. It turned me off holdens forever! So if they brought back the Skyline to bathurst, SAY bye bye to holden and ford! My friend owns a ford xr6 turbo with aps kit and let me tell you it will nail any hsv on the road and track! I dont like Holdens or Fords but the best car Australia made is the XR6 Turbo! BAR NONE! 6 cyl as well! 240kw standard. With a less than $1000 upgrade will be 300kw.Say bye to HSV..............RIP. It will chew less fuel if driven normal than the hsv and be faster! Better looking too I guess!
    ANYWAY for the same money as a 300kw hsv you can buy a r34 gtr. I know what i'd rather own.SKYLINE! anyday. I'm ganna buy one one day.... And make sure I race every HSV I see!
  21. One thing your all forgetting. Forced Induction! Yes skyline are faster but only because they are TURBO! It's because of this they kick ass. But if holden were to do what nissan does for like the past 30yrs or whatever they been turbo-ing cars for they would be good too. my point is holden does what it does best and that is produce high power from small block engines, whereas nissan turn moose piss engines into beast. They're experts. and if holden were to turbocharge one of their cars it would probably beat the shit out of some crap nissan anyway
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    good call

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