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Discussion in '1989 Ferrari Mythos Concept' started by Burning Rubber, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. i dont mind turds like this... just tell him to prove hime self is he is the sultan theni want pics of him and his car. i would want to prove myself if i owned a sweet ass peice of mechinery but sence im packing a escort gt ill just shut up
  3. yea, I got one too...nice 1/18 scale size, low miles, fun to drive(or push around lol)..haha..gotta love the wedge design though..this was my first 1/18 Ferrari model (I now have 6 1/18 Ferraris in my collection) and it is a great car to add to the collection..but with 37 1/18 collectible cars ranging from 6 Corvettes, Ferraris, imports, Musclecars, hotrods, old pickups, Harleys, a Ducati and such, you tend to run out of room really fast!! add to that 80+ model cars and trucks that I've built and talk bout out of room lol...but anyways, do yall think this Ferrari would have sold well if it was actually produced?
  4. if youhave them for real then give me a sight where ican see all your cars or give me pics
  5. sultan is a dumbass
  6. i have 86 of these and 24 koeniggsegg ccs
  7. Of course you do!!!!(LIAR:p<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>)
  8. He probably only has two dicks
  9. lol
  10. lol

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