Re: I just saw this car a few hours ago...

Discussion in '1993 Ferrari 348 TS' started by CHEVYRULES, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I just saw this car a few hours ago...

    it was pretty cool. It was the first time i ever saw it on the street in yellow<!-- Signature -->
  2. QUOTE

    COULDn't agree with you more!
  3. us tifosi tend to think the same way, eh?<!-- Signature -->
  4. a lot of cars can.......
    oh well...lets not start
    this car is a gr8 looker<!-- Signature -->
  5. I have seen one in outside a dairy of all places. And the people who ust to own our bach (holiday house) also own one. A very nice car.
  6. reelly nice car
  7. i saw it yesterday, and i was staring at it exactly at this moment. no joke. ny auto show. parked outside of a nice little restaurant.

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