Re: I like this SUPERCAR, but Supra was faster!!!

Discussion in '1993 Mazda RX-7 JM1FD' started by z28infront, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I like this SUPERCAR, but Supra was faster!!!

    The 2002'z06 will beat both, you know it. This rotary was a good supercar, but the Supra was the king of Jap imports. Both cars did good with a 1996' Vette. The 2002' z06 does beat all, even the over rated Vipor. This is about a 1995'RX-7 and if this car were a jewel, this 1995'RX-7 would be a diamond!!! I do love the RX-7 (1995)!!!
  2. you are retarded! First of all quit bragging and saying that the zo6 beats all because it doesnt, ya of corse it can beat a supra and rx7 but a viper, no way. I hate you chevy guys all you do is say how good your corvettes are but there are plenty of other cars that I would take over one of those peices of crap.
  3. question..............

    WUDUP everyone...uh I will be buying my car VERY soon...and I cant decide whether I should buy an rx-7 and keep it stock parts mainly................or get an eclipse and put about $7-$8 thousand in mods I want POWER!!!......WHICH ONE SHOULD I SPEND ALL MY MONEY OF YEARS OF HARD WORK ON?????????!<!-- Signature -->
  4. You would take a Supra over this work of ART? Man you need some help this car is SO much nicer than a Supra!<!-- Signature -->
  5. dude, its not faire to campare a stock jap to an american muscle, they just arnt in the same league...<!-- Signature -->
  6. id take the rx7 way before the eclipse, just get the rx7 then take it to alamo rotory and have a 3rotor put in
  7. I would think about a supra man. But hmmm... I love RX-7's although there pretty expensive to fix and hard to find someone to fix it. It;s an even match. You decide.<!-- Signature -->
  8. I just wana say since everyone hates something... I hate people that don't have the car, yet say its better then every other car. Yes the z06 is extremly fast, and I love vettes, but this is not a z06 forum, nor does an RX7 have anything to do with one. Look at the damn price range!! There is a huge gap, the z06 is clost to $60,000. So just leave it alone, dont go to a forum to make fun of the car, I came here to think what people had to say on it becuase I am interested in getting one. And ya they do 0 - 60 in about 5.0, one of my freinds has one, it makes you stick to the seat it accels so quick. No turbo lag either
  9. Dude the RX-7 is in a whole another class of car then the Viper. The regular Viper has the same 0-60 speed. The fastest Viper has a 3 sec 0-60. This is stock no turbo's, this is an imazing car for having no Turbos. Putting turbos in this car would make it a three second car. In a race with a viper the RX-7 would have a good race. I know I would rather have a smaller engine and car that move better and does the same job. Plus what you would have to spend on a viper just as fast is amazing. The three second viper is worth $160,000 dollars, this is worth $31000. Twin turbos would cost around $6000 at the most. You have a $37000 car that can do the same job as a $160,000 car. If you think the viper is anywhere better you are an idiot.

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