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    Notice my use of words..creates engines that didnt have power AS THEIR FIRST PRIORITY. Toyota and Nissan have always been the companies with the powerful engines..supra..skyline..and all that..but honda's first priority is fuel economy not power..and thats still the same for the new NSX. I'm not saying the nsx isnt powerful..just not as powerful as the other japanese automakers. BTW, any engine can be made to have more than 400 horses with enough money put into it.
  2. isnt making their V8s..theyre getting them from GM. In return, honda is giving GM its V6s.
  3. lol buddy thats a bunch of horse shit..besides it looks like a mixture of an insight and a 2003 civic si hatchback...the inside looks like a god damn recent back to the future movie or futuristic <!-- Signature -->
  4. can't agree more...japanese companies have always had a priority on feul consumption. the obvious reason is because there are a hell uva lot of people there. if all their cars were getting 15m/gal, the ozone layer above them would've been gone years ago. the simple reason for why they don't give hp priority is cuz jap is crowded, unlike the US.
    btw...this car could have an understeer problem if there are two electric engines in the front
  5. Damn, 400 bhp and 400 mpg? That's nuts. That's more than the 2002 M5! One helluva engineering job.. if the price is >$50,000. Someone said anyone can make 400 hp if you put enough money into an engine. That's true, but if Honda can make this thing AFFORDABLE... they might have something big on their hands.
  6. i seriously doubt honda would release the new NSX with a hybrid motor like this, and it will be many years and many forgotten concepts like this before hybrid or hydrogen or electric cars even begin to make inroads into the dominance of petrol and deisel.
  7. Also Re: and honda never used to go after powerful engines..or engines with the potential to be powerful.

    Actually Honda just never used to build beasty engines. The S2000's Inline 4 cranks out 235 hp, and it's only 2.0 Liters. Also, the new civics can attain 400+ horsepower with enough money put into them. The japanese, in my opinion, have far more knowhow and ability to build cars than anyone else on earth, they just don't tap that resource...they don't need to. I'm quite certain that if the Japanese wanted to crank out a 6 cylinder engine to compete with a Viper, Modena, or F1 powerplant they could do so, thouroughly whupping the other guys. Honda, Toyota, and Nissan are not to be underestimated; they can build one helluva engine when they want to.<!-- Signature -->
  8. Deleted for inapropriate content -- ADMIN
  9. ih8italycars what the #$%#. no no no. italy has some of the finest machinery out there u tailpipe #$%#ing idiot
  10. It'll be really good if honda is really making this car
    however i have 2 questions:
    The Japs always limit the power to 206kw(280hp), are they really gonna make a 400hp engine for this car? (i don't think so)

    If this is a hybrid car, that means it'll have 2 engines (electric & Petrol) does that make the car really heavy and lose the handling?<!-- Signature -->
  11. wake up dumb @$$!!!in the future the 280bhp limit rule will b canceled.SO THIS IS POSSIBLE!<!-- Signature -->
  12. EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I mean seriouslt who the fu(k are they tryin to build cars for, the environment or for us. What the fu(k is this piece a shit. Its the ugliest car i've ever seen but i mean its nothing compared to that honda box thing . NSX is in no way the best car to come out of japan if u compare it with skylines but compare it to nething else it sure is the best car to come out of japan, and by best car i do mean in handling and everything because as i have noticed most of ya losers see hp and wile out. One more thing for the loser who don't like italian cars well u just dont know what a car is that's why, and for my idiot friend again who hates italian cars and said honda can build a 6 cylinder to bang head with a viper or a modena, well theres no fu(kin way, cause if it could it would've and u also said with an f1 powerplant honda does have an f1 powerplant and it is garbage thas why it never wins nothing and ferrari and McClaren/mercedes who are european cars rule the formula 1 so get ur story straight and go back to suck on ur lil honda vtech or ur il 1.6 cylinders.
  13. what. no. jap rules SAY the car must have no more than 280bhp so companies who make hot cars like wrx's, evo's, and the skylines just SAY the car is putting out that much power. for instance, the claim for the jap model wrx is 276 (yeah right) it is actually putting out close to 315 same as the evo. the skyline (276 claimed hp) is hitting somewhere in the 330 market. so jap cars are actually really nice.
  14. The 280 limit? The current NSX cranks 290. And DAMN this thing looks sick!<!-- Signature -->
  15. There is Nissan who made crap cars, especially in design. Dun you know anything about Honda? NSX is the best looking car ever produced by jap.
  16. Honda IS this good. Wake up.<!-- Signature -->
  17. heads up ivan, you're gonna hear a lot of shit from skyline and 300zx fans before long
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from buttmcgee</i>
    <b>Honda IS this good. Wake up.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    AGREE<!-- Signature -->
  19. If Honda going to sell this car (which may not happen), I'll definitely buy it! Just make sure it's under $50000CAD! I mean this car got the power and has such great fuel economy. And can seat 4 people! Wut else do u want? One last thing, I hope the coming NSX uses this powerplant!
  20. nsx, 3000gt vr-4, nissan are nothing in comparison with the Tommy Kaira R.

    "Hip Hop! #$%# the system!"
  21. thats interesting..considering a Tommy Kaira R is a nissan skyline gtr r34 modified by tommy kaira.
  22. and honda never used to go after powerful engines..or engines with the potential to be powerful. it was always fuel economy and the enviroment first..but this time it looks like they were able to do both power and good gas. good job honda..on the right track.
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  24. ahhhhhhhh, you are too opinionated(although i'm too.), you can't say this car sucks just becuz it's ugly, some people may think it's pretty, some may think it's ugly, and wutever ur choice is, u can't say it sucks! NSX is the best car from Japan, an di didn't make this up, people voted for it! Please do some research before u say something. NSX is the only mid-engine sports car in japan. Excluding MR-2 cuz it does not have at least 280hp. And NSX is made out of aluminum, which makes the car light, so it doesn't need a lot of hp. Honda can build a V6 that can beat a viper or modena, it just it won't build one cuz it's a waste of money, Honda wants profit, like other companies. If u open a company, do u want money or lose money? Honda won F1 before, it was in 1986, and I think that was the third time Honda raced in F1. if u don't believe me, do some research, man. Honda is good at CART, it does better than F1. Honda won two times in a row already. The 2000 and 2001 season, the driver was Gil de Ferran. <!-- Signature -->
  25. Technology wise, this car is packed full of it, but design wise...EWWWWWWW!!!

    Anywayz, you have to remember all these ponies are running on I-VTEC meaning this is one engine that you'll definitely not get alot of power out of when it's cool or warm..Needs to be hot.
    And if you're forgetting, Honda engines are weak @ acceleration...has high HP, but really now torque.
    Usually torque is 1/2 of HP!

    Anyways, you alos have to remember, higher RPMs mean more fuel consumption, so if you intend to use this car to it's full acceleration/speed, you're gonna eventually burn more fuel than the 5.7L LS6 on the Z06.

    Only cool thing is that this car has electric motors to assist...Electric motors are great for low end and acc...

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->

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