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Discussion in '2001 Honda Dualnote Concept' started by VR4, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. "Anyways, you alos have to remember, higher RPMs mean more fuel consumption, so if you intend to use this car to it's full acceleration/speed, you're gonna eventually burn more fuel than the 5.7L LS6 on the Z06"

    You'd have to run this thing at a few hundred thousand RPM to burn as much fuel as a Z06 man. This car probably burns 1/10 the gas at redline that a Z06 burns idling.
  2. well from reading all the replies it seems that some people dont remember whats under the hoods of the supercars of japan: supra, skyline, evo, rx7, gto, etc.....twin turbos. and the nsx has only vtec which speaks very highly of honda. the non turbo versions of these supercars only push 225 to 240 hp and wouldnt even keep up in the 1/4. i think honda is really going to amaze people when they release thier first v8. im sure glad i picked honda more n/a hp per liter than any car. so what if they have small displacement. its 2001 not 1971. technology over displacement. look what porsche has done. they greatest cars ever.
  3. How do u know it will burn more fuel when the engine is cold, or warm? I know it burns more fuel at high rpm, but most, or all cars are like that! And this car is very fuel economy, last time i read a car magazine, it says it can run at least 55mpg, I'm not sure is it on hwy or city. But still, it's better than any cars with 400hp.<!-- Signature -->
  4. It burns more fuels when it's cold, cus when it's cold, the feuul will be a bit more pressurized then when it's warm.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Now if this machine has the good machinery like all other Hondas and will last 350,000 miles, that will be a true testament on the fine craftsmanship of these autos

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