Re: I think Bentley should make an SUV (Now here me out first!)

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  1. the dominator is wicked but the nastiest USV ever has to be the one that lamborghini built it was just nasty, i saw it in dubai and it was half supercar half hummer.<!-- Signature -->
  2. I like companies that stick to one part of the automobile market. Such as Land Rover, pure SUV. Ferrari, pure sports car. Rolls, pure luxury. We don't need any more superb car makers making trucks. If you want that, go but a Range Rover.
  3. I still can't for the life of me figure out why an SUV is the best basis for a luxurious car. Nor why everyone keeps bagging Bentleys. This car could show its massive rear end to many so called supercars, despite an auto and weighing over 5800 lbs. Name another car this heavy that performs this well (that isn't another Bentley).<!-- Signature -->

    ya #$%#in homo<!-- Signature -->
  5. dat is da most garabage ive heard Bently And Rolls shud neva make an SUVv they r best at makin sedanz and dats wat they gunna #$%#inue doin
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from VLTURBO</i>
    <b>hmm...better do your hmwk guys. bentley HAVE built an SUV, it was called the bentley Dominator....there are a few black ones...they have a custom chassis, V8 turbo bentley power and a range rover driveline. look one up in a search engine for a pic cos i can't be bothered. but they look ugly as sin. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    I didnt know that.<!-- Signature -->
  7. "bentley and rolls are the best luxury cars becuase they are hand made" my ass. take a american cadillac deville have all the features here plus nightvision.... gimme a rolls and benzito with the same as cadillac then they can make an suv.......

    take the new cadillacs concept also, they have much better styling than this 80's look and has more power...... ha 400 hp my ass that shiyt cant even make 4 sec 0-60 #$%#ing weighing like an suv as it does.... this shud be considered benzito suv<!-- Signature -->
  8. bentley already's the dominator (as i'm sure everyone has heard)
  9. that cars not to bad but the suv is the uglyest car i have seen! cheves better!<!-- Signature -->
  10. well let's see, i have done me research and no the car is no as ugly as sin, one of the most beautiful car or SUV i've seen, it might look a bit older but i think it hilds up the bentley way of designing vehichles
  11. damn!!

    i never knew bentley could produce an elephant on viagra <IMG SRC="">

    shit this thing's ugly..

    and it's all your fault, people on!! without you, i would have lived my whole life without ever knowing this car existed.. now, i have to move on, baring the idea that bentley once produced the dominator :(<!-- Signature -->
  12. They are to many SUVs on the road.
  13. I'd rather take a cheap ***** over a ***** with class and style. (if there are any bitches with class and style)

    . . . Cheap bitches give it up easier =D
  14. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Greyhound</i>
    <b>HAHAHAHA, bentley!!!!
    what the #$%# is a bentley good for, when u can buy a Dodge viper 800TT.
    Dodge gets the chicks, bentley gives u the BELLEY!!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Maybe a Viper gets cheap bitches, Bentley gets you chicks with style and class<!-- Signature -->
  15. "I don't see why an SUV is the best platform for building a luxury vehicle. In fact, I think quite the opposite."

    I would have to agree with Big Rob on this one, SUV's were origionally made to go off road, starting with the jeep craze after world war II. SUV's are really geared towards people who like to camp in the wilderness, thus they are meant to get dirty and haul around big loads, something you dont want to do with a pampered $300,000 car.

  16. I don't see why an SUV is the best platform for building a luxury vehicle. In fact, I think quite the opposite.<!-- Signature -->
  17. HAHAHAHA, bentley!!!!
    what the #$%# is a bentley good for, when u can buy a Dodge viper 800TT.
    Dodge gets the chicks, bentley gives u the BELLEY!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  18. They do have one the Sultan of Brunei has like three.<!-- Signature -->
  19. I have been schooled. I did not know about these SUV's. And as a Bentley "Super Fan" I feel foolish.

    Anyways I think Bentley should take another crack at building an SUV.

    <!-- Signature -->
  20. ...

    sure the Viper is one 100% american super car, it can kick some eriousass for half the money.

    but Dodge's snake drivers know its car is performance oriented. Bentleys are built for performance yes, but also for luxury, they've got leather everywhere, and extensive use of aluminum and wood... by comparison, the Viper interior is quite lacking of any of those elements.<!-- Signature -->
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Prancing Horse</i>
    <b>but rolls-royce n bentley r......THE SAME!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    VAG (vw) own both, well, actually, bmw owns the Rolls Royce name, but that doesn't mean its the same car. <!-- Signature -->
  22. Bentley has a truck called the Dominator there 3 known and they are black, yellow, and red. The Sultan of Brunei has three! See, here is the yellow one.
  23. Here is the pic, I didn't put it in right
  24. but rolls-royce n bentley r......THE SAME!<!-- Signature -->
  25. Indeed, Laogic wrapped in Pure Chaos. <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->

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