Re: I wonder how bad a 1986 montecarlo ss would tear up a this n

Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS' started by PorscheBoy09, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. YUP!!<!-- Signature -->
  2. I wonder how bad a 1986 montecarlo ss would tear up a this new"s

    This new Monte Carlo "super sport" puts chevy to shame, my friend beat the hell out of one in a 1999 stock mustang v6, and the old ones could beat a new Mustang GT for crying out loud, at least next year they need to put even a small v8 in them.
  3. Can we f*ckin appreaciate this car for what it is supposed to be?! A Luxury Cruiser! Not a Sports coupe!!

    I don know why the hell would they name it a Super Sport. I guess to attract suckers, but this truly is a Cruiser, NOT a aports coupe.
  4. I agree its a Sports Cruiser....but in order to compete in NASCAR with a body the car has to be production. And it just fit economically into Chevys line-up this way. I personally think its a beautiful car. Unique lines and contours.

    NOw as for your friend losing to a Mustang V6....your friend mustnot know how to drive. When I first got my LS(180 hp) I raced the crap out of it. Ive raced here's a list....stock Accord(won), z28 Cav,(won),Z34 Lumina(won), v6 MUSTANG(not a contest I won), V6 camaro(won that one too), Taurus(won), Focus(won), V8explorer(very close loss, uphill torque beat me) In fact I havent seen alot of stock V6s that would beat this one.
  5. Let's start with the '86 SS. How about 165hp and 230ft/lbs torque...out of an anemic 305!! The 2001 SS has 2 fewer cylinders and makes 200hp.

    Now lets compare time slips. A friend of mine has an '86 SS aero coup that ran a 16.00 compared to my "LITTLE" V-6's 15.58....and yes I can show you the time slip!!
  6. they put this sorry ass car, but what about the impala ss 94-96
  7. tell me onther one buddy. I've beaten new mustangs little v6 or little v8 4.6L.
  8. the ss should have a 4.2 SFI engine at most.
  9. actually this car only is a cruiser, but there are stronger v6 engines then this car, acura for one has a 260hp on a luxo cruiser, and nissan has a 255hp in the maxima, i raced one of these things before on a 2001 maxima, it was pretty close til we hit 80, thats when the very large gap began. besides the ss stoped at 108mph, as for me, i went a little past that. they r pretty nice cars though i cant take that away but they definetly r not racers like the old ones.
  10. yeah they should put a V8 in it oh yah on the engine stiker it says 4.5 liters not 4.2 moron<!-- Signature -->
  11. damn that would be sweet if they throw in a northstar engine in this thing.
  12. This car it the bomb. Hear is a phat Monte Carlo SS 1986
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  14. those acura and nissan v-6's and dohc engines. pushrod engines cannot compare to dohc engines that also are of a larger displacement. dohc engines are much more expensive to produce and repair, thus the high acura prices and high repair costs.
  15. All of you Monte Carlo SS guys rule! I never thought I'd find any Monte fans here. This place is mostly a bunch if jobless ignorant bums that think jap cars are the coolest when they are slow as my lazy boy recliner and look and sound horrible.

    I am currently building up an will run low 9s and be streetable. I'll keep you posted.<!-- Signature -->
  16. It's pretty ridculas of Chevy to call this an SS, more like a POS
    it looks great I'll give it that, but come on, I'm personally not
    proud of a car under 300hp, for a SS it should be 350hp, 6000rpm, and get from 0-60 in less than 6 seconds!! Should be 4 speed manual!!

    I guess today Chevy is trying to appeal to a bunch of lazy scared kidz, and not adults who want power in their ryde, it is ridiulas, this is no SS, I wonder how shity the Monte Carlo LS is!!!
  17. This car is a lot better than you guys are making it. I've raced a lot of different cars with it and have won. I'll admit it's not quick enough to be considered a sports car. But it's not a pile of $H!T. It's a great looking car and I took it one step further.

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