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  1. Hum hum...

    I’ll answer both of you.

    The Mitsu has kicked Ford until the 206 arrival.

    Many wins at LM ? ? 4 overall. The win in GT class were done by a French team , Oreca.

    Veilside Skyline does the Πmile in 8.747s without NO2 and without slicks.
    13.72 isn't a 1/4 mile time , but the time to reach 186mph or 300kmh , with non slicks tires.

    4s Œ mile are top fuels , very road legal…..

    Americans post 1/4 mile times on tires that are only legal at you , neither in Japan nor in the EU.

    NHRA fuel is 110 octane.

    The veilside kicks ALL cars in the « stock » category.
    In « super stock » only 5 cars can do it , no surprise with 110 octane fuel and slicks….

    Japanese tuners don't care about US norms , they're JAPANESE.

    US cars can't pass emissions laws in the EU , the hardest of the whole world.
  2. very very true. where do you live at? I think it would be cool to meet up with u some time. maybe at a track?
  3. DRAGSTER 0-300mph 5s

    F-1 RACE car 0-300 km/h

    8.x-9.xs (2002 spec with 7 speed gear box and traction control).

  4. This is the best car, nothing else needs to be said.
  5. This car may be street legal but I highly doubt it is very driveable, it makes it's power on over 30psi of boost and no where in the world can you get gas that you can use to drive this car on the street at 30psi+ of boost. Most of those 1000rwhp street supras you see run more than 100 octane gasoline, you can get that stuff here pretty easy but it's not cheap and it burns quickly. boost is very fun when it is dialed in properly, I've ridden in a Supra that had [email protected] and 101 octane on a desert road in vegas. it's in gear acceleration was phenomenal. off the line traction suffered greatly do to 901rwhp trying to pass through 11 inch wide rear street tires. But when you got it up to say 100mph, from 100-200 the thing would suck out tooth fillings. I can only imagine what an 890bhp AWD skyline would be like, even better off the line.
  6. man tone it down. not all american cars suck. i like mainly japanese and european but there are some good american cars. anyways the 1300 hp r-32 skyline combat is not on drag slicks it is on drag radials. it recorded the highest top speed on a PUBLIC ROAD. ok let's just get that clear. public road. in reference to this not being driveable i beg to differ. its called boost controllers guys. you can adjust boost depending on what environment you are in. of course this cuts power, but you only mentioned driveability. i dont get why you guys in these forums can't just appreciate cars that have a lot of horsepower. regardless if i handed you a 800 hp american, european, or japanese machine you would be glad to drive it. appreciate it for its good qualities guys.

    lastly i'm really sick of guys who constantly post a blah blah blah could post this and its only in reference to a straight line acceleration. this is mostly in reference to american car fanatics because i mean i could go into a ford gt40 forum (which is a great american car euro and jap lover you gotta give it props) and say that it is shit because the new lingenfelter vette beats it or what not. that's exactly what your doing here. what the hell is the point of making such childish comments.

    in reference to bang for buck. i hardly think if you are able to afford a 180,000 car you couldn't afford a 200,000 car or 300,000 car. when your taht rich a couple hundred thousand is really not such a big deal.
  7. Quote from EvilNinjaMoby: These 8 second "street legal" skylines.. may be street legal in the UK.. but not in the US.. thats why they dont SELL SKYLINES IN THE US>.. it cant pass emissions or crash tests.. and who says those werent on slicks.. I saw those videos and the website.. I dont remember seeing anything about street legal tires(if there is please tell me where b/c I missed it then). LM isnt the only race out there..
    Again...if the Skyline can pass UK emissions, but not US.. wouldnt that make US emissions stricter??? Unless they tuned down the UK skylines. I mean we sell our vettes and Fbodies in the UK... And also I would liek to point at.. those videos were shot in Japan.. so what makes you think that they pass any emissions other than Japan??

    How can you be so ignorant????????? If you did any research at all you would know that a company called MotoRex imports Skylines to the U.S. and they don't change the engine at all. It does pass emissions. The reason they aren't imported here any other way is because they are right-side drive mostly, and the engine setup would not work if it was switched to left-side. There are a couple of other reasons, but it certainly has nothing to do with emissions. Yes, they do sell Skylines in the U.S., so think before you make such a stupid claim.
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  9. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ferrari F40 GTE</i>
    <b>am-cars suck, jap cars rule... theres realy not more to say</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    HAHA your dumb and enjoy sucking monkeys nuts!!!1
  10. if you thought his mom was fast you should try his sister!
  11. I think we should all have one big fight. Or how about we talk bone stock... Name me a faster car than the viper for under 100,000 dollars.
  12. If you think that Skyline was fast....

    The Blitz Skyline was made for power and handling on the street. An awesome car.
    On the other hand, some Skylines in Japan are made purely for drag racing and are pumping out some 1400hp. That is not a misprint. The reason that it is 'some' 1400hp is that the engine dyno that was used stopped reading at 1000hp. These cars use the original six too. The secret? B-I-G turbos. Like the trust T88.<!-- Signature -->
  13. you stupid shit. all jap cars suck cock. you are stupid if you think japanese cars are cool. they are the worst. american cars rock. remember that you #%$.
  14. am-cars suck, jap cars rule... theres realy not more to say
  15. you stupid shit. all jap cars suck cock. you are stupid if you think japanese cars are cool. they are the worst. american cars rock. remember that you #%$.

    The only car that you have to offer is the Viper, which is a V10 n/a
    no offence, some of these Jap cars are amazing to say the least :D

    It's a not all about muscel cars you are your living in the past my Friend

    turbo's engines are the way to go, replaces big cc's on N/A engine. You don't need V8'and V10's know more just but 1 massive turbo on a 4pot engine/6 pot engine can produce more power than V8/V10 N/A with out NOS

    Weak up and see the light,and keep it real :D<!-- Signature -->
  16. ok now its war... give me one #$%#ing streetlegal am-car that do 0-300kph in 13.72 like the veilside skyline gtr r32, and give me a am-car with 3l engine that can put out 1345 bhp... no #$%#ing camaro,viper or vette can beat the the blitz skyline, veilside skyline gtr r32, trust greddy skyline, top seckret skyline, jun 200mile supra or the jun akira supra..... theres only two cars USA can be prowd of and thats the GT40 and the s7....
  17. I got a video of a 9s 1/4 Skyline without nos...that says all
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    Here you go.

    Without nos. without turbo. Zl1 camaro with about 690 rwhp (770bhp)

    His brakes squeak a little on the setup, so I think it's an Automatic.

    You guys talk a lot of trash here but I do agree. For racing go american. For fuel economy and a cheap car go Japenese. By the way the new f-bodys (firebirds and camaros) have very good handleing.<!-- Signature -->
  19. I got a video of a 9 second Skyline to!

    Alle som sier at Skyline suger kan grave seg ned i hagen!
  20. this is a fast ass car,it could most likely take on anything the states have to offer,and that includes the henessey 800TT Viper that has set the record for 0-60 time,id like to see that guy do 0-60 in this car<!-- Signature -->
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    Skylines still suck and will suck as long as the quality of them are cheap. Venoms are batter <!-- Signature -->
  22. If you think the Skyline has a poor quality built, what would you expect from the average American cars? As far as I know, they rattle too and rattle sooner than the Japanese... No offense, guys... Speaking from my own experience!<!-- Signature -->
  23. Hennesey, you can't possibly say that a skyline is poorly built. Like i tell everyone, download the top gear skyline test and compare the tech and handling of that car to any American car and come back to talk. Skyline are amazingly built, thats why they are outlawed in so many races because of the cars capability. Around a track this Skyline will beat any American car i have heard of.
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  25. You fuk#### am car lovers are so dumb. there are many 800rwhp supras in america that will spank ur dumb ass camero or viper. these supras can't even compare to a 500hp Skyline. even thought it has less power ot will rape the supras, why? best 4wheel drive system in the world. the veilside skyline will beat the shit out of any viper, vette, camero on an actual circuit track. the viper, vette, cameros are made for pure speed and cant handle worth shit!! the skyline is THE BEST CAR IN THE WORLD. it hat the mose pontential and can rape a stupid am car. you dumbass are soo funny.the hennesy viper will bet raped by the signal auto skyline or the veilside skyline ir the blitz skyline or the jun skyline, or the nismo skyline. u dumbasses make me laugh. LOL!<!-- Signature -->

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