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  1. I've probably owned more American Sports cars than most of you, and I still own one.

    I sold my '00 SS after driving a friends GTR at Fuji Raceway. I quickly realised how bad the Camaro handled. I could run a lap a quarter minute faster in his car (one I had no experience) than I could in my own. I felt a bit foolish for spending the money I did on my SS, especially when I learned he had paid only 14k for his.
    I still have my '67 L79...why would I sell it. I don't race's a classic.
    With the lone exceptions of the Z06 and Viper (which are both quite expensive), American cars just aren't there in terms of handling. They're built for straight line speed..and unfortunately for them, there are imports that are faster in straight lines AND in the corners.

    The U.S. auto industry would help itself immensely if it used it's revenue on the materials in the car, instead of paying the greedy unions for sittin on their ass in a coffee break.
  2. Hey eva, I never compared amercian vs european cars, we are talking about japanese cars, do you remember?.
    I never said that the Viper was a legend, it isn't, not yet, but soon. <!-- Signature -->
  3. And for you, boredup (are you bored? ha, a joke). Maybe American European and Japanese cars aren't one better than the other, maybe they're only different, like you and me. I prefer american ones, you prefer japanese ones, so I'm happy with my Firebird, and I hope you to be happy with you GTR.

    P.D.: I still hate japanese cars...<!-- Signature -->
  4. i know you weren't comparing american to european. but in your first line of comments you were talking about displacement and how europeans had v12's and v8's and all of that.

    the ferrari f40's engine size is only 0.2 litre bigger than this car but it uses a v8, so what's your point. the f50's engine size isn't horribly big, 4.7L. the 360 modena's engine size isn't much bigger than the nsx's, 3.6 vs. 3.2 L respectively. european cars incorporate much of the same high end technology as their japanese counterparts and in fact most of their performance cars utilize much of the same idealogy except with slightly larger engines.

    and i dont see how you get skylines and evo's mixed up. evos have four doors and skyline has two. the fascia is completely different as well and the sides. i dont see how you can get the two mixed up.

    besides did you even check the stats for this car? did you read anything about how powerful this engine and many of hte legendary japanese engines are? why do you complain that the skyline or japanese cars have 'small' engeins when many european car equivalents or superlatives you claim to have 'large' engines are not indeeed really that large? i fail to understand this.

    personally i do not enjoy as many american cars as i do with japnese and european counterparts because the companies are too caught up in their bureaucracy and shortsighted goals to pay attention to quality manufacturing. maybe then instead of firing employees and changing management they should lessen the number of 'brands' which are really starting to cloud their image built so long ago and actualy come out with some stellar performance cars!

    do you not finding it disappointing that the big 3 must constantly revitalize retro styling that is in many ways unchanged from its old predecessors? they've always managed to capture an audience, but only for 1 or 2 years and the fad just dies away. it isn't so with many retro-styled european cars. the z3, z8, 550 maranello, 456, porsche 911's, etc. are all based upon retro designs. do you tire of them as quickly as say a pt cruiser?
  5. I think I have the last word here... japanese cars sucks, european are great, american are the best.
  6. too bad its the wrong word. you complain about jap cars, but the difference between japanese and european cars is significantly less than that between european and american. in fact, american cars seem to be going with the trend of what's popular in the jpanese market. check out their best selling car (the focus!). what's one of the most highly anticipated cars? the dodge razor and the neon srt-4 (great cars in my opinion although the srt-4 would work with a LSD,better chassis and tires). and what's making news back here and in europe? the ford focus RS and a highly anticipated cosworth rally edition. not some stupid camaro or f-body (its dead!). could it be that american car companies finally figured out that higher tech engines, chassis, and suspensions might actually score with consumers?
  7. You mean the engine that Lambo made and was so unreliable that dodge fired them and made their own engine?

    You know how power is made? More air + More gas. The more displacement = more room for combustion. Shoving more compression in a small engine is doable, but not the best way to do things.
  8. you need to add slalom to that list.
  9. The Z06 does handle better than the S7, but the S7 has a ton more power and a better powerband. No way the S7 or the Z06 is garbage.

    as for the fatter tires thing, those are the tires they came with, stock for stock because modifying = not fair.
  10. Hey, unions have their purpose. Without unions greedy owners take advantage.

    Is this your '00 SS that dynoed at like 260 HP, probably bent a rod.

    besides, right now no sport compact is faster than the Dodge, Ford isn't a slouch either.
  11. Why do you always down the big 3? hp/l is just a fact, nothing else. Doesn't help you win anything. I could spout 50 cars that were thought of as legendary.

    With the displacement issue.....Are you calling American car engineers idiots, you with your vast knowledge know more than they do about engineering? There is a reason for everything they do, for instance...Why would you want a 1 liter 800 HP engine when you could have an 8 liter 800 HP engine. Two possible reasons, revs and weight. Why not? Because that 1 liter is under so much pressure compared to the 8 liter that it wouldn't last nearly as long. Plus the 1 liter is probably maxed out while the 8 liter has much room for improvment.
  12. Ok, 6th post in a row <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    The best selling cars were the Impala and the Taurus.

    I'm a consumer and I'd still rather have a stock F-body over 95% of Japanese stock cars out there today. What about the c6 corvette, thats being redesigned to be more appealing towards Europeans.
  13. 0-230mph in 6.4 seconds at 1/4 point (as of last known, they arn't letting out much info on this car, just like most high hp domestics out there)

    what's this about 0-210?mph in 13 seconds that's slow, let me spell it out, S L O W

    That looks like a camaro to me, and the liquid/air intercooler is in the passenger seat. Oh and skylines are not street legal and neither is this skyline. So it must play with the real big boys. lol
  14. here you go you animals, I forgot to add the pic

    and do you think this car stops at 230mph after 6.x seconds, hell no with the right gearing this thing would plow on up to and over 350mph and go airborn and kill the driver because only morons would try and top out a car like this.

    oh and it beats the blitz in hp/liter.
  15. all right. i wasn't counting sedans and stuff. the focus has been a great marketing strategy by american car companies. as to the c6 corvette, i've heard a lot of talk about it, but i haven't seen any pictures or anythign stats or anything. the corvette is one of the american cars that i like. all right true the f-body is faster than most japanese stock machines out there right now, but it is not sold anymore which certainly does implicate something, especially a car with such a heritage (dont get me wrong i like the OLD camaros and mustangs and stuff).
  16. lawofevolution.

    that machines looks like its in the company of nhra drag folks. i'm assuming its on slicks and is a dedicated drag racer. the skyline would rape that car on the track like nothing else.

    o and by the way can that camaro make 800-900 horsepower on stock block internals?

    funny how your name is lawofevolution and the car your pitting against the skyline uses outdated pushrod technology and is not even sold anymore...

    by the way the skyline is street legal. heard of motorex? they import and legalize it for you. the only thing that prevents it from being sold here is 1) the notion that american drivers do not cherish driving like that of other countries so nissan worries that there isn't enough people that have heard of the car or will want to purchase it (after all it is a financial gamble) 2)it is a right hand drive 3) they have to slightly alter the exhaust for emissions purposes... but like i said again, if you want you can buy it is legal here in the unitd states.

    and by the way 60-70% of all skylines sold in japan are sold pre-modified or are modified sometime during its ownership.
  17. I'll try to add one drawing that I think is beautiful, expecially the blue one.

    The F-Body pretty much died from its own strengths if you think about it. Its sales deteriorated because it had long doors, bad blind spot, hard to look up out of, ect. ect, and way too much power for the normal driver. The v6 just gave the crappiest of everything, subpar power which is what the F-body had going for it. Their production numbers further prove this, well over 50% of all camaros and firebirds made were V8's. The mustang on the other hand is a great all around car. Fair power, great looking, v6 option pretty much for most women.
  18. Don't do supid stuff with my name, it's annoying. And this car is as street legal as the skyline, take both to a sniffer and safety test and I'm sure the camaro will pass if the skyline passes

    and you don't know anything about the car's handleing abilities just as no one seems to know anything about my SS's handleing abilities. So don't assume. The stock 1LE SS will perform just as well as a same hp stock skyline on the road corse.

    The camaro in the pic is a turbo monster, they tend to have very stock like idle and pass emissions and safty standards. Boost level can be turned down and it can do all the same TRICKS the blitz people do in order to pass inspections. Think I don't know what's up, my single turbo z28 camaro passes inspections. Doesn't mean I can't unscrew a few bolts and open up a cutout and make it illegal again just for that extra 30-50 hp or so, and the big turbo mustangs and camaros also pass inspections, I've seen people claim their low 7 second turbo mustangs have inspection stickers and come to find out they do.

    You can't make 800-900 hp on the stock cast aluminum and iron internals because they are designed for NA only. But hey, neither can the skyline or supra, pretty pathetic for a forged motored car. Forged internals are inferior for NA use, thus they use lighter weight stuff that's not as strong. But put forged internals in it and it has more potential then the skyline engine easy.

    Someone asked me to show them a camaro, vett, or viper that can produce as much hp as the decked out skyline and I showed you a car that makes over twice the hp. Someone said something about 0-210mph in 13 seconds and I showed you a car that can do it in 0-230mph in 6.x seconds. Don't hate, just accept.
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    i'm not hating. never did i rag on american cars. i like american cars. i pretty much appreciate any type of car that has a lot of horsepower or looks great.

    but several things wrong with your statement.
    1) the skyline and supra actually can handle the 700-800 horsepower on stock internals. the trust skyline actually handles about 1089 horsepower on stock internals. the skyline can make about 400 horsepower on a simple chip change. you can even look at the motor trend article over the motorex skyline or go to there's a guy selling a personally modified 700+ horsepower supra that runs on stock internasl for about 52k.

    2) blitz doesn't do anything to the exhaust to make it street legal here. its motorex.

    3) i never questioned that the camaro was street legal. after all there are 'street tire' divisions in drag racing. what i said was it looked like it was in the company of nhra guys probably meaning that its a drag only car. on the other hand this blitz skyline is made for track racing. so of course to defend the f-body you pulled hte 'stock camaro could match a stock skyline. which brings me to the next point.

    4) the stock r-34 skyline is not only faster in a straight line than a stock camaro SS it handles better. why? well 4w steering one of the most technologically advanced awd systems (secondary only to the porsche psk system). it is able to hold with a ferrari F355 ( ididn't say beat, but able to keep up with one and pose a good threat to one). the camaro isn't exactly known for its handling. i evidence this with the fact that the camaro is not used in any form of road racing whatsoever. besides your picture is not a stock camaro, in fact it would handle significantly worse.

    5) i know your going to next ***** about the price of the skyline. in japan you can pick up a skyline for about 35k, and i've seen skyline engined silvias go for about 8000 dollars.
  20. considering most pro stock vehicles run in the high sixes and low sevens with horsepower figures in the 2500 range, i highly doubt that a low 7 second mustang is street legal. actually i dont need to assume that that camaro doens't handle good. i know. drag cars and track cars have very differnt suspension set ups. its pretty much a tradeoff. and what the #$%# do you mean 'tricks' to pass inspection. you know its pretty much possible to make any car pass emissions with the advent of the catalytic converter. if you knew how the converter works chemically perhaps you'd know that. i'm not hating. i'm being factual.

    now can you?
  21. Hey, the SS in my garage is setup for road racing from the factory. It's an option from the factory and it can hang with high end cars all day long on the road corse given the same hp, you need to get out more. Granted the 1LE option is not very common, I figured most people would have seen one on the autox and road corses at least by now.

    Anyway, yes in fact about the 7 second mustang the quote from the guys mouth were "through the cats, through the mufflers with an inspection sticker". The pro stock people have too many restrictions, it's a joke. They put lots of restrictions on the turbo cars, so that the nitrous cars can compete, because in the real world the nitrous only cars simply can't make as much hp/weight as the turbo cars and yes the nitrous drag racers whine like little beotches. and while the guys running turbos sleep at night the nitrous racers are up all night changing out their fried pistons for the next day.

    The supra can handle around 700rwhp on stock small block.
    and the skyline can't even make 700whp on stock internals.
    Hey, that's not too bad anyway.

    Yeah you can turn up the boost for a one time dyno on stock motor and risk it but all the guys that run these cars every day don't do that without risk of blowing it up. and lots of supra guys blow their motors, just like everyone else because they push them to far without opening up the mota.

    So my point is: You internet thugs might worship the skyline all day long, like it came from heaven, but after all it's just another car. and as far as potential performance as a whole, the v8 crowd, who are just now starting to get very interrested in turbos, have a lot more room to improve in the future as hardly anyone has totally maxed out the performance of a v8, except for a few 2500+rwhp drag cars.
  22. uh you must not read very well. you are essentially writing the same post even though real evidence proves the contary. trust has a 1000 horse skyline that runs on stock block internals. there is an entire website who's name i provided in which most of the people drive their supras daily and all have supras above 500 horses. the top 10 in fact have supras running 700+whp on stock block internals. blowing a motor to my knowledge is usually the result of someone running an extra lean ratio or being stupid and running waaaayyy too much boost.

    i know people like their cars, but facts are facts, the camaro is not that good of a car to be running on a road track. unless you somehow think that new technology essentialy does nothing for cars in terms of power production and handling, you can assume this if you want. i will guarantee you will get spanked by a person with a better car.

    what you are essentially saying is. the ultimate performance car is the camaro and/or mustang simply because. 1) you claim to be able to outperform any high price car (european ,japnese, or high end american) 2)since the camaro and mustang can be modified to be street legal 7 seconders, no car on earth can compete with them at the strip 3)buying anything else than these two cars results in a mark of stupidity becaues you wasted your money.

    your being close minded and stupid. like i said the skyline can handle more than 700 horsepower on stock block internals and there are so many examples of this that i can't even list them all.
  23. Dodge SVS Viper Stryker Twin Turbo will eat this Skyline in any moment, any place and in any track, in straight line or in a circuit. Who can beat 993 hp and 1142 lb/ft of torque??, many cars, but not a Skyline, not a japanese car. And like SVS Twin Turbo, there are lots of american and european cars than can easily beat this. You know it's true.
  24. you have any idea how easy it is to make a GTR pass U.S. emissions tests? Did it occur to you that Japanese emission regs are more strict than the U.S. ...or CARB?

    By the way, I received a message not five days ago saying a GTR in Australia ran four quarter passes and was subsequently placed on a dyno, pushing 723 AWHP on an ENTIRELY stock block...including head gasket.

    Show me an SS that can run the Nordschliefe in under 8:40, and I MIGHT believe it can handle almost as well as the GTR.
  25. chevy wouldn't dare run a camaro in lemans. there was a skyline in lemans at least. it didnt' do too badly for a car that had a very low budget. i think it came in 10th or something of the sort. is the stryker viper a prodution car? cuz i know vipers that surpass the one model german tuned giwasa viper that makes 1200 bhp. well you know there's that r32 drag skyline that makes 1230 i guess that would beat the svs stryker viper. i aint saying the skyline ist he best car. i'm just stating the facts. i knot he skyline can be beaten.

    but there is no such thing as a street legal 7 second mustang no matter how you put it. and there is no camaro that is supposedly a road racing car. thats just bullshit.

    you mentioned that prostock restricts a lot of things. the standard pro stock cars restrict yes a lot of things which shows in the fact that they're technology development is pretty much a standstill these days with everyone running the same speed. but in any case the cars weight significantly less than stock camaros. fibreglass bodies. tube chassis and produce astronomical horsepower (2500hp+) and use gigantic drag slicks. physics are physics regulations merely keep it so there is competition or something to that nature. regulations do not stop rivers from mashing the the throttle and going as fast as they want and with 2500+hp and a very lightweiht body, the average times for pro stock fall in teh 6.8-6.9. and your trying to tell me that a street legal mustang can run low 7's? get out of here and dont embarass yourself please.

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