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  1. stop lying
  2. you better not be talking about me.
  3. This motor that was in a skyline has 1300 HP thats pretty damn good!
  4. ooook, i just wanted to say, that here in america we have ignorant people who just loooove huge gas guzzling high ridin mullet mobiles. if its american they like it, just for patriotisms sake, as one memeber mentioned. from my personal observations i have notice that young guys who know very little about cars like american, and old guys who only know american. i personally love a nice japanese or european sports car, nothing competes. for your information, street legal rx7s are running 9 second 1/4mi on street tires with barely more than 500hp, and supras are running near 8 seconds on street tires. there are skylines in japan that run solid mid 8 second passes in street trim with street tires. and also without a lowtech engine that american cars like to reuse ever year since who knows when. i admit cobras and gt 40s were great cars but no headway has been made since then, vettes are still using almost the same engine since its debut in the late 50s. if you argue about american superiority in the automotive arena, look at who has more skilled and renown engineers. its the germans and the japanese.
  5. Why is it that japs can't build powerful n/a engines ?

    I believe that the most powerful stock n/a jap car is the Type-R with some 200hp...what the hell is that?
  6. okay i agree with this on some points but THE BEST CAR IN THE WORLD? i don't think u guys realize the that the mclaren and ferrari and bugatti are still around This forum has got to the forum wit da' most retarded posters (myself excluded).
  7. Nissan President....4.5L V8....415HP. I think the Japanese can build N/A engines just fine.

    Even the S2000 makes 240HP with a 2L.

    Or how about the RB26DE 280HP in a 2.6L N/A...that was back in 91 or 2. In that same year...the Corvette was only making 240HP out of a 350CI engine. What's up with that?!
  8. You do realize that Japan has HP restriction right? Maybe it should be had, not sure. I think they lifted the ban quite a while ago...
  9. its not a written agreement. the skyline actually makes about 315hp as do various lancers. the supra as you know doesn't make 280, it makes 320, as does the mitsu 3000gt. the 300zx makes more than 280 in its special edition versions. anyhow it is rumored that they will officailly break it very soon. look for the next lexus IS430 (v8 with 430 horsepower recently spotted at the nurburging track testing). the upcoming supra update might be called hte 5000GT (based on the legendary 2000GT). it will either be running a v8 or a v-12 (base engine comes from a limousine they have in japan). there are some supras running tundra v8's and stuff like that. who the hell cares. i like if it goes fast.
  10. #110 venomGTR, Jan 30, 2003
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 25, 2016, this is a skyline capable of 1500hp + and running in the 8 second bracket. it makes 555bhp per litre, which is BETTER than what the most extreme top fuel dragsters make that use nitromethane and exotic fuels.
    They don't use NOS or methanol for that either, just race gas. for supras - the top car on the site makes around 1050hp at the flywheel on a internally stock engine.

    a supra did 250mph + and bonneville recently, a skyline did 246mph

    any questions?
  11. HAHAHAHA...Man you people are (@#%$^@#) (@^#^@&). Come to the main forums and you will be eating alive....HAHAHAHA

    edit: some of you reg's are excluded.
  12. I think I'm now stupider from reading a couple of posts in here.
  13. Jun Auto R33 Skyline, 0-60 2.7 seconds, 0190mph, 12.8 seconds. nuff sed biatch

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