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  1. Well guys, as for the Elise, guess what..this is the engine they stick into it for some pro-racing circuits =P
    Reason why HP is so low for this engine is cuz look @ it's displacement and size!! This engine is only a 3.5L!!

    But over all, this car does not suck. If you've ever driven a Lotus before you'll know. These cars stick like glue on the road in some hairy situations where even a 911T with AWD will #$%# up.
    The ligth weight, right amount of power and suspensions kicks ass for cornering. And yes, this car can and will kill a 360 or 355 even though they have a larger V8.

    The Lotus engines also sound extremely sweet and smooth compared to the Ferrari =)
    This car is not really a drag strip car, straight lines it'll get killed, but through some corners in, and you'll need something that handles like a WRX or GT car to keep up =)

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  2. I think taht this car is way to boring for a 2002 car.
    Judged onlyt by looks of course !<!-- Signature -->
  3. i love the look of this car and gentlmen i dont think any car can top the preformance of a lotus car. Go lotus ( and for god's sake put at least a V6 in the elise )<!-- Signature -->
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EvilNinjaMoby</i>
    <b>Does anyone on this site have any knowledge of cars?!??! For gods sakes... this thing is still pretty quick. 2nd for the idiot who said put an 8 in it at least.. IT IS A FLIPPING 8 cyl. 3rd. for the putz above, if using a car ( which I can assume you dont actually own)is the only way you canget girls.... lol.. your more of a loser than I already think you are. And you say Corvette like its bad thing... watch the GTS class LeMans... can you tell me what did a 1-2 finish... C5R... Ferrari what?

    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->[email protected] think the same thing.....does anyone of these dimwits have any knowledge OR have been in such cars as this?! I mate has a V8 SE, and that is a WEAPON!! It only runs 4lbs. boost stock which is NOTHING in reality.....he just got it boosted to 12lbs. and it can smoke them up in 4th at 70km/h (44mph)now, he could do it in 3rd when it was stock!!......I'd like to see the 360 Modena's do that!! We were hitting through hairpins at 90-100km/h (55-65mph) with no sweat...I couldn't believe the grip level in it!! Like to see a Viper or something equal go around at that speed!! A stock 12.2sec 1/4 mile time also proves it's a #$%#ing weapon. So get your facts straight the ladies who diss the Lotus, my dream car was the 911 turbo, till I went for a ride in the SE, now it's a tie between them. It's THAT GOOD!! C yas!! Mafs!!<!-- Signature -->
  5. said it man..
    I so totally agree =)

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  6. Hehe..coolz =)
    Some people actually agree with me =)
    Lotus makes kickass cars eh? I usually race one with a friend of mine @ nite. Kicks the shit outta all the other cars, but has a bit of trouble against Porsches, but I don't blame it =P
    We're running @ nearly 1/2 price =P
    And no mods either. Stock Esprit =)

    And yep, I too have almost got wrecked by another car who lost control, but thanx to Lotus's lightweight, handling and proper amount of power, I did a swerve that I would never ever attempt in anything else cept a S4 or WRX =)

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  7. To tell you the truth I wanted to quote someone from this forum, but there's so much bullshit written here that I don't think I'll have the space to do that. Everyone who has written that this car is uncapable at any point is TOTALLY wrong. Let's see what we have here: a car that's been around for 30 (I ask you) years and is still able to outgun ANY Ferrari, no matter which track you choose to do this. And everyone who most foolishly has written that the design is not good shloud seriously re-consider his opinion. The design of the Esprit has hardly changed since its first day and you can't deny that it looks damn nice even today. So much better than a lot of the ugly concepts that every manufacturer is trying to produce (take Mercedes' last concept for example). Beautiful, dramatic lines. So, those of you who I've mentioned, please think again, because you're looking at a sport car legend that has soldiered on for so long not because the company cannot produce a replacement but because it's so enormously great that one isn't necessary, actually.
  8. Miroslav is right up to a point. Lotus might well be replacing the Esprit at some point in the future. According to an artical in Autocar it is planning to make a family of new models based on the M250.
  9. It's juz a plain direct rip off frm ferrari.Those 4 rear round lights.<!-- Signature -->
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Scuderium</i>
    <b>This new members know shit about cars, please proceed to the forum for some knowledge before throwing your shits here.

    Both the 360 and 355 demolish the Esprit.

    The 360 is lighter than the 355.

    This particular Esprit is NOT turboed.

    etc......</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    You have just proven that you know shit about this car - less than newbies. You talk like a newbie with your unconditional love for ferarris and nothing else. Lotus makes only one V8 and it is a twin turbo.(i.e. this one) Lotus haven't made an NA Esprit for over 10 years now.
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 550Barchetta</i>
    <b>What else is there to say. The lack of power, speed, and all around performance attributes to its suckiness as well as cheap price. If you want a poor man's sportscar then this is your calling. However, if you are in need of real performance, speed, handeling, looks, and a car that will get you some ladies, then do not get this car. You would probably have more luck in a Ford Focus, then this car. So, I say to you today my fellow supercars fanatics, if you have no cash you get no flash, and you get a car like this, which in my words is somewhere between a corvette and a camaro with a price 2-3 times the price of each car. Basically do not buy this car, you would be better of with this liikes of a porsche 911 or even a viper, if you are the American car lover. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->I love ferraris, but actually I dun think this car SUX. It may not perform better and more reliable than porsche or ferrari, but it's one of the real supercars icons, even the design is getting old.

  12. Funny that when it sucks so bad I still manage to drive the 350 varient of it round circuits faster than a Ferrari 355 and 360. Not as fast along the straight but a damn sight faster round corners.

    But then again, the Elise beats Ferrari's on a track due to the handling.

    I'll stick with the Lotus rather than an overweight car.

    *BTW..I have nothing against Ferrari BTW. I just think they have lost the plot a bit since the Dino...*

  13. I dun really trust you can beat a 360 or even 355 with an Esprit. Only happens when the ferrari's driver is crap or something.
    An elise is really light-weight, of course it handles corner better than ferraris (may be), Ferrari is not the same car, I mean it's hard to compare Lotus with Ferraris. But I really love Ferraris because its heritage and tradition.
    My preference: Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo, Audi, McLaren
  14. Not a Toyota Supra from the 80's anymore

    Espirit... nice car... even this one.... but played out.... Lotus makes sports cars right? Well then DUH!!! Make the car do something when you plant your foot on that pedal! And also...... put out fresh new ideas!!! instead of having the same design for nearly 30 years!!! I think the Elise should have a bigger engine... love its look... it's super light! and handles so amazingly well... come on... put at least an 8 in that baby!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  15. Not a Toyota Supra from the 80's anymore

    Espirit... nice car... even this one.... but played out.... Lotus makes sports cars right? Well then DUH!!! Make the car do something when you plant your foot on that pedal! And also...... put out fresh new ideas!!! instead of having the same design for nearly 30 years!!! I think the Elise should have a bigger engine... love its look... it's super light! and handles so amazingly well... come on... put at least an 8 in that baby!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  16. Well, I've never driven something I would classify as an exotic (I own a '91 Stealth R/T TT with many upgrades I'm currently installing myself) but the Esprit V8 would definately be high on my list of desireable cars.

    There are a few things you seem to be overlooking here, it is a very potent, powerful mid-engined supercar, faster than an F360 (from a standstill, if not in the top-end) for a lot less.

    There is also the upgradeability. I can tell you from years of experience with turbocharged cars that nothing is as versatile to upgrade and drive. They make tons of power from less displacement, improving fuel economy by quite a bit, and they are SO EASY to make more power with. Making 400hp out of an Esprit V8 Turbo would probably cost me about fifty bucks.

    All you need to do to make more power is increase boost, add more fuel and remove a ceartain amount of heat from the intake charge.

    With a relatively mild turbo upgrade, new injectors, intercoolers, water injection, and ECU tuning, that car would make INCREDIBLE power with reasonable safety without ever opening up the engine. On the order of 500hp, while getting the same fuel economy (when driven normally) as it did with 350hp. ON PUMP GAS!

    Why do you think a Porsche turbo will gain 65hp with a simple chip? Turbo management.

    People also complain about turbo lag... The Esprit V8 TT has a high compression ratio (for a turbo car) similar to that of the Porsche Turbo so that extreme low-end power suffers minimally (and that's at a point that is never used during driving). Fact, turbos make MUCH more torque MUCH sooner and for a MUCH broader range than a naturally aspirated (or supercharged) car. My car reaches its torque peak of 307ft lbs (stock) at 2500 rpm and holds it flat to 5k. This can also be artificially increased by increasing boost in the high end so that one could make peak torque from 2.5k to 6.5k rpm. Minimizing lag is as easy as adding free-flowing exhaust and insulated turbo headers. Removing catalysts helps A LOT.

    I'm expecting around 450hp from my Stealth TT and similar longevity to what it had from the factory (it drove strong for 173k miles before I rebuilt the engine and trans). That's from a 3.0L V6.

    -Chris Wood

    P.S. I have heard that Lotus has some quality control problems. No idea if this has any truth... They REALLY need to get rid of the popups and change the nose a little on the Esprit V8 TT too.

    P.P.S. What's this with a 5-speed manual? Is this accurate? It really should have a 6-speed.
  17. What do you mean this car is underpowered. Look at the numbers(even they aren't here) they speak for themselves. 0-60 is no more than 4 seconds, and a 187 mph top speed is pretty good. THis car will also out handle anything thrown against it. This is true for all Lotus'. The ELise Sport 190 beats a Viper ACR around a track (with just 190 hp) Get my point, ponnies don't matter that much. There is MUCH MUCH more to a sports car than hp!!!!!!!
  18. I disagree, ive always liked the Esprit look.... I'd take this car any day, its got style. Gotta hand it to the Poms, they make some great cars. *cough Jags cough* <IMG SRC="">
  19. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Laske1</i>
    <b>I think taht this car is way to boring for a 2002 car.
    Judged onlyt by looks of course !</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Yes, I like this car, but it's really boring...
  20. I totally disagree with 550Barchetta, and here's 3 reasons:
    1.The Lotus Esprit was, is, and always will be a kick-ass car, even if the top speed and hp doesnt live up to Ferrari standards
    2.How do u think 2 of my uncles got married? They sure as hell didn't have Ferraris, thats for sure.One had a 1988 Lotus Esprit, and the other had a Esprit Sport 350(which btw, could beat a Ferrari any day)
    3.I doubt u have ever driven a Ferrari, 550Barchetta. Hey, here's an idea, get a Ferrari, challenge a Lotus owner on a track, and prepare to get ur ass kicked! That's all I have to say
  21. I've driven a 550. I dun really want to say it's for racing, more like touring =)
    Has gobs of power to take off, but then it's equally heavy. But the engine note is pretty sweet =)
    Also the 550 suffers alot from it's hight center of gravity...not good = (

    Anyhow....LOTUS RULES!! Shitloads of ponies from a V8 the size of a I-4 =P

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  22. First of all lets consider the price. Do you know one Ferrari that even goes below 100 grand today. I sure don't. This thing only costs 70 k. The cheapest Ferrari is twice that. Becides all this, it could whip all Ferrari's (Currently build) on a track. You have anything to say. I know you are probably speachless.
  23. Re: Not a Toyota Supra from the 80's anymore

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from swisskid</i>
    <b> I think the Elise should have a bigger engine... love its look... it's super light! and handles so amazingly well... come on... put at least an 8 in that baby!!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Why would you put an 8 in an Elise? There's a reason why you stick w/ the I4. I believe it's called HANDLING. There are 2 things that the Elise does lack though, and that's torque and top speed. I don't really care about top speed(Unless it's really low)because you will never reach it(legally)on the road. But more torque would definitely be a plus. The Elise is one of da phattest carz in tha world.<!-- Signature -->
  24. This is a pretty decent car, but come on! A ferrari?!?! Even if it can beat the 550 Barchetta on the track, you can't even compare this old and tired looking lotus to a real man's car...FERRARI!... if you want to say it is a good car fine, but don't go bashing Ferrari cause' you can't afford one!

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