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  1. id get the rotor. Everyone says their unreliable. But im better they've never owned or spent a lot of time with one. I used to own one and one of my best mates had one too. They are definantly a quick bit of kit with an exaust and a single turbo job. It would handle the best being a light weight too. I know there are quick supra's, but nothing revs harder than a rotor. As long as you look after it and get it regularly serviced it'd be fine. Mine was, so was my mates.
  2. For pure acceleration and street power, get the RX-7. However, the supra will beat vipers and get you more appeal for show.
  3. pfft...

    mmmk, now for a REAL suggestion...

    The following highly modified R33 Gts-t was bought on order for a customer yesterday for 830,000 yen FOB (and is not for sale). It is simply an example of the vehicles that we can and do locate for our customers on an ongoing basis. The total cost in Australia is estimated to be $20,900 plus tyres, Govt. stamp duty and registration (normal licensing costs for any vehicle). Shipping, import duties, GST, compliance and our service fee are all included in this estimate.

    Details of the vehicle:

    1994 R33 GTS-t Skyline
    5 speed
    White with black bonnet
    84,500 kms
    340kw at the wheels (Genies Dyno-Dynamics 4w Dynometer)
    400m = 12.34 @ 122mph (Motorplex 800' amsl)
    GReddy TD06 high mount turbo
    GReddy piping into big Blitz front mount intercooler
    HKS air pod
    Sequential blow off valve (BOV)
    Trust 3" Mandrell Bent to 5" tip
    Aftermarket suspension
    Blitz boost controller
    APEXi boost gauge
    HKS turbo timer
    Kenwood/Alpine cd stacker stereo
    Momo steering wheel
    Sparco racing seat
    18" AVS gold wheels
    FRP carbon fibre bonnet
    Spec-2 headlights

    This was a tidy Skyline R33 GTS-T (Single turbo) bought by one of my friends through Prestige Motorsport Australia. It is a comfortable 12second car... and while not the fastest import around, it sure was a hellof a good buy. With performance and looks, not to mention style and head-turning qualities, this car (dare I say it) may have been a better alternative to buying a GTR. The one I bought was $AU25k so approx $US12.5k, and it just keeps up with this rocket and looks pretty damn good.

    *Bear in mind most of the HKS or Trust tuned GTRs are fitted with a single Trust T88 monster replacing the factory spec Garret T28s turbos.

    Ok... bottom line: get one similar to this from Japan for $US10k (the $AU20k estimate is all inclusive of the car and getting it to Australia, may be a bit more in the US but very little, maybe $AU1-2k)

    then you have $US40k to spend (if $50k is ur budget) on other shit, like an old bronco and a ski boat, with wakeboard gear... Heyal Yeah!!<!-- Signature -->
  4. I would get the vette, that would be a really cool car that not many people have, and 800hp, that would smoke almost everything on the road. Second choice would be the supra, because their rare and fast initial cost is high and up keep is alot. Third choice is the 300zx TT there fast and you could get a lot of mods for it. The other cars I wouldn't even consider.
  5. get the Supra
  6. NinjaAssaultSquadElite just no.

    First off think-RWD

    we all know what is better<!-- Signature -->
  7. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from tiger005</i>
    <b>NinjaAssaultSquadElite just no.

    First off think-RWD

    we all know what is better</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Man youre dumb. Like Cream said, yup its RWD<!-- Signature -->
  8. If there is one thing I would NOT buy a Stealth for, it would be handling. If you really want a great handling car, buy the RX-7 or MR2. Just my $0.02 .
    -Pyro Pat
  9. DAMN **** AOL<!-- Signature -->

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