Re: Imagine this car with N.O.S. ehehehe

Discussion in '1912 Hispano-Suiza Alfonso XIII' started by ViNcE, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. No<!-- Signature -->
  2. you know what, thats ok, i wont
  3. It would be just like every other honda civic in my town with nos. Reeeeeeevvvv.... BOOOOOM! No thanks its just fine the way it is. <!-- Signature -->
  4. GOD DAMMIT!! Who the hell would put NOS (nitrous oxide systems!) on a
    pricless vintage!!! Its a waste of money, a waste of NO2, and it dest-
    -roys the car!!<!-- Signature -->
  5. i would put as much g*d dam* nos on this thing as is possible!!!!
    i think that it would be pretty cool to see this thing throw a rod!
  6. oh yeah felix.. one thing nos doesnt stand for nitrous oxide SYSTEMS.. its a mixture of atoms meanin 2 atoms of nitrous and 1 of oxygen making NOS<!-- Signature -->
  7. imagine no>><!-- Signature -->
  8. HAHAHAHAHA, yeah, add N.O.S. on the Hispano-Suiza it will be cool! Maybe you should add a r!icer spoiler too!
  9. Well, we can clearly see who failed chemistry. dumbass

  10. Re: Imagine this car with N.O.S. ehehehe

    This topic sucks..shut up you dumb NOS lover!

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