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Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by fenix4116, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from AutoFreak</i>
    <b>Honda sucks? I own a Honda Prelude and if Honda sucks then all the Camaros, Firebird, and Mustang must be worse because I am sick of beating them everytime they tried to act like they're all that on the road thinking that with a big V8 engine, they think they can just beat me like that. They might be very fast on the straight road but come on, racing is not all about just going straight. I have driven a Mustang before on the track, yes, I agree it is fast but only on the straight road, the car feels nervous when it comes on turns. You people who put down cars like Honda are very ignorant. I understand everyone have their own opinion and likes. It's great that you like your American muscle cars but don't come in Honda forum and start writing all these stupid nonsense saying that Honda sucks. If you don't like Hondas then why are you looking at Honda Civic Type R page? I don't go looking at the Ford Mustang page and trash the car. I like all kind of cars whether it's American, Japanese, or European. I think each has their own good. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Yeah, but..........a Honda would NEVER whoop a camaro.<!-- Signature -->
  2. I'm sick of beating Firebirds in my Prelude? HAHAHAHAHAHA I think my son beat you on his bike? Was that your Prelude?
  3. LOL you guys are all funny. you come in this forum, which is about this car. not camaros, etc, but a CTR. and then you bring up stupid points because you dont like it. god forbid you go to the camaro forums and actually DISCUSS the CAR. if you werent so insecure, then why come in here to constantly defend your own cars? i love this car. you can call me all the names you want. my THEORY about small anatomical parts was just that, a THEORY, not applicable to all. but you get offended, of course. i am laughing my ass off, because you get so upset over this. but hey, admit you have a small dick, i dont really want to know, but if youre proud, then more power to you. LOL. ive said a million times that i like domestic cars just fine. euro cars too. japanese are my favorite, and im sorry if that makes you defensive. want to know why i said the word redneck? because i live in middle tennessee, and there are a HELL of a lot around here. hell, half of them are my family, and i love them to death. my uncle's favorite cap is one with a big confederate flag on it, and he drives a damned 70 something ford truck. but around here, most people that are driving a 5.0 look like a redneck, just like my uncle. they are cool as hell, nothing wrong with it. you can call me a punk college kid, and i dont care. its just a name, and i know what is true and what isnt.

    rthompson- dont flatter yourself. it was a generalization. i wasnt talking about you, so dont fret.

    94formula- i agree. i hate SLOW ricers of any car make. we are on the same page there.

    fenix- bring it, big dog.
    murfreesboro, TN
    we can race on SR840 - like an interstate, but barren, and no cops. i could call to check beforehand though, just in case. and because my car is heavily modded is good, because thats my hobby. i never asked you to like it, because i dont care. i also want a 69 chevelle. but import tuning is my hobby. damn right you could win versus my stock civic VX with 102 hp. <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  4. Josh6474, you are full of it!! I agree with AutoFreak. I like all kind of cars too and each have their own good. I have a prelude, civic, NSX, and a Cadillac. I ain't one of those rice boy with they slow ass jap cars full of bullcrap stickers, I hate them too, they annoyed the hell out of me. Josh6474, a prelude will always beat any firebirds out there depending on the driver, if you own one, maybe we can try it out and see who's better? If you are serious about it, I'll tell where I am located and we can go to the track. You people who talk too much sh*t about honda are full of it. I have friends that own firebirds, camaros, mustangs,and vette, they all agree with me. They are big, strong, crazy torque, very fast on the straight road but when it comes to a racing on a twisty roads, those cars ain't that responsive due to heavy weight of the car but that doesn't mean it's bad. If I want to drag race or top speed racing, I will not use or work my honda because I know no matter what those big blocks V8 will kick my ass. You see, I am not putting down american cars. I am 39 years old, I grew up racing those american V8. I am sick of looking at these V8 owners that comes into a jap cars page and start talking sh*t about jap cars, that's why I am being very defensive right now. No offense to any domestic V8 owners, I am not trying to put down american cars but please, don't talk too much sh*t if you don't know what you are talking about.
  5. On a road track the car with the better total package of handling and acceleration... The facts are that the regular Z28 has beat the Boxter S on a road track and the Camaro SS beat the S2000 and Boxter S in another road track comparison.... Small Block V8's aren't the clumsy bloated cars that you make them out to be. A prelude will not "ALWAYS beat a Firebird"... in fact they are not really that close in any aspect but gas milage... How old are these firebirds, camaros, mustangs,and vette that your friends own??? if they are old... well yeah they don't handle up to modern day standards, if they are newer then i just have to say... did they ever race them on a road track? The new ones (especially the Vette) are quite good handling for the weight. Weight doesn't necessarily mean bad handling, look at the 3000 GT VR4. Heavy and yet it is AWESOME handling.<!-- Signature -->
  6. RThompson, I am not saying that domestic cars are bad. Have you also noticed that you are comparing a 4 banger S2000 with a 320hp V8 Camaro Z28? The lap time is very close to each other. As with the prelude beating the firebirds, well, a prelude is much easier to drive than a firebirds. Most of my friends love road racing with their car. I have seen them doing a couple of hot laps with their cars and doing a decent lap time but I also ran the prelude with them for a couple of laps, some lap their time is faster and some lap their time is slower than mine. Well, it's true that the firebirds can be faster but it's not as easy to drive as the prelude. If a prelude can get beat or beat the firebirds, that's already good enough due that the prelude only comes with a 200hp 4 banger.We are not a professional car drivers but we know that we can race our car very well. I have been doing road racing for over 20 years and so does my friends. I myself was having a hard time beating the firebird on the track, it's not easy due to a slower pick up speed on the straight for the prelude but I managed to get near or pass them on the turns without a problems. They don't own old firebirds, camaros, and vette. You see, the new Z06 is an awesome car, I know that no prelude out there can pass or beat the Z06 on the track, that's why I am not comparing it with that car but firebirds and camaros do not handles as well or near the Z06.
  7. I do realize that i am comparing the I4 of the S2000 to a V8 of the Camaro. I consider the S2000 the best track car from Japan under $35,000. The Camaro is not meant to be a track car, but it still puts up very respectable times, in fact it beat the S2000 which i consider to be a better track car than the Prelude, the RWD does help it a lot in that respect. <!-- Signature -->
  8. maybe ive found the single problem that starts so many arguments in these forums. to compare cars, we must agree on what to compare. i agree that its quite impressive that such a small engine can keep up with a camaro on a road course, but its also a great point that the cost is about the same. so really i guess there is no answer. i dunno.<!-- Signature -->
  9. buzz your words are as ugly as your mothers face.I have a job not like your 400 pound ass who sits in his panties eating rotin chicken and playing on the internet all day.Your just some boarder jumper who saw the "fast and the furious" 12 times and jacks of about 6 times a day.Your nothing more than a piece of trash living off medicare and burger king.

    if the above info is right please respond.
  10. okay ill respond, but only to correct all the incorrect statements you just made, hence, you are wrong (YET AGAIN) and this response is merely to respond to your childish statements above.

    hehe, i have a job that i work 40 hours a week as a restarant manager. i also take a full load of schoolwork as well, and i am also engaged and will be married in june. its funny how when you know how stupid you really are, and i point it out to you, you come back with crap such as this:

    "buzz your words are as ugly as your mothers face.I have a job not like your 400 pound ass who sits in his panties eating rotin chicken and playing on the internet all day.Your just some boarder jumper who saw the "fast and the furious" 12 times and jacks of about 6 times a day.Your nothing more than a piece of trash living off medicare and burger king."

    interesting how you know all this and have never met or seen me. i think that you were describing your self there. the horrible use of the english language that you exhibit in every post only makes this more obvious. i mean come on... "ROTIN"?! and whats a boarder jumper? ive seen the fast and furious twice. first to see it and second to laugh at it. medicare? i probably pay your medicare. interesting how someone could live such as you described and yet live in the sixth richest per capita county in the USA. not too damned bad eh?

    jealousy's a *****, aint it odin?

    derr err err respond if i am right derr err err.
    <!-- Signature -->
  11. HA!!!!!!!!! i knew it you are a 400 pound piece of trash.
  12. wow two idiots that are trying to insult me. ow ow ow the insulting insults. the only insult i see is the ones that you both give to your mothers everytime you walk through the door. your conception will remain a mystery, because it seems as if only 10% of your brains were formed at birth. here let me help with some "starter" insults, other than "restarant manager hahahahah" (because thats really stupid)

    your mom is like a baseball, tossed around from man to man.

    your mom is like a bowling ball. fingered, guttered, and still comes back for more.

    your mom is like a stop sign, seen on every street corner.

    there. i heard those from a cook. not too great, but good for you beginners. odin, you need a LOT of work. before i start trying to insult people, i would just try and jump start some activity in that squirrel sized brain of yours. try jumper cables. hell something. anything. please.<!-- Signature -->
  13. Hey i though this was a Honda forum not a lets bash buzzbomber and then let him ake fools out of us forum?<!-- Signature -->
  14. buzz is just a punk ass bicth who got picked on in high school everday.
  15. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from chevy freak</i>
    <b>buzz is just a punk ass bicth who got picked on in high school everday.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> hehe, in high school, i was the KING, my friend. i had more friends than you have acquaintances.

    at least i made it through high school. at least i dont get picked on at work because IM THE BOSS, and not the premier burger flipper or busboy. at least i dont get excited when i get a "raise" up to 5.35 an hour. i get paid to go to college, fool. you'll be lucky to even get hired anywhere other than jack in the box. i hope for your sake they have a 401k plan. <!-- Signature -->
  16. i think your full a bullshit i mean your always loged on you never leave im starting to belive odin that your a piece of shit with no life.
  17. you can think what you want. im always logged on because i never log off. idiot. i get on here for a max of 30 minutes each night after work. you are the one that cant say anything but "ooh i think your full of shit." if you would read some of odin's other posts, you would see that he is very similar to you. are you guys lovers or something? neither of you can spell, punctuate properly, or even make a decent comeback. its quite pitiful you know.<!-- Signature -->
  18. You guys are both idiots. (shakes head)<!-- Signature -->
  19. BUZZBOMBER, tell all of us now, are you a riceboy or not?
    Sometimes you seem like one, sometimes you don't.<!-- Signature -->
  20. yo, you guys are just losers, this is a honda forum remember?
  21. you guys are just assholes who dont have anything else to do on your online time and spend it dissing each other. PATHETIC!
  22. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from flamehead</i>
    <b>you guys are just assholes who dont have anything else to do on your online time and spend it dissing each other. PATHETIC!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    They're pathetic? You're pathetic for making stupid posts. Do you really think that everyone in the forum is going to all of a sudden stop flaming each other? Everyone will just be friends right?

    Hey, remember when I called you an incompetent, inbred son of a *****? I take that back, because Flamehead said that that was bad....

    Besides, I think its funny to watch people fight.<!-- Signature -->

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