Re: Is this street legal?

Discussion in '1999 Leblanc Caroline' started by Atreiu, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Is this street legal?

    Is this street legal?
  2. I doubt it. This car is faster than the McLaren F1 in terms of acceleration, thus making it illegal since McLaren is the fastest ongoing road car.
  3. yes it is

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    Yes it is street legal in switzerland and most foreign countries however if someone had the idea of bringing one into the US dont count on it being as fast as it would elsewhere due to the fact that the US has strict laws against that sort of thing. Also this car has stock turbos on it, if you were to upgrade the turbos, intake, exhaust, etc. with parts you can get from (Which currently has a turbo that is rated at 500hp and street legal called the ETE42.)

    it would beat virtually every "PRODUCTION" car on the face of this earth as it already has the 2nd fastest 0-60 time being "stock" following that of the 1994 Dauer 962 LeMans with its 2.6 second 0-60 time which you can see on this very same forum. Also note that the turbos and everything else are stock from Leblanc on this car meaning that nothing has been upgraded, yet its the 2nd fastest 0-60 car in the world. As for EvilNinjaMoby who stated the corvette callaway sledgehammer is the fastest, it isnt - it is the fastest car, not the fastest "production car" in the world, being that only 1 was produced and its 0-60 time is a pathetic 3.6 seconds, also i highly doubt that it will ever be raced let alone driven again since john lingenfelter is currently busy on other projects and has been for a number of years so it will lose its record as being the fastest car. There is a limit of 100 cars to be made to be qualified as a "production car" which Mclaren was right on the line when they produced 100 Mclaren F1's and stopped making them. So sorry to say EvilNinjaMoby but your favored callaway corvette sledgehammer wont hold its record for very long, it will eventually have the holy hell spanked out of it by a foreign car. Who knows the 1999 Leblanc Caroline might be the one to do it.
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    <b>As for EvilNinjaMoby who stated the corvette callaway sledgehammer is the fastest, it isnt - it is the fastest car, not the fastest "production car" in the world, being that only 1 was produced </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    He never said that it was the fastest production car, only the fastest street legal car. He said that the Mclaren F1 was the fastest production car.
  6. i love the looks of this car,its nice.348 kph not bad for an inline 4
  7. Yeah it would be, but ther's not much point, look at the Production. 1 unit. If that's right. I don't think street legal it would matter much.
  8. the fact is that it is a supercar, the rest we don't care.
  9. well on the way the us is set up as long as it passed emitions it should be fine. and to the caliway being the fastest street leagil car, i think not, just on this web page.
  10. Doesnt matter, its awesome
  11. Why wouldnt it be?
  12. I don't see a reason why it wouldn't be
  13. I'm sure that the "stock" turbos used in this car are very heavy duty. Just because the car is using the parts it was assembled with doesn't mean that swapping expensive ones you see in a catalogue would give any improvement.
  14. Lets see if i can explain this This car was designed by the company to show what a inline 4 can do thats the reason the price is so high. Also about the turbo remark you have no idea on what you are talking about the turbos on this car are STOCK from the factory meaning that nothing has been upgraded hence the words STOCK. As for your other statement of if you got a bigger turbo it wouldnt make any difference actually it would make a lot of difference why dont you pull your head out of your ass and look and what Toyota has been doing with their engines. I dunno maybe i am the only one that has seen Supras with stock turbos at 250-360BHP be upgraded up to 1600+BHP by using better turbos, intercoolers etc. You can do the exact same thing on a 4 cylinder reason being why i said it is still sotkc.
  15. true the only problem being the lief of the engien is then... dropped dramatically, where-as this engien is probably made to last a while. it is stock though

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