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Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R' started by Audi357, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I bet this car tops out to about 190. I LOVE this car's interior, plus exterior design. Its interesting that the drivers seat is located on the right, even though this car isn't make in England or Britian. Oh well. This car could kick any Corvette's a** any day, anywhere. Japanese cars are dominating America's cars.
  2. yeah, this car could kill a vette, maybe after a few thousand in mods, and a bigger turbo boost. Jap cars are in no way dominating american cars, sorry. Get your head out of your ass man, find me one Jap car that can compete with a Z06 or even a stock vette, there arent any, hell even the NSX costs close to twice as much as a vette, and has more than60 less hp, i mean pay attention. Stock to stock jap cars cant compete with american. Modded, you want to talk modded cars? Fine, mod your jap car, then put it up against a hennessey 800TT viper or a lingenfelter corvette, still loses, good race but they still lose to american cars. As far as Japanese cars go this is a nice one, fast and readilly modifyable, not a corvette killer.

    By the way bugatti, the reason that the driver is ont he right is because it is built in Japan where all drivers seats are on the right.
  3. I loved this car far before the Fast and the Furious, as did many other enthusiasts, because it is one of the rare cars that is in its own class, thanks to its unique rotary engine. The RX8 looks interesting, but I doubt severely that it will match the performance and balance of this wonderful machine.<!-- Signature -->
  4. looks cool<IMG SRC="">
  5. It's a really nice looking car. I'd really like to know what driving a Rotary motor is like. Now to the idiot who said that Jap cars are dominating American cars...your a idiot. Look at some numbers. American cars you get the best bang for your buck. How about showing some patriotism and supporting American automakers. They really are producing some nice vehicles. <!-- Signature -->

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