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  1. Man!What is your problem!This car could smoke whatever rust bucket you have.It has 635 horses and a top speed of 385 kph.You are really a messed up little man if you think this is a peice of crap.....dumbass
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MoparManiac</i>
    <b>how can someone spend 4 years creating a car and only come up with this? its not to original, and its ugly as hell,
    nuff said...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    MoparManiac, given multiple lifetimes you couldn't design something even a fraction as sweet as this car. Personally i love the look of the diablo coatl! it looks more aggresive powerful than the already jaw dropping underwear messing diablo and is faster too. But wow what a bad colour!
  3. First of all the styling isnt that bad although i dont agree that much with the color. But i know i sure as hell would want a car that goes 239 mph rather than some more stylish slower car. Give lambo a break. Get a new paintjob and you've got a high performance decnt looking car.

    I love Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yeah well it took you mom 9 months to create a of peice of shit.<!-- Signature -->
  5. all it needs is a paint job
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    This is from

    This car was built in Mexico by Automoviles Lamborghni Latinoamerica S.A. or C.V., a company which received permission from Automobili Lamborghini SpA, under control of Michael J. Kimberly at that time, to create a series of race cars based on the then current Diablo model, a limited number of these cars would also be intended for road use.

    so shush
  7. It could beat ur pussy neon or sunfire and why do u assholes judge in by looks it might look a little bad but 239 mph thats awesome 0-60 in 3.5
  8. It could beat ur pussy neon or sunfire and why do u assholes judge in by looks it might look a little bad but 239 mph thats awesome 0-60 in 3.5 <!-- Signature -->
  9. I'm getting the feeling that people who come up with topics like this are either very disturbed lonely people striving for attention, or just plain stupid.
  10. Haha... Mopar...that must be a fake account, either that or your an idiot...
  11. how dare u say that about a diablo!!! :p i love diablos and this car is wicked, i agree it should be a diff colour but other than that, shut up
  12. Diablos were my fav car anyway but when i saw this it was instantly my favourite car, how can you say this car is bad?
  13. Hey ! Stop denigrating the others tastes !
    Thx the world or everything else that we're not just some sort of formatted sheeps following the others !
    We must say "i don't like", not "it sucks" :)

    Here's my point of vue about this car : The Diablo is my favourite car since I saw it on an highway (He he... I was 8 years old and I didn't even knew it was a Diablo). But even if the Diablo is my fav' car and will still be for lot of years, I don't like this one.
    It's original, but imo, not in the right way. It looks like they were never satisfied with what they drew and added even more air intakes, until it looks like nothing... But that's just my opinion... Maybe all those air intakes are usefull (with 385kp/h, it must be usefull...), but imo it's just hum... ugly. (Like the black carbon bar between the frontlight of the first Diablo Evolution made by Affolter).

    So, that's all, I prefer the Affolter GT1 LeMans, the Affolter GT1, the Affolter GTR...
  14. Mmh... Just one more board where everybody's dissing the others, and the others tastes... I'm sick of that...
  15. Well, the only reason for being so ugly, is because all that things added to the car, makes a formidable max speed. the only cars than can compare in this range of performance are the Mc's F1, And, maybe the 962 LM, cuz they need relatively few horsepower to achieve ultra high speeds. Clue? Low weight and well studyed aerodinamycs.

    Conclussion: 4 years were not trashed out, like some morons here thinks about.
  16. Man i'm with u, u got it right, Lambo's will never suck
  17. I am not going to disagree with any people because you all are entitled to your opinions but... the car is great looking... it is also pretty power ful pulling 635 bhp and a 3.54 0-60 and a top speed of 234 mph (385) km/h... it is better than a lot of cars... in all it is a great looking car!
  18. sorry i have to correct my self... i put it pulls a 234 and i should have written 239, sorry
  19. Lambos Suk Even The New Ones SUk

    Cant Fu9k With The McLAren SuckaZzZzzZZz
  20. Lamborghini rox and McLaren rox actually

    (And so do Bugatti, Porsche, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Mercedes, hmmmmmmmm wot else, Chevrolet, Dodge (sum of them), Lotus, i could go on for hours, BMW, Audi, Italdesign, Aston Martin, Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), the odd Ford, and i can't be bothered writing all day so i'm gonna stop now.)
  21. Ok I'm sorry but any car that rockets to 60 mph in 3.5sec and tops out at almost 240mph(239mp to be exact)doesn't suck.
    The styling isn't all that good,but i would just make it look like a Diablo again(if possible) if i had it,sure that may slow it's top speed down(prolly looks like this for aerodynamic reasons) but heh,who needs to go 239mph anyways,lol on a public highway?
    Hell it's (diablo's) stock speed of 202mph is more than enough in real life on a public road.
  22. ohh, and guess what!! This will have a faster 1/4 Mile that the McLaren F1, so f**k u!!!
  23. This car sucks! I think they should of spent the money that was intentionally was wasted on this big hunk of shit and made a better car. The speed on this car is prety good, but the whole concept sucks balls. They only threw in a V12 because they didn't think that it wouldn't be so #$%#ed up!!
  24. idiot lamborghini didnt maske this, its just a diablo was ripped off ot build it, this styling is honestly crap, i could randomly jot down something that looks better
  25. no, ur the f**ked up 1

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