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  1. i used to love diablos until this piece of shit showed up
    the 800tts better anyway
  2. the henesy viper would kick its ass
  3. The front looks ugly as hell. It reminds me of a veilside kit, that how ugly it is.
  4. U GUYS R DUMBASSES!!!!!!! how could u say this is a piece of shit?!!?!?! it's just original. it has bold styling, thats all. Granted, it doesn't look much like a diablo, but that was probably the point. just give it a chance. this car is cool
  5. How do you do quotes
  6. Ah well lets see BOLD+Unique+Different= This peice of crap

    4 years - I expected better Mr Lambo Guy who allowed the designer to show of his MasterPieceof----
    Dear Oh Dear
  7. howd you know it took them 4 yrs and why say its shit if i were your neighbour and i had one of those youd be asking me to take you everywhere in it
  8. i totally agree this car would look sick in navy
  9. i think this is the best looking lamborghini ever
  11. THis looks cool
  12. i think this is one of the most meanest looken modified car out there, it scares the shit outta mean, it looks awesome. that shit brown color gots to go, a pearl yellow paint job would definetly do the trick by showing the even more aggresive look of the color.
  13. opps i meant the more aggresive look of the car...
  14. i think it looks alright! Its different, thats wat this world needs. Some personality, thats what lambos are, you got the money and want to stand out thats your car. But 4 others u might want the every day volvo, thats your problem.
  15. This car is amazing, in these pics it is an ugly colour, but without that shit brown, imagine how nice this car would be. This also has a 3.54 0-60 mph and a 239 mph top speed, so shut the hell up that this car sucks.
  16. This is definitely different for Lambo. They usually make awesome cars.
  17. Well now that VW <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> owns the company you cant expecet it to look nice but it is VERY FAST <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  18. regardless of how this car looks, normally aspirated it does 236 mph, imagine if this car had a turbo!!! who would be able to pass judgement on it while its cruising at almost 300mph.

  19. Its speed and performance make up for its ugly-ass styling. What's up with the holes in the back?
  20. how can someone spend 4 years creating a car and only come up with this? its not to original, and its ugly as hell,
    nuff said...

    This car is nice! how can u say this is a peice of crap u car racist f*ck! its beter then ur piece of crap hyundai!
  21. First of all, its not ugly, second, to make a car like this would take a long time because creating the body kit would be difficult and tuning it would be costly and would take 3 months or so. Third, SHUT UP.
  22. Maybe you should look at the VW...The styling is nice, By the way whoever didnt know the Veyron is powered by VW to...The back of this car looks amazing but the front can use some...Restyling
  23. U R #$%#ing right look at the signature.. he think that a f1 can be compared with a #$%#ing jap car with 50.000 spend in engine parts
    U suck!!!
  24. they have the wrong stats on this site, its much faster, and has a topspeed of more than 400 kph. I like lamborghinis more than anyone else, so it hurts me to say that in the pictures, it looks, welll...kinda ugly. I think the color is messing it up, if it was silver or black, it would look like a m0t#er f#

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