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Discussion in '2000 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Concept' started by z28infront, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Whos the fecking moron that says that they will break down? The only reason they would break down is if:
    1-put a Ford engine in it
    2-put a Honda engine in it
    3-put a Porshe, Ferrari , or a lamborgini engine in it.
    4-you were drivin it (excluding the people that liked it)

    The only american cars that break down are Fords. <IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  2. This camaro is bad ass and anyone who says otherwise can kiss my ass

    CHEVY kicks ass
  3. TYMOL, what the hell r u talking about, fine have ur little argument about chevy and ford, but y do u bring porsche, ferrari and lamborghini in2 the discussion??

    what the hell would u know about the reliability of such cars?...i think nothing at all

    y do u think porsche is the most sucessful marque at Le Mans???
    y do u think ferraris formula 1 cars break down less than any other team???
    lamborghinis r some of the best made cars u can buy, that trusty old V12 will go on forever

  4. ok....In this situation , all/most of the cars I mentioned are rear engine/mid engine so , the whold car wouldnt accept it. You kinda see my point. Try putting a camaro engine in any ot those applications. Wont work either. And about the racing cars , The only thing really the same is the block if anything.<!-- Signature -->
  5. chevys are just better,faster,and meaner then those pussy whipped four wheeled pieces of shit they call "fords"<!-- Signature -->
  6. I agree why bring ferrari, lamborghini, or porsche into this. in the US few people actually know the power of how well these cars are built. I don't know a god awful amount about these cars but I have ridden in a porsche and in a lamborghini (one of the last ones made at the origional factory) and I have felt the power and it kicked ass

  7. this ford vs chevy discussion is getting tedious...the Mustang Cobra R is a fabulous car, so is the Z06, there4 u can say that both ford and chevy make nice cars, sure ford make some shit, but so do chevy

    u cant say that mustangs r bad cars....because they arent, just like u cant say camaros r bad cars
  8. Attitudes would change if more people who -OWNED- prestigious cars posted here, and didnt talk shit about how they're inferior product does this or that. No one cares but yourself.

    As it is this is a shit slinging contest under the bigtop (i.e. supercar forums)<!-- Signature -->
  9. Whoever posted this originally and said that it will break down is just plain immature. I own a Camaro and I like Mustangs. But ALL daily drivers will break down sooner or later. Just because Chevy made it, or Dodge made it, or Ford made it does not mean that it will break down. It's like telling someone that they will die. WELL DUH! EVENTUALLY WE ALL WILL! Grow up. And if you have the ballz to do this, then go to the homapage and:
    ~Put the cars in order of 0-60, fastest to slowest. Hmmm ZL1 Camaro 2nd. ONLY to a La Mans car!!! And might I add squeaking past the Viper 800TT(awesome piece of machinary, that Hennessey =)!)
    ~Next, place them in order for top speed, fastest to slowest. Hmmm 18th., not bad, the only two American cars ahead of it are the Callaway Sledgehammer (I suppose you will say that this will break down too because it's a Chevy, lol) and the 800TT. Not bad for a car WITH BACK SEATS!!!
    I would also like to point out that this car has recently been tuned up and is running 9's.=) It's a draveshaft twistin beast. Drive safe guys.
  10. we have had a '88 Iroc Z and an '87 vette and other fast shit so I know decently what Iam talking about.<!-- Signature -->
  11. this car is #$%#in fast and none can affirm that it will brake down. the chevys big block are among the most powerful and reliable big blocks!
  12. Re: fords are faster

    i doubt that hohn force has the fastest speed in the quarter mile. Id think that a top fuel ca is faster dont u think.
  13. Yep! GM Big Blocks and Chrysler Hemis rule.

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