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  1. Well I think that this 93 muskrat #%$ can go shove his little 210-215 hp. 5.0 piece of shit up his ass, I got my 1999 SS camaro about 3 weeks ago and all that i have done is exhaust, K&N induction kit, and headers. Well about a week after I got it my friend wanted to race me in his 1994 5.0 GT that has almost every bolt on part possible and has fiberglass fenders and hood. So we raced and i ended up killing his sorry ass piece of shit down the road by a good 300 feet before the road ended and turned up our hill to head back home. Back at my place even he admitted to getting his sorry ass kicked by me, kinda funny considering how much money he put into that slow rig of his when I only have a few minor bolt on parts. So a word of advice to all of the 5.0 owners or cobra owners...... Take your heads out of your asses and buy something worth your time! like a camaro. Oh and #$%# Henry Ford up the ass, he did no good with his pathetic cars......
  2. Damn i am laughin my ass off here seriously! To say a 99 ss can beat any 5 liter out there is not only ridiculous but just plain stupid. I am a big fan of the ss but I dont know if u have noticed but ford's 302 has been around for a LONG time and the aftermarket is huge. by the way i doubt your friend has basically every bolt on possible. for far less than 20 grand anyone can put together a 5.0 that would absolutely rape your ss. buy a 6000 5.0...bolt on a vortech s-trim, a set of higher flowing heads, an intake, a higher lift cam, some steeper gears, and some sticky tires and u got a car that would easily beat your ss. maybe you should research more about the cars that u so easily insult.
    im out
  3. That "our tools would rust" has always been for ford not chevy, you cant turn it around.
  4. chevy rocks ford,dodge & you suck compar a 2002 mustang
    to a 2002 corvette then will se how suck<!-- Signature -->
  5. bucknutz i take that as an insalt im 13 and i know more
    about cars then you email me and find out <!-- Signature -->
  6. all cars have their advantages and disadvantages.... I was under the impression that the strre leagal camaro that ran 7.2 at 178 was the fastest street leagal car to date. not some mustang....

    The camaro guy that said compare any Z28 to a mustang GT of the same year and the camaro will win. ( mabye on exception in the late 80's)
    cobra VS SS same resaults. Cobra R VS Z06 same resaults. Not to mention in almost all catagories the camaro gets BETTER gas milage..

    Camaros also handle much better. anyone who wants to race a mustang on a road trach has to update their suspenstion, it would cost over 6000 just to upgrade to the double a arm / panhard setup that the camaro already has. I helped a friend write a paper and we compared the 2 cars in every way....

    Looks of course and interior comfort are a matter of opnion and cannot be rated. But the one place the mustang won. Price.

    And thats why it outsells the camaro. thats why they have stopped production till at least 2005. but the camaro will be back. <!-- Signature -->
  7. No bucknutz, heres a little info

    True bucknutz, in the older days the SS camaro was not a Z28. But now it is. It is the Camaro Z28 with the SS performance package. All chevy does is send a predetermined amount of Z28's to a company by the name of Berger where suspension and engine modifications are performed. So think twice before you talk Sh1T, *****.
  8. Damn, AtnbUSA, you beat me to it.

    Yeah bucknutz, made them readily available, invinted mass production.

  9. Not to mention the mustang has always been driverly friendly in mind thats why when chevy came out with the camaro to battle the mustang they used a bigger engine so they could say i go faster, but in reality all that matters in the end is sales and well sorry chevy peeps but mustangs always outsell camaros and firebirds....

    in fact in 00 the mustang sold 350,000+ by its self the camaro/firebird/corvette all combined together only sold 325,000

    so its no wonder why they have discontinued it, and as for camaro coming back im sorry to say the mustang will rape it then stock for one reason, chevy now has one sports car the vette and ford already is planning to beaf up the mustang so the gt is the base not the v-6 one the cobra will be beafed up and sold the same but for less and a new mustang is in line to sell as the ultimate mustang to compete and keep up with the vette if not beat while ur camaro comes out in 2005 the mustang will be steped up and competing with the vette not the camaro

    and well a 5.7 liter should push way more than 305hp my old stock chevy 350 truck is pumping out 345hp and its a 73, looks like chevy is going backwards...and well with 1.1 more liters ford would beat the chevy for reasons of it beaing quicker from 0-30 right now and is also lighter...

    also the camaro does not handle better than the mustang in fact the camaro is always known to slip and get loose in the corners while the mustangs hold true to its line...the vette on the other hand is way more stable...but thats another topic now is it...

    and yes the lightning kicks all mustangs camaros and vettes butts (except the z06), but come on guys thats a truck with a very small supercharger and it tows 8000 pounds and runs 12.8 1/4 mile times and 5.1 0-60, and oh i believe the z28 runs 0-60 in 6.7 not 5.5 becuz if it did thats a normal vettes time not the z28's and well ur only 5.1 off a porshe boxster that well sorry will kick the shit out of ur car and well lets just say its a 4 banger

    any how the mustang doesnt care if it looses by a few seconds, the fact is it outsells the camaro big time, and

    actualy the steeda q mustang went 0-150-0 in 24 secs name a camaro thats street legal and comfortable for under 40k that can do that in fact it even beat the 650 viper hennasey for 0-150-0, and the steeda q holds the fastest time at the nevada open road challenge avg speed of 193 and a top speed of 225, and yes the course has turns also

    so chevy boys start reading up on ur own cars before u knock on someone elses cars, also know alittle about the car and reason for it being before u knock it down or u will be showed up in every way possible

    "Ass Cash or Grass dont matter this rides not for free",
  10. have you lost you little mind a mustang will never be fast it will still be the same big uglt road boat its been for the past 70 years oh and the vette dose the word tigershark spark anything well if you ford F&ggs thought the ZO6 was god wait till 2003. Second camaro cost 30k up a mustang cost 20k and its the slowest thing you ever driven .Third
    if your a ford fan why dosen't ford ever win le mans championchip
    mmmmmmmm i guess the saleen to slow to compete and why did chevy whopass at the 24 hours of le mans and the rolex 24 and why did chevy dominate nascar and why has ford yet to come out with a car that can crack 12secs in the 1/4 sooooooo take your horse and shuve it up your asssss

    i was mainly talking about the 60's i just fraised it wrong
  12. this here is chevy proving to every mustang owner that their ford sucks, and the corvette is not the only chevy that can kill a mustang. why do you think it is that every mustang owner needs to soup up the engine? because he realized that it sucks, and has to compensate by dropping megabucks under the hood.

    cameros have always been better looking, faster, and this car makes the point well. this is the followup to the sledghammer corvette if you ask me.
  13. wholey shit 2.7 to 60 #$%# haning on jsut hope that your eyes dont pop out hitting warp 9, thats a hell of a camaro to bad ill nver have the flow to get one
  14. Why will this car break down? Because it's got the horses?? That's the stupidest argument I've ever heard!! If that were true, I could buy a Honda and drive it forever.

    The fastest street-legal car was a 55 Chevy running 5.565 in 1998.

    John Force runs a Ford-modified specially designed block somewhat like the Hemi-equivilent of a rat motor, not an actual 426 hemi.

    Looks to me like this car could turn just fine - regular Camaros do. Why not this one?
  15. That's all good... but in 1998 in the NHRA SuperStreet class a '55 Chevy set the World Record as fastest (barely) Street legal car at 5.565 seconds.
  16. Well, how about looking up the 1998 NHRA SuperStreet finals. It's not rocketscience. The cars have to be legitimently street legal - everything basic works, tires are not open, and I think the max engine size is 468 or 496, I'm not sure - although really, there's no provision by the DOT for max engine output or size. Do they run slicks? Yes - Maximum 11 by 26, I think. But if you've never seen a car pull the front end with a pair of M/T ET Streets...
  17. i think they run 500ci cast iron blocks rating at 1300hp.
  18. my correction they run 500ci aluminum hemi blocks.
  19. Tubbed and narrowed, not composite body, and yes, that is street legal. And I think you're looking up the wrong class; I have a magazine here (Car Craft) in which a car enthusiast drives his low-7 second '73 Challenger to Dairy Queen w/ his daughter regularly and races at the track AS IS, no modifications.
  20. That's great. My Chevette has no bumper, so it's like a 24-second non-street legal car. I'm telling you about a living man w/ a real car in a nationally publisized magazine that drives his STREET LEGAL car to dairy queen and races it without any pre-race modifications. And it runs low 7's.
  21. Well the saleen beat the c5r vette by two laps in the opening race and for lemans accidents do happen and well they knocked out the two competing cars...and as for saleen they win almost every year with their saleen SR, i think its 5 championships in 7yrs not to bad and in fact the best...and as for nascar, dude do u even watch it, ford is always winning the manufactures championship, u dumb git...also if ford was so bad why was chevy complaning that it was loosing when ford came one two three in nascar with a 4-door sedan while chevy was using a 2-door...oh well i guess chevy aint nuttin but whinners, and also even after they took stuff away from ford they still win the cup aint that the shit

    and ur v-6 camaro makes 200hp not 270hp as someone said earlier, wow dumb as*es realy do drive chevy's...and well a mustang can beat a vette does the word roush stage 3 come to a vette is a two seater with a bigger engine and the mustang is a 5 seater with a smaller engine...oh well

    any how yea the mustang is 10k less and only .3 secs off the camaro add 10k to mods and well the vette gets beat and add another 15k to equal a vette cost and well that 20k mustang just became a 10sec drag/street car but then again chevy has always been overpriced pos

    plus the mustang saleen s396 runs the 1/4 in 11.6, the s351 does it in mid 12's and both are still cheaper than a z06 damn that sucks dont it...

    the camaro is a freakin plastic dart on wheels while the mustang is true to its pony roots of the 60's

    so in all catagories chevy looses and u still like them wow u are a dumb git after all arnt u, plus the c5r is a 500k mod to a z06 vette just to make it fast enough and event then the s7r beats it up and is less and doesnt need any real fancy mods like the vette needed...but then again thats why it lapped second place c5r twice in the opener and won in other races as well recks disabled it from beatin up chevy at the two races u mentioned
  22. NO STOCK Crustank can beat a STOCK equivalent GM F-Body (Camaro/Trans-am). The V6 Mustang is slower than the V6 F-bodies & the Crustank cost more than the Camaro. The GT is WAY slower than the Z28 or Trans-am & again, cost more. The Slowbra is slower than the SS or Ram-air and cost way more. The Slobra R is about equal wit a Corvette Z06 but cost almost twice as much & they only made 300 Slobra Rs. As for Ford lovers saying that GM uses a 5.7 & Ford has a 4.8, Audi has a 2.0 that pushes 300hp. Bring u're exuse sumplace else. Yes this is the last year for a great car. That just means Ford will have to work harder cause Mustang is thier top sports car, Camaro was Chevy's second. You still have the Vette to beat
  23. Cars break down because thier owners cant take care of them.

    There is such a thing as bad engineering, but more often its lack of maintenance.<!-- Signature -->
  24. s396 was made back in 1995 or 96 cant remember but will find out for u, made for one year did 11's 1/4 miles under 4 secs 0-60 bad ass car, beat everything except the million dollar jaguar

    anyhow down here at the two for dealers who are ceritfied by saleen/roush/svt/steeda, have half-dozen s281 for 29k-32k and 2 s351's for 37-39k thank u very much and well the roush stage 3 is selling for 37-39k as well from the two dealers thank u very much and well sonny the roush they used to test against the vette was a convertible version, heavier and slower than the hard top, and lost to the vette by .1 in 0-60 and .3 in the 1/4 the hard top does the same times and if not beats it

    but since these numbers are so close it really depends on the driver and the vette z06 costs 49k-52k here

    and well saleen had accidents at lemans that prevented their cars from racing, and well they have won many times over ur c5r vette and its their first year out unlike ur c5r, first year is supposed to be spent loosing and learning for the next year the year every one really cares about

    and well for saleen winning its remarkable for a "test car", being made within 7 months not being able to full test it and well has beet the c5r in many ways

    so no my figures are not wrong, thank u very much
  25. sorry but you ssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

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