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  1. Ultimate, I doubt you've ever been to a race.

    I race every weekend. Street race, drag at Renegade or SIR, Bonanza... it doesn't matter to me. But the Japanese cars race the Japanese cars... because if they race anyone else, they know they'll get smoked.

    Are you stupid? A brand new $25k GT does mid-14's; a brand-new Civic does 15's for the same price. Hell, spend under $30k on a new Cobra and be doing high 13's; the S2000 costs $32,000 and pulls a cool 14.8.

    So you identified a 350 from up in the stands, huh? Funny... since a 265 through a 400 are virtually the same from far away. You must be damn good...

    I've NEVER been beaten by an Import. I've seen Imports that could smoke me, when my car was in the low 14's and high 13's. But I didn't race them. I would kill them now... and guess what? I drive a Mustang. Go figure.

    I'm calling your bluff.
  2. That pisses me off, Moby!! You hit the proverbial nail on the head, my friend.

    Then they go 50 in a 35, and if fate deals you a hand and you DO pull up next to them at the next stop light, they hunker down next to illegally-dark tinted windows, ignoring you, knowing that in a FAIR contest, there goofy plastic cars, while intimidating to one another, will be laughed at when they get smoked by a V-8 started in third gear.

  3. LOL Brown Doggie... STREET RACING... not a track.. there is no such as thing as stands or bleechers or whatever u want to call it.. and it was not from far away... its was maybe 1.5 yards away... and yes Stock Mustangs are Ricer's Victims over here.. come and bring ur stock mustang and ull see.. ull get beat.. ricers that race over here are a lil bit modded.. and the stock mustang GT .. and 5.0s almost never win(unless they race each other).. u might not like it but come over to the Bay Aread California.. and ull see.. Stock Mustangs loose every weekend to ricers..... but whatever.. I dont expect u to belive me especially since u are a mustang guy.

    THis goes to the Mustang people that are happy that 2002 is the last year of the camaro :

    Why are you so happy? Dont u know that now that there wont be another cheap american V8 car out there to compete with the mustang .. then Ford will not feel obligated to release higher Horsepower cars. and the prices might go up.. or the engines might even go down.. Competition makes good deals for us, the consumers. The more companies get in this the better it is for us.
  4. Re: No bucknutz, heres a little info

    ACTUALLY, SLP has been fixing up the Camaro SS and Trans-Am WS6 for the past few years, not BERGER. Berger is a dealership that fixes up their own special edition car that really has no realationship with GM. Same thing with the 'Carl Black Trans-Am WS6 BlackBird.' Carl Black has these cars made specially for their dealership. SLP does the work for GM, not Berger.

    And whoever that Wolveriene guy is has no idea what he is talking about. Where are you getting your info on the Camaro 0-60 times and quarter mile times? 6.7? Even the slowest Camaro Z28 didn't run that, well maybe when it had the 305 TPI engine, and the Ford Lightening may be a fast TRUCK, but it is still a truck, and to say that it can out-run a Corvette is wrong. Put the two on a track and find out the results for yourself. The facts are the facts bud.
  5. Ultimate you just pissed me off, and I hate Ford. Wait til Brown Doggie gets back on. I'll call him.
  6. OK, Ultimate, I think that Moby just took care of the whole discussion for me. Why are you even talking about riced-out Hondas against stock Mustangs?

    A stock '99 GT runs 14.5's stock. An '02 S2000, at TWICE THE COST, runs 14.8. See my problem here? Get a Honda Si (about 16 flat), spend $8 grand and get it into the high-14's. Run it against a stock '94 Mustang GT (that's the slowest one I can think of), and it'll be close, but the Honda might win. What's the point? The Honda's thrice the price, what have you accomplished?

    Calling me a "Mustang Guy" pisses me off. I love performance automobiles, and believe in getting the best for your money. I have owned more makes than just Ford (a very fast Oldsmobile comes to mind), and am fair in my judgements. I have worked on a vast array of vehicles and engines, imports and American cars alike. I just happen to like Mustangs, for the most part, more.

    If you have any doubt that fixing up an 80's Mustang, which is less expensive in the first place, is less costly than ANY Honda, pickup a copy of Jeg's and Honda Tuner (yes, I have read many issues of this magazine; it's like reading the comics). The Ford 5.0 engine is the SECOND-MOST built-up engine in history, next to the Chevy 350.

    Compare a blower ($2,000 for the 5.0) to a Supercharger for a Honda (starting around $4500). Too much? Headers ($300 for race headers on the 5-oh) cost the Honda $700. Get my point?

    I street race EVERY WEEKEND. I've seen rice burners beat V-8's, on occasion; but never with the same amount of money in both. Going to the track for me is just a once or twice a month trip, like icing on the cake.

    I just can't have respect for vehicles equipped with wings to provide downforce on the wrong set of wheels.
  7. As an afternote, my friend has a 2002 SLP Camaro SS, and consider it a pleasure every time I feel it perform. He's not the racing type... but oh, GOD that car handles. Tops out about 165 or so, 13 flat in the quarter, I hear..

    For what he paid for it, how good it looks, and the way it blends motorcycle-like handling with brute V-8 acceleration, I truly believe that it is one of the greatest automobiles (for the cost) that have ever been built.
  8. here in Aus. we don have many chevvy's we got holdens (same kinda thing) they use chevvy V8's (THE BEST GODDAMN V8'S IN THE WORLD)! and we have the same arguments as y'all ford... hahahahahahaha man fords SUCK! i'de rather drive a daewoo or sum other korean peice of shite than a ford!! HOLDENS?CHEVVY"S ROCK! ford... hahahahaha oh dear Fixed Or Repaired Daily FORD...(is a bitches car)
  9. I guess you're calling me a *****, then. But unless you have a Chevy that can outrun my 12-second Mustang, I guess you're the *****...
  10. when i was shopping for parts for my skyline i was told i could get a complete internal and block upgrade to 3.5 litres made by a obscure jap tuning manurfacturer.. i was interested in it, but a engineer told me that it was a bad idea and i was like why? aparently the larger a engine is the more likely to explode under the kind of boost a skyline might see, despite the high-grade materials!. its more to do with the strength for volume and internal structure of the metal, bigger bit of metal will always more flaws waiting to turn into a crack.
    so this engine would be a bastard!<!-- Signature -->
  11. I find this almost pathetic. Everyone is comparing the Mustang vs. Camaro/Trans Am. Ford's supposedly pony car, which can barely out run a V6 standard Camaro, has to be tuned to keep with the 350ci-ed Camaro! Saleen has to get a hold of it and drop 40k to get it to even stay within 100ft of a stock 'Vette. Come on. That is just bad. Mustang's are chick's cars...expecially the new ones. They're all looks! I also severely doubt anyone would that owned this car would actually attempt to drive it any distance. Vehicles with this kind of power are only supposed to put miles on the odometer a 1/4 mile at a time. Anything producing this much power would break down after extended running. Note: This is also only a concept!!!! Even if it went into'd be for drag race use only...just like the original ZL-1! I've said my peace <IMG SRC=""> Thank you for the time.
  12. Who is this 93cobra cupcake?? Any idiot who knows drag racing knows that John Force's car is not a mustang!!! Its a fiberglass body of a mustang dumbass! And a couple years ago it was a Camaro body. The engines in most funny cars are supercharged hemi's(which is mopar) Anyways why dont you go buy an engine book and learn how to improve your pile of junk 5 liter so it can try to keep up with our factory 12 second LS1's!!!

  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EliteWolverine</i>
    <b>Well the saleen beat the c5r vette by two laps in the opening race and for lemans accidents do happen and well they knocked out the two competing cars...and as for saleen they win almost every year with their saleen SR, i think its 5 championships in 7yrs not to bad and in fact the best...and as for nascar, dude do u even watch it, ford is always winning the manufactures championship, u dumb git...also if ford was so bad why was chevy complaning that it was loosing when ford came one two three in nascar with a 4-door sedan while chevy was using a 2-door...oh well i guess chevy aint nuttin but whinners, and also even after they took stuff away from ford they still win the cup aint that the shit

    and ur v-6 camaro makes 200hp not 270hp as someone said earlier, wow dumb as*es realy do drive chevy's...and well a mustang can beat a vette does the word roush stage 3 come to a vette is a two seater with a bigger engine and the mustang is a 5 seater with a smaller engine...oh well

    any how yea the mustang is 10k less and only .3 secs off the camaro add 10k to mods and well the vette gets beat and add another 15k to equal a vette cost and well that 20k mustang just became a 10sec drag/street car but then again chevy has always been overpriced pos

    plus the mustang saleen s396 runs the 1/4 in 11.6, the s351 does it in mid 12's and both are still cheaper than a z06 damn that sucks dont it...

    the camaro is a freakin plastic dart on wheels while the mustang is true to its pony roots of the 60's

    so in all catagories chevy looses and u still like them wow u are a dumb git after all arnt u, plus the c5r is a 500k mod to a z06 vette just to make it fast enough and event then the s7r beats it up and is less and doesnt need any real fancy mods like the vette needed...but then again thats why it lapped second place c5r twice in the opener and won in other races as well recks disabled it from beatin up chevy at the two races u mentioned</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->where have you been manthe rolex 24 hours was the opening race and the vettes finished 1-2 the saleens finished many laps behind because they broke.and NASCAR Im a big fan of it you on the other hand probably dont though because the last ford to win the cup was dale jarret in the 99 season sincethen its been nothing but GM and ford hasnt won the manufacturers points in several yearsand ford actually complains as much as Gm and dodge because the teams always want their cars to have an advantage over the competition. but NASCAR tries to keep it even. and the v6 with 270 hp is the 4.3 liter that is not used in camaros. and why are you comparing tuner modified cars into the conversation to compare with production chevys saleen and roush are separate from ford and the C% r is only 250 000 not 500 000 like you said and at least it doesnt break like the S7 r. and .3 second in a quarter mile drag race might not seem like much but i have an older brother who drag races and .3 second is about 2 car lengths and if you need to go to roush or saleen to find a modified mustang thats able to beat a stock chevy you have just reinforced the argument that chevy is better than ford. thanks for giving me something to talk about but I really would like it if you came bearing fact s rather than assumptions untruths and the name calling if you feel like cutting on chevys because i dont like typing this much at once.
  14. every car beaks down
    tell me one that doesnot and i ll give you 12 bucks
  15. Camaro boy how can you even have the name Camaro in your login name
    My friend says you have no idea what you are talking about trust me
    FORD SUCKS Chevy makes some of the best vehicles in the world We have a ford, and a chevy and I will take the Chevy any day Since you have no idea what you are talking about you can FU*# off
  16. With that sized displacement I'd bet some other component would fail before the engine.
  17. Not saying shit now are you camaro boy
  18. I would take it... it looks' are awesome and has the power to back it up
  19. The size of the engine has nothing to do with pressure in the cylinders, Nismo. If you bore out a block the cylinder block you get thinner cylinder walls, and there is more of a chance of running a crack into the water jackets. But with a larger engine, the cylinder walls are thicker, so you don't have to worry about it.

    I've seen Mustangs outrun Super Sports, so don't get your panties in a bunch. Let's be fair; no V-6 Camaro could outrun a V-8 Mustang, and vise versa. There both great cars.
  20. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from BrownDoggie</i>
    <b>The size of the engine has nothing to do with pressure in the cylinders, Nismo. If you bore out a block the cylinder block you get thinner cylinder walls, and there is more of a chance of running a crack into the water jackets. But with a larger engine, the cylinder walls are thicker, so you don't have to worry about it.

    I've seen Mustangs outrun Super Sports, so don't get your panties in a bunch. Let's be fair; no V-6 Camaro could outrun a V-8 Mustang, and vise versa. There both great cars.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Who was that to?
  21. Hondas are for retards and girls<!-- Signature -->
  22. u cant really say Hondas r for retards, S2000s r equal if not better than Boxsters, and Porsche is probably the finest maker of automobiles in the world, the NSX is also a very nice (if very expensive) car

    but yes, civics r shit, i read an article in a magazine about a Civic with a 2.2-litre 250hp NA engine, running on 19s, huge spoilers front and rear, back seats and boot turned in2 stereo, about $30,000 spent on modifying it, and it did the 1/4 in the low well spent?

    i find it quite hilarious hearing about civics with anywhere near 400hp, how the hell is that dumbass little front-driver gonna cope with 400hp when SAABs with 250hp will melt their tyres with ease and could pull 0.9g on the skidpad from torque-steer alone (joke)

    u cant buy mustangs over here but am i right in thinking a stock 320hp cobra could beat absolutely any modified civic?
  23. mr. the way, a 93 cobra is slow as hell...

    Number 1: Fords suck...who doesn't know that?
    Number 2: Chevy blows Ford away.
    Number 3: The only Mustang that can beat a Camaro is the SVT Cobra R.
    Number 4: That is absolutely pathetic...
    Number 5: The Corvette Z06 can beat the Mustang SVT Cobra R.
    Number 6: The Mustang Cobra can't even keep up to a Camaro SS..Ha
    Number 7: Only a hopped up Mustang can beat a STOCK Camaro
    Number 8: I've seen an engine fall out of a brand new 2001 V6
    Number 9: I have a 97 Camaro RS...and I can take GTs in my car..that
    is SEVERELY pathetic to Mustangs lol.
    Number 10: Did I mention Ford sucks?

    So in closing, I'd like to say that yea, I'm a big Chevy fan...I love Chevy so much because they are built with better quality than Fords are. They are faster, more powerful, and they last longer. A Ford V8 engine has as much horsepower as a Chevrolet V6 they still can't keep up to the chevy sucks that they aren't making Camaros anymore..but 2005, the Monte Carlo SS and Impala SS is goin to rear-wheel drive baby <IMG SRC=""> V8 the Mustangs will always be inferior to any Chevrolet equivalent..especially the Corvette.
  24. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from STANGMAN440</i>

    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Dude what the heck are you talking about??? It puts out 325 horsepower you idiot. And what you mean by "blowing the shit out of camaros" is that you fly by them out of nowhere and they don't even know you're coming...Oh yea, and the Lightning lol...It's slower than an SS or a Ram-Air, dipshit.
  25. haahhahahahahahahhahahahahyahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhehehehehheheehhehehehehehe oh shit , funny but oh so true<!-- Signature -->

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