Re: it'a vauxhall are u sure

Discussion in '2001 Steinmetz Astra Convertible' started by devilswork, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. it'a vauxhall are u sure

    ????phat?????<!-- Signature -->
  2. ya i would love to drive this car its tight but this would be a crusin' car its not to fast more lux <!-- Signature -->
  3. do you not know what phat means?<!-- Signature -->
  4. it means that what ever your talking about is hot, or tight, basicly that you like it

    <!-- Signature -->
  5. looks like Max Power had a go at it, it is Phat
    but where is the Steinmetz Speedster Forum?
    thats even more Phat than this!<!-- Signature -->
  6. rtwetw<!-- Signature -->
  7. its an opel.

    Opel makes some vauxhall projects

    Vauxhall makes some opel projects

    Gm makes some Holden projects

    GM owns holden, opeal and vauxhall<!-- Signature -->
  8. I like this car. Thats all I gotz to say. <!-- Signature -->
  9. It's a nice car.
    And Opel=Vauxhaul. It's named Vauxhaul only in the UK.
  10. this car is awesome man
  11. I own one of these, but its the Holden version and has a differant body kit and different wheels.
  12. lol, you paid 40 grand for a astra convertible... they saw you coming..
  13. This IS a sweet car.
  14. Can someone enlighten me what Holden "projects" are made by GM?

    Exactly none: just because you couldn't come up with an adequate GTO you had to rip-off our awesome Monaro (nice work! go US R&D wooh!(/sarcasm)) and then claim to be doing us a favour?

    Get Real

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