Re: It's gonna wreck GMs heavy duties.

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  1. oh and one other thing....these numbers came from a concept engine so it will be a while if we ever see it actually used.<!-- Signature -->
  2. GM still sells more altogether. I don't think the Mustang put the Cam/Fire out of business. That was more GM's fault than anything. They didn't market them, and the little marketing they did do sucked. Not to mention there was nothing really new on them for a while. Supposedly they'll be back in the next few years.
  3. WRECK CHEV??? HAHAHAHAHAAAA u ppl make me laugh, this thing will never fly. and the suspension, how will that be convienievt when i gives out over time, frod doent get the idea, this is not goin to win over HD truck owners, and it looks way too mush like a Toyota Tundra....Ford is goin down because it sucks...THE END!<!-- Signature -->
  4. are u crazy this looks nothing like a tundra get some glasses buddy...<!-- Signature -->
  5. why would you even compare this to gm's hd series. this thing is huge. if you wanna compare then compare it to the kodiak. the kodiak would eat this thing alive.
  6. Ford Couldn't wreck any chevy cars or trucks, ot stop any of their business. I dont understand how you think ford took away camaro's with their crap mustangs if camaro's are way better.<!-- Signature -->
  7. I expect a concept from GM sumtime soon that will kick this trucks ass. Own the HD market? Not likely. It will never go into production, and if it did, it would cost like 50,000. I say KEEP IT!!<!-- Signature -->
  8. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 77 Monte Carlo SS 350</i>
    <b>I expect a concept from GM sumtime soon that will kick this trucks ass. Own the HD market? Not likely. It will never go into production, and if it did, it would cost like 50,000. I say KEEP IT!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Plus, GM is a more reliable brand because it has more experience building HD pickups.<!-- Signature -->
  9. Re: GM vs FORD

    Camaros have been faster than Mustangs for a while. But really, who gives a rats ass for a little faster car, if you drive up and down the street with an ugly, bogged down designed car such as the camaro, then you wasted your money. The mustang always looked and handled far better than that of its GM enemy. Dollar for Dollar wise, why don't we just take a GT mustang and tune it up to the Camaro's value, and then see, well a much faster and better looking car. Ohhh and by the way, the interior on the camaro and firebird are ugly as hell, it feels like your driving an 88 Cadillac. Yeah a BIG BOAT.

    And then there is trucks..........

    Once again then there is trucks, GM and Ford both have nice trucks. GM once again outdues Ford in some classes for power. But the one reason Ford does better in sales, is gas mileage. Oh and the majority of them think Ford still looks better. So unless you got something good to say about the lovely (Its really ugly) but innovative Tonka concept, go back to your small GM hates Ford Forum!

  10. have to agree on that last post...damn those camaros and firebirds look butt ugly, but GM made up for it with power. Looks of a vehicle are subjective and are personal opinions. I am a ford man and now matter what ford do i always will be a ford man. no one could change me and i expect the same from any hardcore gm fanatic. With out this committment from us to each of these companies they would have gone bust ages ago, cause some of the designs from all companies were just plain disgusting and i don't know how they sold any. I guess citroen hold the ugly award so far...<!-- Signature -->
  11. BRING IT WHAT... WE RIGHT HERE FORD AINT GOING ANYWHERE WE RIGHT HERE.. Just look at them camaros there gone.. Next it will the HD bye bye.. HD bye bye. FORD IS BACK IN TOWN.<!-- Signature -->
  12. I happen to like the looks of Camaros and Transams. The SS handles better than the cobra. Ford isn't a gang, so don't talk like they're coming from the West side or something. If this thing was ever put into production it would beat most GM mainstream trucks, I hope it sees production.
  13. To 77 SS Monte Carlo:

    Back the f*** up. A heavily modified japanese automobile (think Veilside Supra)will eat your underengineered Trans Am (and especially a Monte Carlo alive) Hell, a 300 ponypower civic would beat it.<!-- Signature -->
  15. Nothin is ever going to wreck GM's hevey duites. GM kicks ass!!
  16. All together GM sells more cars, but Ford sells way more trucks, just go out and count them. Ford Kicks Ass, they're the reason for the POS Camaro and Firebird crocking.
  17. this goes out to camaro eater

    you think your big with your 5.8 litre mustang and you cobra well let me tell you what i have got in my garage buddy.

    first off i have got a 69 camaro z/28 with the 302, 430hp and 384 ft lb of torque

    second a 69 Camaro COPO with a z-L1 aluminium block pushing 700+ hp that runs mid 10's in the quarter.

    and last but not least a 1976 corvette stingray L-82 with a 366 small block pushing 670 hp that runs 9.60 in the quarter.

    and my cars are all engine none of that supercharger, blower, or nitrous crap just pure chevy power. the eat that punk beacause none of your cars would stand a chance against mine<!-- Signature -->
  18. It's gonna wreck GMs heavy duties.

    350 hp! Out of a diesel! 600 lb-ft! Watch out, GM, Ford will rise again!
  19. hell yeah! car by car, Ford is putting Chevy out of business. First, the camaro, next- the trucks and so on. Ford Forever!!!!
  20. Nelson is one smart motha #$%#a. Camaros have 350 LS1's in them and couldnt sell. Mustangs have a piece of shit V8 280 cu inch in em and sell like a motha #$%#a. whats that tell you? FORD knows what there doing.<!-- Signature -->
  21. Seriously...If u compared all cars from Ford from 1996 and over you'll see that Ford is makin progress...and if they continue like this they'll put GM out of business for sure...i mean look at this Ford F-350 Tonka man...if u can name me 1 GM truck that looks as good as this ill be surprised cuz GM trucks r buttugly...not to be insulting but the truth has always been shockin...if Ford puts this V-8 diesel into production its gonna be a major sucess from Ford...and as for GM...Camaro and Firebird are buttugly...Nelson was completely right...Camaro's and Firebird's r ugly...Mustang is much more better lookin car then Camaro or Mustang...and seriously...Camaro and Firebird...r both 2 pieces of shit rollin on wheels...
  22. All you Ford lovers out there must go by the quote "Ignorance is bliss," because in case you haven't noticed, GM products, are kicking ass. Especially in the truck category. I believe, if im not mistaken that Chevy has taken the Motor Trend Truck of the year honors for the past two years with the Silverado HD last year and the Avalanche this year(Although it looks like an Aztec with all that horible plastic). All i have to say is Ford better release something new cause they suck.
  23. damn....first concept i've seen lately that loox descent...yall know what i mean? lately all i've seen r concept cars, suvs, and trucks that look like they've been designed by a crackhead<!-- Signature -->
  24. oh man, i like this truck.....600ft/ibs of tourque!! damn...not bad styling aswell.<!-- Signature -->
  25. Now thats some torque... i would like to see chev try and beat this F-350 cause this truck just kicks ass... if farmers were buyn these things they would be haulling in style... yeah this thing is a super super heavy duty machine and it has some funky desgin to eh

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