Re: Its nice to see The Muslim world produce some cars

Discussion in '2002 Laraki Fulgura Concept' started by jele, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. r u guys like 12 or something? <!-- Signature -->
  2. muslims are bombing themselvs evry day here and kill dozens of israelis, so f*ck this car, f*uck the terrorists<!-- Signature -->
  3. so why didnt u just makeit its nice to see muslims dominated countries makein some kool cars<!-- Signature -->
  4. It is nice to see other cultures besides germany, britain and italy design and build supercars. But if you want to see an award winning design the world over take a look at the Cadillac Cien, It is internationally recognized as one of the greatest designs in decades. I'm not trying to toot the american horn here but as far as concepts go the Cien is about the best there is!
  5. i think what u just said is the only point we could ever agree on bud
  6. this car is as ugly as the muslim world , and as usual they take other ideas and parts and #$%# them up by intermixing them.
    whats the point in a muslim supercar when they dont have tarmac roads<IMG SRC="">
    stick to your goats and leave western ideals (such as cars) alone!!!!!!
    this is the gayest post i have ever seen , its like saying " have you seen the new klu klux klan viper"

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  7. woa! BADNEUZ looks like we have another racist a$$<!-- Signature -->
  8. Im glad that everything is "off your chest" badneuz, but are you afraid to answer my last few posts? Am I too much for you to handle?
  9. This thread puts a smile on my face from ear to ear!
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from killerviper</i>
    <b>This whole forum is messed, I'll admit ahead of time that I'm only 18 but I'm a smart kid. First of all this car is based on a Diablo, so it's not that special.

    Then to the whole Islamic Issue.

    1. In a survey of Muslum Americans 80% did not support the war on terrorism (basically they wanted Osama to keep klling Americans)

    2. After 911 happened Palestinians were dancing in the streets (I'm sure there real nice people and don't want to see Americans dead)

    3. Mohommed start Islam violently by conquering Mecca, and it's still a violent religion. The Quaran talks about Jihad (holy war) all through it.

    4. Islam is only a peaceful religion if you're Islamic, they think everyone else should be Islamic or else dead.

    5. There are actually only a little over a billion Muslums in the world, but there are 2 billion Christians in the world. And Christianity is the fastest growing religion.

    6. What about the deal where if you leave Islam and don't return after a month, it's ok for your family and friends to kill you?

    7. By the way whoever said Japan is Buddist isn't very smart, because it's not even close.

    8. I have more but don't get me started

    I agree that this site shouldn't be used for this kind of discussion, but I hate incorrect information more.

    KV</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    wow man. u are really smart!!!! almost all of your "survey" shit was wrong. i don't where u get ur stats but they're not real. Im muslim and i don't know any of my friends or any muslims that supported bin laden. we hate him as much as u do. actually probably more cuz he embarassed us infront of the whole world, BUT HES NOT A REAL MUSLIM!!! second of all, how do u know the picture of the palestinians wasn't from earlier. I bet u everything i own and ever will own that that pic was from earlier. third of all, so because we " violently took Mecca" that makes us violent and shit?? can u name one major country that didn't have a "violent war". i can't. and its a REAL SURVEY that the biggest religion is christianity BUT islam is the fastest growing. and we're a lil over 2 billion. i don't even know what ur 6th thing was about. i've never heard about that dude. ur pissing me off now cuz nothing u said is right. i hate incorrect information too. u f*cking asshole. everyone here just makes up random stats and surveys and just speaks their mind. think and get some real info before u open ur mouth. damn u guys are soooo stupid.
    stupid #%$<!-- Signature -->
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from badneuzLS4L</i>
    <b>BugattiEB110SS Said:

    I read in a Magazine that if you purchase one of these cars it comes with a free terrorist.

    Man shut the F*ck up, thats not even f*ckin funny, Im f*ckin offended and mad. Do u know how many muslims have been murdered by ignorant racist basterds like you in response to 9/11? dont even joke around about this man, thats was a stupid, ignorant, racist joke that was simply wrong and just f*ckin gay.

    Im a muslim, and I was disgusted and terrified by the horrid acts of those FAKE muslims on 9/11 same with my father, uncle, mom, sister, grandfather, and all the godamn muslims i know. So shut the hell up and dont even think about joking around about that $hit, i cant believe u said that and i really hope u get banned or something for saying such a racist remark. not funny at all, that was just terrible.
    for chrissake i knew the world was ignorant but not THIS ignorant and immature...

    i want some ppl to write back in response to these post, wither mine or the racist f*ck's remarks.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->hell yeah, as u can see im a japanese, and i think u should have abit more respect in other countries.and u dont see me goin around being a rasist

  12. People this aint RELIGION CHAT FORUM so please stay to cars

    Anyway i like this car very much ...Looks nice and much power and oh yeah lamborghini v12 that engine sounds nastY hehe i have it on video tape =) 520 hp version

    Anyway its greatthat some muslim country made the car great job
  13. just remember..... leave us egyptians out of it.... we just like to stay away from all u crazy ppl<!-- Signature -->
  14. This forum is still going? Damn I'm good
  15. i should be banned???? i know nothing u started all this -the poor muslim guy just said it as nice and look wut u caused 114 replies!!!!
  16. HA!<!-- Signature -->
  17. OK, the bigoted comments about the Muslims and the flaming over terrorism was silly. The vast majority of Muslims in this country are good people who would never do something as terrible as a suicide terrorist attack. Even internationally, there are many moderate Muslims. It is just that you only hear about the extremists on the news because they are the only ones that really draw attention to themselves. The media also thrives on negativity, so they see reporting on maniac suicide bombers more interesting than reporting about the 85% of other Muslims out there who are peaceful.
    As for the car, I love the looks and think it is a gorgeous peice of automotive art. It would be pretty neat for it to be built in production, as well as helping the Moroccan car industry get started.
    I could have sworn that I have seen this car in a commercial before. It was that commercial by an internet or mobile phone or stock company or something like that where a couple is in a showroom ordering a new sportscar. The guy says he wants it in red, so the salesman hits a button and the car is painted red on the assembly line. Then he wants it in black, and it is painted black. Then he changes his mind back to red, and the car is painted red again. I know that was a lame description of the commercial, but I could have sworn it was this car in that commercial. You know which one I'm talking about? It has been on TV alot in the past few months...<!-- Signature -->
  18. I thought that was the Pagani Zonda C12S in that commercial?
  19. wow BugattiEB110SS really is an idiot- i honestly think hes a 13 year old boy trying to act funny
  20. The car you are talking about in the commercial is a Peugeot Concept car. The model is called RC. look at the pics i've put on
  21. hey badneuzwhatever.. don't say that ppl didn't like bugattis terrorist joke.. i liked it.. the only western country where u can get a fuss like this going on for a simple joke is the US.. u guys are just so retarded.. <!-- Signature -->
  22. Lets do this in 5 year old terms, since half of you are that age-
    1) Terrorists are not real Muslims
    2) Muslim is a peace loving religion
    3) Jokes about terrorists aren't funny, especially when they try to kill your cousin and kill some of his NYPD brothers.
    4) Talk about the car.
    6) Bugatti-you are an idiot.
    See? Simple.<!-- Signature -->

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