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Discussion in '2002 Laraki Fulgura Concept' started by jele, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. First off, the joke was kind of funny to begin with. But as I read on, I realized the hate involved. Hate today should not be ignored. The bullying in high schools and such. In high school I was picked on by ignorant asses that thought they were better than me (you sleep with one guys girlfriend and all hell breaks loose.) I mean, I tolerated it knowing that I was going to succeed in life and that they would all end up in jail ass raping each other.

    Secondly, to those that say this car sucks. I doubt you Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas and Supras, and other such cars could take this car. This car is a very very nice car. I am glad to see some Muslim cars getting attention. Not only do their war torn nations need this attention, but they also deserve the respect for being able to produce a fine automobile. I think that many companies could benefit from such examples. I do believe that this car does resemble bits and pieces of other supercars, but I think it not only compliments those cars, but it takes the design and performance up a notch. Now only if Ford could make something, beside....a Ford (the GT40 should not be considered a Ford. It should be called what it truly is, a Ferrari Slayer). I think this company should put in an effort into Le Mans in a year or two. It would truly be a contender.<!-- Signature -->
  2. read some info of Menara:
    Morocco will produce, for the first time, an automobile entirely national, Menara has the king's support Hassan II and it was the own that he chose the name, in honor to the historical neighborhood of Marrakech.
    That roadster with two places of neoclassical style evokes famous Excalibur.
    4 cylinders 2.0 16V with 120cv or V6 3.0 with 200cv.
    I am not asking to add this car in the site, I am only talking about automobiles muslims, after all this car is a crap, although here it is, any car enters, until a Volkswagen Bettle!!!<!-- Signature -->
  3. Forget what I said, it was a harmless joke I didn't think you people would get unhinged as you did. To sparetire, man you are nutty have you considered some mental help for your paranoia? I don't have much respect for any country at this point. The first country that public comes out and says "Don't include me in this, I want nothing to do with it" I will respect that country more than any other
  4. Oh and this car isn't half bad but it has too much style, I like the philosophy "Form follows function" I like cars that are single minded in its purpose like thr Dauer 962LM, some argue it's an ugly car or it's too plain looking but that is not the point, The point is that the car is the fastest street legal production car in the world regardless of how ugly or plain it looks, Form follows function remember those words.
  5. Muslim car? since when are cars and religion intermixed? **** this is one sweet ass car. Oh and about algebra and mathematics yeah its based on some arabic math, but the other 95% of calculus algebra and trigonometry are based on European Mathetmaticians, PEACE OUT <!-- Signature -->
  6. Whoever made that remark about getting a free terrorist should be ashamed of him/herself. That is a disgusting remark.

    "Did you know that 84 % of palestinians were shot in the head at the start of the INTIFADA in palestine??? and did you know that 87% of them were people between the ages of 12-21."


    I would first like to say that their is no justification for the situation in Israel/Palestine - both sides are on the wrong. However, in response to information quoted above, did you know that the people who confront the Israeli army in the occupied territories bring their little children and give them live weapons to help confront the Israeli soldiers? It's true. Even their mothers encourage them to do so, that's how bad the situation is.
    Also, the 9/11 perpetrators were not fake muslims at all, they just interpret the quran differently than you because they lived under different circumstances than you. Every religion has a certain flexibility of interpretation. And every person's religous convictions depend on his or her environment and social values he or she grew up with.
  7. go take this shit on ur muslim-engineering batty forum.. <!-- Signature -->
  8. yeah it is realy nice but it sucks to see some [email protected]#$ing racist people in thif #$%^page why dont u like muslums?????? theres nothin wrong whith them or isn there
  9. dvd, are you asking that because you don't know?
  10. Everybdoy just take it easy and talk about cars! Bugatti guy just say sorry if you haven't and everybody who is mad about the racist joke, take it easy--the bugatti guy is an idiot. Anyways, here are your 2 options
    Option #1) Get back on the subject of cars.
    Option #2) Go to a different forum about world news or muslims (etc.) and go express your feelings there.
    PS: We have established that most people on this forum do not like the racist joke and are offended

  11. Back on the subjuct of cars, my opinion of this car is quite favorable. I love the super sleek styling and the new style of almost crosseyed (for lack of a better description) headlights as it gives it a somehow almost laid back and confident look. I also find the new use of the rap-around motif on the rear tail-lights interesting. And those ultra wide oval exhaust look super fast and super cool, which is exactly what this car is.<!-- Signature -->
  12. Oh yeah!!!
    I was so tired I forgot to say I would probably take this car over its Lamborghini counterpart! because A: it has more HP and hence would probably deliver a more visceral driving experience, B: I like the fresh and inovative styling and C: is made by an almost unknown company out of Marocco, I mean, who else has a supercar from an exotic place like Marocco. That makes it an exotic car on more than one level. Very desirable... I want one...<!-- Signature -->
  13. hey, fyi, Morocco is a French speaking country in AFRICA. it is below the Mediterranean sea, almost directly underneath England. So Muslims wouldnt exactly be living there would they <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  14. Quit bitching about muslim, and christian and morman and all that other religious stuff. This forum is to talk about cars. Get off that guys back, he only made a joke. He is probably upset with most of the Muslim world (middle eastern of course) and for him (like alot of people, myself included) humor is how he takes it out, instead of killing a muslim like you said, he just makes jokes about terrorists, is it really so f*cking bad?<!-- Signature -->
  15. Goatboy, that has to be the most intelligent thing I've read from you. All the rest were gay ass remarks saying that this car is stupid. Well, just becuase you made ONE smart remarck doesn't allow you to move up from idiot status. You are still an idiot since you said the same lame remark in at least 8 forums on this car. So for that. You are still a queer. Maybe once you ditch that Ford avatar, your queer status will be lifted.<!-- Signature -->
  16. oh damn I was wrong. It is a Muslim country. Sorry I didnt think it was. Anyway, I heard they speak French there. <!-- Signature -->
  17. OK this whole damn forum has gotten outta hand "luv2xlr8" said it everyone just shut up and read this cause it justifies all the means:

    Everybdoy just take it easy and talk about cars! Bugatti guy just say sorry if you haven't and everybody who is mad about the racist joke, take it easy--the bugatti guy is an idiot. Anyways, here are your 2 options
    Option #1) Get back on the subject of cars.
    Option #2) Go to a different forum about world news or muslims (etc.) and go express your feelings there.
    PS: We have established that most people on this forum do not like the racist joke and are offended
  18. badneuz, speak for yourself, you are the idiot who started this forum and look what you Labeled it "Its nice to see The Muslim world produce some cars" you should've been welcoming remarks like mine and others. If you want it to stop change the name of this Forum. Someone else said it that Morocco is a mostly french speaking country so what even makes you believe Muslims made this car?
  19. You know what? I'm going back and deleting or editing all political content that I posted on this forum in the name of discussion on cars, which is what we're all here for. I made my previous statements because I felt they needed to be said in order to counter statements that were obviously propagandistic (at least to me), and not letting people get away with it. I have not changed my stated opinion or actually retracted my statements, but I am deleting them in favor of REAL DISCUSSION ON THIS CAR. I hope everyone who has posted anything politically, racially or otherwise charged (this includes you too Bugatti, just delete your sh!t), and edit out all of your responses to them. That means everything about Palestine, Israel, 9-11, and who or is not a real Muslim, because all of these things will only promote and continue that political discussion on this forum.
    If you all continue with this bull I will be forced to enter my unedited rebuttals to all of your statements, because all of my responses have been severely edited for length. And I am warning you, I will completely destroy every one of your political statements, and claims. This does not really apply to the originator of this thread, but to the people who have just used it as a way to spread their political views and yes even propaganda.
    I'm sorry if my posts are inordinatly long but when I get seriously pissed about something it is hard to stop, but I am stopping now, and I hope everyone will do the same, including taking the time to edit out all of their political statements, which I am doing at the expense of my time, and the conflict of my morals (I don't think people should get away with propaganda like that).
    If anyone has an answer to my previous question on styling queues I am still very much interested in an answer.
    (if you don't edit out your posts then you really don't care about the discussion of cars)<!-- Signature -->
  20. Forr u idiots out there:
    Morroco is moslty muslim and the main language spoken in Morroco is ARABIC AND THEN FRENCH......Therefor this is a Muslim Car, and Arab car and a damn good one!!!!!
    and enddd too politics

    can someone please explain how this car has a top speed of only 320??? I mean common 720 hp and yet the Diablo is faster?????/<!-- Signature -->
  21. OK, it's a freakn joke. It is funny. If you aren't a terrorist then laugh at it for crying out lud. Badneuz, you won't do a lot of damage to Bugatti by trying to hurt is feelings over the internet. I would think that Americans would have some right to make a few stupid comments after what happened to their country.
    Secondly, THIS CAR IS BASED ON A LAMBORGHINI DIABLO. There is nothing extremely special about this car. It's just another concept. If anyone should get some praise it should be the Hispuano Suiza or whatever it is. Now that is a car that was built from the ground up.
    P.S. Badneuz it is not wise to argue with americans like that after that tragedy, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and your damn country.
  22. u #$%#ing retards. u know why they are killing themselves. because they have seen their parents shot, brothers battered, sister harassed and hit, and houses burnt down. WHAT THE **** DO THEY HAVE TO LOSE.they lost everything they ever loved!!!!! because if that #$%#ing flamer sharon. he is the real terrorist. and the usa isn't doing a very good job supporting them by giving them 3 billion dollars a year plus military support and shit. and the 9/11 incident, those aren't real muslims. they hippocrates and i hate them as much as u do. and all u #%$s that are insulting muhammad and islam, are just insensitive #%$s that don't have anything better to do then insult muslims and piss them off. so stop ur racist shit and go to a different forum.

    anyways, this is car is awesome car. but u would suspect more from a 720 hp V12. oh well, still better than the stock lambo.
  23. So it is true! People with Bugatti as a screen name ARE stupid!

    Take a look at BugattiEB110SS up this page! He has a porsche badge! ammm BugattiEB110SS the porsche badge isnt the bugatti badge, no matter how much you want it to be. ( both companies fine car makers by the way)

    get the REAL badge please....for your own sake!


    <!-- Signature -->
  24. oh my god! all i meant was that its nice to see a predominately mouslim country make a super car like this one....thats all i meant when i started this damn forum out, then the bugatti guy came and started making racist jokes, then all these ppl started expressing their emotions on how they think all muslims are terrorists and all that bullsh*t-manwhen will u learn, all muclims are not terrorist, so what if 92% of all terrorists are muslims- what are u basing that on...timpthy mcveigh was a white christian but muslims didn't go shooting at chruches and even mudering some other white ppl. the person who said terrorists are all f*ckuers or somethingm, yes they are, they're ALL idiots...but doesn't mean that ALL muslims are terrorists or that all muslims are 'idiots'.
    and cars aren't classified by religion, but when it comes from an islamic state like morocco, then i can consider it a muslim car cant I? if not, then fine...i return to my initial point...its not to see a muslim country produce a super car. for chrissake thats all i wanted my initial point to be
  25. can someoen tell me what rafael meant he didnt make any sense<!-- Signature -->

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