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Discussion in '2000 Pontiac Firebird Bird Of Prey Concept' started by DOG KILLER, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. It's perfect

    Love those flames.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Not really!<!-- Signature -->
  3. Perfect? NO...!!! PIECE OF SHIT!!
  4. For a fire bird, yeah it has near perfect looks. But it needs an engine with atleast 500hp, mabe send it over to ling. and have them put in the 427, that would be sick. Then change the pain to some thing besides silver and pink. I would go with either red or black and then orange flames.<!-- Signature -->
  5. 500hp? the engine in this prototype produces 850hp, is that enough for you?<!-- Signature -->
  6. hahaha
    firebirds kick ass, much better than any mustank or camaro
  7. hey shut up camaro is part of gm u infedel <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  8. Trans ams have always ahd the style over any camaro or mustang throughout every generation of its glorious production life. I would take a trans am over any model or mustang. To me, the 80s style rustang just doesnt cut it.
  9. Despite it's looks, it sure does sound nice though (the 80s Mustang that is)...however this about the Bird of's a 2 seater; nice...besides that I'm not impressed. 800 horsepower??? it's not that I don't believe you but, where did you get that information?! Since when has an LS1 been able to produce 800 hp without all the bells and whistles? Sounds like a fabrication to me... I could be wrong.
  10. Firebirds will always win over Camaros in terms of style, and overall appeal, but this one looks pretty sweet, wish I knew the HP and engine CI stats and such...heck, bring back the 'Bird and Camaro and build this
  11. This car is awesome, and very fast.
  14. heh. one of the first american cars i like.
    and not many other people do
  15. I love this car. I own one(Trans Am) and personally think that this car tops the Comarro and Mustang easy. The price and quality are amazing. And with the right mods you can pull a sweet time at the track.
  16. This car looks like a shoe. My god what an atrocious car.
  17. i don't like the graphics. the build quality on em makes me shudder.

    but when i read about the power of the "run of the mill" the LS/1 T/A's or the not-quite-as-nice-looking Camaro's, i wonder if there's not something to 'em after all...
  18. If this had any more wings it would fly away on its own....
  19. I personally love F-Birds but... I don't know the flames doesn't appeal to me and the color of the one shown doesn't make me wanna buy it. I'd rather go with a darker F-Bird. Though I am curious how powerful the engine is.

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